An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
The Bad Habit.
Backstabbing. Stabbing someone on the back is the worst. I've tried doing it myself. And I had/have been or being backstabbed before/now. I hate being backstabbed. It's like being tortured only worse. Backstabbing is a very very bad thing to do. So if I were you, stop doing it. Haha. Yes, I know I backstab. And there's still a possibility that I could do it. But being backstabbed by someone really hurts. Throw away your habit of backstabbing. I know, if you backstabbed this person and she/he is backstabbing you back then I guess you deserve it. And yet I don't like it if I deserve it or not. But, I'm not the only one who backstabbed this person. Even "them". But whyy? Why do I deserve this thing? I don't even know why. Tell me. Tell me right now. What have I done wrong due to this happening? It's better for people to stop doing such stuffs. Yes, I can't stop doing it at times. But I can try.

Sometimes people can't take it anymore. Being talked about every moment. Not telling the secrets to you. It's like they're not your best friends at all! And I'm one of those people who cannot take it. I'm telling you this right now because I'm really frustrated. I want to speak up, but I'm too vulnerable. I'm afraid. I know, it's like not the real Clarisse. I wasn't like this before. I'm being a coward right now. Unlike before, I was open. I did all of those stuffs that other people can't. Why am I being weak? Is it because I'm alone and they're altogether?

If you're wondering why I'm blogging about backstabbing, It's because I'm mad at someone. She's telling me that I've changed. My attitude turned into bad. But some people say I changed into a nice person. It's making me the heebeegeebees. I'm like WTF?! I'm totally frustrated! Yes, I'm pissed of this person. I'm mad at her. I have been replaced by her. That's why it's so pissing me off. It's more nicer when we were the only three. Me, her and the other one. But I know it's mean saying this but at least I'm not ruining their reputations. It's okay to tell about somebody as long as it is true. But it's wrong to say stuffs about someone if it's wrong in the first place.

Often, people realize that they deserve being backstabbed. But me? Realization hasn't struck me yet. Mostly people do backstab. I, myself, am admitting that I backstab. Well, I don't. I haven't. Or did I? Actually, I'm the easy-to-talk-with-type of person. Tell me you hate me and I hate you too. Tell me you replaced me and thanks for nothing. That's all. I'm that kind. So you don't have to worry, my friend. BACKSTABBING SHOULD BE IN JAIL!!!

Everyone, befriend me!!!!! :)

And I guess the usual solution to these kind of problems is speakin' up. Which I can't do. :))


Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 5:36 PM.
first day of the week.
haha. what a weird title. anyways..

Hello! Monday. Whew. It's hard being with other peeps since sanay ako with my best friends. LOL, so I was with Sam + other red people.. kaninang morning. Before flag ceremony. Math??? Hmm. PRB --Percent, Rate, Base. And Percent, Fraction, Decimal [which I dislike. lol.] Hm. Language. Discussion about Editorial. Wow. Reading, "The Football Player", we weren't able to finish the whole story so I don't need to criticize it neh? :))


Math: Louis kept saying "i doooo na know" :)) :)) Like the ones in iCarly. Rememberrr? The episode where there are students in a talent contest/show.. haha, the dude that was holding a mustache with a stick, i think. Yeah, that one? :)) HAHAHA. As in. Then after, he said "Alain.." then Alain will say "mm?", and they did it like a hundred times... =)) Ms. Shirley got pissed. HAHAHA.
Reading: Spelling Reference. Response Log.
Language: Golly. Editorial?? LMAO. :)) My topic was Cosme. LOL. I hope teacher likes it. Because I wasn't able to put other information it because Alain kept on disturbing me. I helped him in his Editorial. His topic is Frank. Because I don't want him to copy me in "Cosme". LOL, sooo I helped him. It's like I kind of concentrated more on his since mine was a bit many already. Hahaha. And Louis tried to get my wallet maybe three times, or more.. LOL, then I got it. Finally. Nyahaha.

I.W. : alright. normal, ordinary. nothing special. ROFL. :P

Have a great evening. :)


Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008 at 7:40 PM.
Soo the previous blog there [upbeatoptimist], the envying someone thang. well, tsk tsk tsk maan. Hmm. I cried :)) sshh. yep, being lame, peeps. well, listen up. Ionno why I cried or whateverr. But it's only this. Not that. *sigh* Erm, ok.. another is the bff problem, I can't tell my latest problem to them, since we fought. waaaah. i want to talk to some of them, for advices. but yea, i didn't. cuz of that. but i really think that they would help, duhh. but i'm not ready. and it's done, it's solved. I just need to decrease my being oh-so-paranoid. Well, it was supposed to be over. But, sisturr told me that it's okay, at least he does. :P hahahahaha. yeah, too private. anyhoooo, a while ago, i was like "oh men, this sucks. awts. :| :| :|" but then, i thought about it. ate said "don't be so paranoid, etc.", then I said "hmm. yeah :)".. But I think I won't be that bla bla. i should give space maybe. LOL, haha. studies muna? =) idk, whatev. BFF PROB: Not yet solved. I hope 'twill, though.

Sunday. Woke up early; Around 7? Watched TV. Kumain ng breakfast. Nanood ng MTV magdamag. Watched Detroit Rock City in HBO. My gosh! It's so wicked cool. Bwahaha! :D Uhm, then, lunch. Took a bath. Then went straight to City Mall. We watched The Dark Knight. Too bad is, I did NOT understand the movie at all. :)) And I felt very sleepy in the movie theatre. I was bored, i don't like it. =)) all of us got bored, my brother, my mom and I. after watching, we went to Shakeys. Yumm. Haha. After eating, went to this CLEAR something in the middle part of the mall. Then, we went to NBS. I bought 3 mechanical pencils. haha. ;) and I checked out some books. :P i want the Bob Ong; ABNKKBSNPLAKO? haha. But yeah, we have one. And I can't find it. =))) I'll just look for it later, I guess. ;p if I'm in the mood. Anyhoooo, after.. we went to St. John Cathedral for the mass. 6 PM. After.. went home. Duhhh. :D I just finished eating dinner. Light dinner. I'm still full cuz of Shakeys. haha. Yepyep, I know.. I can't be fat if I keep on doing this. But I'm full ):

haha. okok, i'll just catch up with you tom. :p I still have to search somethin' about egypt for Language. Yeah, not the subject where Egypt thingys but it's for the homework, where I wanna go. Weird huh? Egypt pa talaga eh. hahaha. ;))

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Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 7:20 PM.
complete !! --saturrday
Complete in Math; Language; Reading.

Arrived @ school maybe.. 8? Idk, maybe around 8. Saw ellatiffanypaolo by the tree. Saw hannah walking. Talked to her [ hannah ] then I watched a bit of the basketball practice, then I saw her again. We sat on the two-stairs by the gate of the Pre-School. While watching the Practice. We saw the maanag queens. And ugh, aynako arrived, then she said.. "ACHOO! Ambaho! Maansit!" She made my blood boil.. a bit. Then, me and hannah were just quiet and laughing. Then they went downstairs, well they stayed at the stairs, watching "basketball" probably cuz taebangs was looking at Arnoldskilares. And they were saying non-sense sentences to us, probably to make us angry. But actually, we didn't. But hannah and I got pissed. So we went up to the 2nd flr, old building, cuz Ella + Tiffany was there. Soo nag-sumbong kami ni Hannah, then we went downstairs. But we saw the chongalele peeps were with their precious yayas that's why we were silent, but OH! We screamed.

Haha, it was like a debate, but cannot be understood due to screaming. Even the players looked at us when we passed by "them", shoutin' out loud silly words to piss them off. Well, I, myself, have many gross words to describe them. ROFL, duhh! They're so icky. After a few hours, they went upstairs to the E.P.P room, eventually. Then Hannah and I stayed downstairs to watch the practice for quite a while. Cuz ella and tiff went to DLL. Haha, we talked about some stuffs. Mostly about Basketball. Haha! I really really want to learn how to play that sport!!! AHH! I soo envy those players. haha. I wish there was a varsity for girls too. Although, yes, I don't know how to play it.. YET. ahahahaha. :P Then I completed at the subjects, after that, I went upstairs, sat at the umbrella tree, all alone. And I got pissed with "T-Ugh" becuz she was so papansin there at the payphone, screaming.. "AAAAA, let's go naaaa." TSK, it was so pissy. Anyway, -___-

Good Luck to me, the "basketball player" wannabe. :))


outta here.


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Posted on Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 2:46 PM.

Shit. I can feel the hatred. Mafeeling? Oo. Tanga? Kayo. Kampihan ba kamo? Okay. Good luck nalang sa buhay niyo. Sorry? HMM. NO THANKS. Yeah I knowwww, ang dami nating pinag-samahan. Pero ganito ang ginagawa niyo sakin? MY GOD. I can't take this anymore.



Posted on Friday, July 18, 2008 at 2:06 PM.
unfortunate shoes.
wee... just got home. :)

hmm. so i arrived at school maybe 7AM?

first subject --Science : woo. a quiz; which I didn't review in. Plus, i didn't even know there was a quiz. :)) what an ignorant eh? :P sooo.. i reviewed for a bit, then ms. diane reviewed us. meanwhile, the quiz itself.. well, gooooood thing is... i got a perrrrfect score. whooooo. :D :D so mafee 'no? hahaha. well, it's my first time [[this s.y.]] to be in the scientists of the week. so three cheers for clare! xD then, hekasi.. there was this sort of recitation, and yey. teacher let me stand then let me sit after i finished what i recited. finally, filipino. uri ng pangugusap --was our lesson. haha. funny. "ako! ako! ni-rape ni manny pacquiao si chanelle!!" -Louis Calaunan. LOL! Laughs. Bwahaha. then, recess. i ate nothin', as usual. rofl. well, i just drank Fit 'N Right.. then got some of pauline's crunch. i.w.; of courz, happiness. ^__^ iw with the barkada is the best! whoo. filipino, activity + reference[i didn't finish xD], science, reference[didn't finish also xP], hekasi, reference[obviously..didn't finish :))]

lunch break. we went to st. joseph to check out if there were thumbtacks there cuz ella's thumbtacks were only few. buhh then there were no thumbtacks so i just bought chocolate chip cookies. 4pcs only. then went back to school. then, ella suddenly realised that her ring, was lost.. afterwards we saw alain and the dudes and they were going to the mall, ella gave P120, to buy her a new ring.. after giving the money, arnold got it.. he said, "na-buking lasi. ahahahaha", then tiffany was like.. "nabuking?" then i just laughed. but then i realised that arnold said the wrong thing.. it was supposed to be "uto-uto". haha. but ella got her money back. so we went back to st. joseph, then i saw ella's ring. HAHA SAY THANKS. then we bought ice cream, ella treated me. yipee. after, went back to school. we saw some kids lookin' at the worm, so we went there too. i was gonna step on the thing, but then ella kept on pushing me so i didn't. sayang! :P then, i was like.. playing with the pole but then ella pushed me so my shoes and socks got wet because of the mud.. LOL. i got pissed but i laughed also. then, binawian ko siya. so nabasa din yung socks nia. MUHAHAHA. then, bumawi nanaman siya. WHOO pero, hindi nabasa.

yeeeeyyyy. tapos nung pataas na kami ni ella to epp, bigla siang nadulas =)) =)) =)) dun pa sa mud. :-O XD grabe.. well, nakakatawa is.. she laughed pa. my gosh. ROflmao. so she said "uy samahan mo ako sa sink, maghuhugas ako." so, sinamahan ko. then pauline saw her and eventually, laughed. =)) so we went upstairs to epp, still laughing. :P =)) then when we got to epp, ella and tiffany went to the washroom to wash ella's mud on her skirt, FYI, meron rin sa socks. KARMAAAAAA =)) so it was washed but still wet. then epp.. urgh, table skirting. sooooo hard. :| you have to do this, that.. pins, thumbtacks + noisy peeps @__@ i was like "AAAAAHHH" whenever the pins come off and so. it was so frustrating. but thank goodness, it's already done. phew. so tiring. then the ice cream, i was like "AAALISSSS, kukuhanan ko si.. [teachers, friends, classmates] ahem, mabait ako ngayon eh. [dawww] :)) tapos, me and ella played with the marshmallows. when we were downstairs, ella was like making me laugh.. "buti nalang hindi ako pumunta dun. kundi dire-diretso ako dun tapos nalunod pa ako." eh, hawak ko yung marshmallows. so yeah, it fell. slipped through my hands. SAYANG. :)) then ayun, we went home afterrr.

that's all. :]

OMG ELLA. WHAT UNLUCKY SHOES YOU HAVE. BWAHAHAHA. KANINA KA PA NAMAMALAS : nadulas sa mud, natapilok[[PERO naglalakad na nga lang PLUS walang sagabal na pwedeng pag-tapilokan. :)) natapon yung coke sa cloth ni hannah[wawa hahahaha] and many more. GRABE. :)) :))

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Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 4:10 PM.
I was absent a while ago, cuz i'm in manila. boohoo. anyways, i DID NOT have fun yesterday @ Mimosa. It was soo boring. We didn't swim at all. My brother's friends were just like drunk, even my cousins; ate Angie + kuya Rudy. Then, when it was.. 7 something, we went to Manila.. We arrived at Las Pinas, around.. 8 or 9? Ionno. :| So yeah. I didn't eat dinner, we slept, midnight? So while I was sleeping, idk what time it was buhh i was supah hungry. as in my tummy was like hurting so much. so i tried to sleep, luckily, i did fell asleep, hurrah. :P then when i woke up, i went straight downstairs to eat breakfast. honestly, i didn't like the food. that's why i felt a bit of vomiting. then, i went upstairs.. bla bla bla. it hurt so much :(

after taking a bath, we went to nana bob's place. on the way there, my tummy was like OUCH OUCH OUCH. :(( so when we arrived there, i went inside plus i lied down on the couch. nana bob spread the efficascent oil on my tummy, back, and forehead.. and yeah. So I slept for, i don't know how many hours. then i woke up. i ate cup noodles. then we[me + rain] waited for our moms and nana esper. so they got to the house, and they sat for a while. and me, my mom went to the car and left to Pangasinan. when i was in the car i cried a bit cuz maybe bcos of rain and i didn't get to by my crocs :( HAHAHAHA. but t'was okay. there's always a next time eh? xD waahhh, take care, Rain Anne. :P

"rain rain go away"
"okay. pfft. [-("


love ya'll. don't hate. ^__^



Posted on Monday, July 14, 2008 at 7:20 PM.
I'm back. :)
Weeee. For all those days, finally.. She's back. My comeback was very uhh.. stupid? Haha. Well, what I'm trying to say is.. I can't use the comp. that much it's because my cousins are also here. So there are lots of people who are snatching the computer. :-S And also my mother, she plays Chuzzle Deluxe. Tch. So yeah. If you're goin' to ask me how am I, I'm alright. I'm great, actually. Well, today's classes are suspended due to P.T.O. My mom didn't go. But she was supposed to. But I think she wasn't gonna but bleh. Rofl. And it's my brother's birthday today; YO BRO!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :] .. It's his 25th this day. So weee! Hmm. School's fine. I mean, fun!!!! LMAOO. Super fun. Yesterday, we played 21! And we played like thousands of rounds. =)) It was gaahhh, superdiduper great. Tapos we were in the sinks for our Viva. Then, tiffany splashed the water to Ella's shirt. I laughed like hell. Golly. I was like, doing "ROFL". Yeheepp, I rolled on the floor while laughing like an insane crazy person. HAHAHAHA. Yepyep. Then we all left because our fetchers were there. :D That's all. Byebye. ^__^
Posted on Friday, July 11, 2008 at 2:16 PM.