An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
I dont wana be a summer bummer.
Why do I have to be stucked here ate home? Eh I should be having guitar lessons or whatever. Why am I using the computer while I should be in the mall hanging out with my besties. dang. This summer '08 is soooo boring.[kinda.] I dont wanna say its boring cause I always loved Summer. But now, its kinda no no. My mom wont allow me to guitar lessons but still begging her. I'm doing nothing this summer. Im just gona use the comp for 3 months[i guess.] *sigh*. Boredom never ends. I really wana learn how to play the guitar. Dang it. I have nothing to do. I wanna see my friends. I miss my own school. Even my teachers[that's only often for me]. BUT NOW, I miss them? okay, something's happening here. I even miss the guard[kinda. lol. i miss laughing at him.] HAHA. I miss my friends. I miss my Grade6 Friends.[which are now incoming 1st year's]

I am so totally, completely, definitely, Absolutely.. BORED. Before, when I had classes.. i wasn't a boring chatmate. But now, something has changed. I became a boring lil chatmate. lol. I dunno why Im saying this but its kinda true though. Summer has always been boring to me. But, sometimes there are some stuff that aren't boring during summer. Haha. Like when my cousins go here. Or when we go to manila. Or I do some kind of lesson. I guess there will be somethin happening. But I'm not sure yet if its possible. Because my mom has changed too. lol. Summer and mom. WTH? Err. I think even I changed.

Anyway, yeah. My mom changed. Why? Before, she was easily begged on something me/my brother wanted. But now, its completely difficult. Because of her high blood pressure[i guess..] But I know, also before.. she was hard to be begged. But, when I cry I get what I want after.. Now, no no. And one more thing, she's soooo paranoid. Yeah, like for example she's worried if there's something gonna happen wrong to what our maid's gonna cook. LOL. I know, hilarious. Hahha. Yeaaaaah. But I still love my mom no matter what. But I more like her attitude before. [Oh well.]

Clarisse Z.


Posted on Friday, April 11, 2008 at 6:08 PM.

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.

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1. When I look for something and I still am looking for it for five minutes or so, I didn't know it was right in front of me [lol.]

2. I get so curious because of the reason of I being curious.

3. I hate when I fight with people. It makes me consciencious :-S

4. I really wanna learn French and Japanese.

5. I want to make my own famous song. lol

6. I wanna learn how to play the: guitar / drums / piano

7. I have a lot of nicknames, but all the people call me CLARISSE.

8. I am totally scared of dogs. Like, when there's a dog that's close. I get away from it.

9. I have a lot of email addresses. That's why I always create a new account in websites, because I forgot what email/password I used there. ;p

10. I always get used to some things. [nagsasawa agad.] :D

I tag.. MYSELF. haha. seriously. :P i dont have any friends to tag anyway. ;[


Posted on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 7:00 PM.