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Buwan ng Wika '09
Yesterday was held as our Filipino festival or popularly known as Buwan ng Wika in the Philippines... Why do you think we celebrate this occasion during August?

Before I answer that question. First and foremost, who is the Ama ng Wika in the Philippines? Well, for your information, Manuel L. Quezon was named as Ama ng Wika because he declared Wikang Pilipino from Baler (where he was born) which spread to the whole country. Again, why August? It's because it's the month wherein Manuel Quezon spread Wikang Pilipino and it is his birth month.

Every Filipino must thank Manuel L. Quezon for doing such great thing with pride just to honor our beloved country. Former-president Manuel L. Quezon, we express our greatest gratitude for declaring Wikang Pilipino from your birthplace, Baler to the whole Philippines.

As I've said, yesterday was the event where we celebrated Buwan ng Wika. Our theme was, Mula Baler Hanggang sa Buong Pilipinas. Now you know why our theme's like that. Now, what do we do during Buwan/Linggo/Araw ng Wika?

We do tons of things. We sing, we dance, we compete in quiz-bee's, we perform stories, we orate in front of everyone and a lot more. I have to admit, I usually have fun during Filipino festivals because it brings us all joy. I joined Tagisan ng Talino with Frenzys and Reince representing our section, I-Edison. In spite of me, not reviewing, we were still able to gain the 4th place even though we were against all the years from 1st to 4th. I know it sounds biased but at least we made it to the clincher round. Yayy! It might sound disappointing but I'm still proud of ourselves. Also, we joined Sabayang Pagbigkas entitled "Sa Kabataang Pilipino" by Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal Y Alonso Realonda. Alright, that's the whole name of Jose Rizal which I wrote during the quiz bee and we were right! The seniors, at the same time, were correct too and I'm really happy about that. Our pagbigkas went well, all the practices paid off and all the hard work was worth it! Edison's dance was pretty okay as well. Some of dancers made mistakes but it wasn't that obvious, heehee. Their dance was entitled Pasiguin and it was about fishing.

Modelong Pinoy. There were 2 categories--modernong kasuotan and filipinana costume. Our models were Samantha & Samuelle. Unfortunately, none of them were awarded but it's okay; someone wins, someone loses (it always happens). Everyone's got his/her own talent. Oh, those outfits yesterday were simply gorgeous! :)

I really had fun yesterday and I bet everyone did. I bet next year's Buwan ng Wika would be as fun as this year's. Ipagyabang ang pagiging Pilipino!

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Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 8:41 AM.