An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
Random Boldings no. 1

1. I'm turning sixteen in less than a month.
2. I plan to make this Summer one to remember.
3. I love my brother (sister) more than anything.
4. My cousins are my bestfriends.
5. I love the stars.
6. I live in Canada.
7. I think Gabe Saporta is a sexy, sexy man.
8. My life is non-existent.
9. I laugh about everything.
10. I'm short, get over it.
11. I'm not afraid of change.
12. I know someone who collects pennies.
13. I lie like the west was won.
14. Fall Out Boy is my favourite band, stfu.
15. Dallas Green is amazing.
16. My eyes change colour.
17. Degrassi is the best thing ever.
18. Listening to The Fratellis makes me want to sing and dance.
19. I was born in Toronto.
20. I talk like a scene kid. >=|
21. I used to be incredibly shy, but I've come out of my shell a lot.
22. I just finished grade 10, and I'm amazed that I won't be able to count my grade on my fingers next year.
23. I'm like every other teenager in the sense that music is my life.
24. I'm always youtubing.
25. I've only been to one big concert.
26. I can't wait to leave home.
27. I have a dog, (s)he's my baby.
28. I love to read.
29. I do way too many surveys.
30. Facebook is better than MySpace.
31. I hate public speaking.
32. I'm a Military brat.
33. I get stressed crazy easily.
34. I swear too much.
35. I wish my family had tons and tons of money.
36. Me and my friends have a lot of insiders.
37. I'm incredibly dirty-minded.
38. I'm allergic to cats.
39. I've never drank, smoked or done drugs.
40. My brother (sister) would kill me if I started smoking.
41. Hockey is my favourite sport.
42. Jeffree Star disgusts me.
43. I used to be obsessed with Eminem.
44. I've lost a lot of friends in the past two years.
45. I don't wear skinny jeans.
46. I'm always on time.
47. I have a really short temper.
48. My parents aren't divorced.
49. It takes A LOT to make me cry.
50. In the past, I've suffered from extreme panic attacks.

Random Boldings no. 2

1. I have an unnatural obsession with The Living End and Chris Cheney.
2. I'm missing part of my right eyebrow.
3. I wear band t-shirts all the time.
4. My favorite sport is hockey.
5. I sometimes wish I had bigger boobs.
6. I love to eat raw cookie dough.
7. I lose my sanity as soon as I step foot into the party store.
8. I have a pool in my backyard.
9. I'm Scottish, Irish, and Norwegian.
10. I've had two grandparents die in less than a year.
11. I love playing Guitar Hero.
12. I like old bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Ramones, The Clash, etc.
13. Reading is one of my favorite past times.
14. I have many celebrity crushes.
15. I hate dressing up.
16. I want to learn to play the drums.
17. I've never had sex.
18. I have never wet the bed.
19. I can play the guitar.
20. My favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine.
21. I played soccer for 6 years.
22. I've never had a boyfriend.
23. I'm willing to try anything new if a friend is with me.
24. I'm very picky when it comes to food.
25. I have mild depression.
26. I'd rather be really hot than really cold.
27. I'm on the varsity track team at school.
28. I haven't had my first kiss yet.
29. Cheerwine makes me hyper.
30. I'd rather be in Hilton Head Island.
31. Coffee is disgusting.
32. I actually like the smell and taste of beer.
33. I like my name, but I don't think it suits me.
34. My favorite color is blue.
35. I'm getting so sick of politics.
36. I really hate school.
37. I hate talking on the phone.
38. I'm really jumpy.
39. I don't think my name is that common.
40. I live in a rich town.
41. I'm not a very serious person.
42. I joke around too much.
43. I'm pretty sarcastic.
44. I'm really hungry.
45. The only Jonas Brother I think is hot is Nick.
46. I loved The Cutting Edge 2.
47. I could listen to Jude from Across The Universe sing for hours.
48. I always have a song stuck in my head.
49. People tell me my smile "lights up a room."
50. I'm retarded when it comes to math.

Random Boldings no. 3

1. I am on Facebook right now.
2. I am subscribed to over 20 channels on YouTube.
3. I personally know at least one of those people in real life.
4. I have trouble numbering things.
5. I really, really despise my phone.
6. I hope to get Augustana's new album soon.
7. I recently defeated Optem Alfred on the Sims 2 for Nintendo DS.
8. I saw my father today.
9. I also saw a train today.
10. My favorite color of Post-It notes is yellow.
11. I want to try the lemonade from Starbucks.
12. When it is nearing my birthday, I become very selfish.
13. I have a flag in my room, other than the American flag.
14. I'm looking forward to football season.
15. During the summer, I only like it when it rains at night.
16. My state is currently in a very bad drought.
17. I have supported Barack Obama since 2006.
18. I plan to reread the Harry Potter series this summer.
19. My summer break ends in early August.
20. I am very excited about my junior year.
21. But I am not looking forward to the GHSGTs.
22. I have met the governor of my state.
23. I would like some water right now.
24. I want a new laptop.
25. I have lost four or more friends and/or family members this year.
26. I do not enjoy snow.
27. I do not enjoy humidity either, but it is unavoidable.
28. I am wearing green shorts.
29. I have at least three autographed books.
30. I love the movie Into The Wild.
31. My dream college is UGA.
32. I want to take a train somewhere.
33. I will be going on a cruise this year.
34. I want to meet a Beatle (or two) before I die. <>
35. I love MuggleNet.
36. SteAndKel are one of my favorite channels on YouTube.
37. I still like to get on Neopets.
38. My passion is photograhpy.
39. I only have contact with one grandparent. (the rest are dead..)
40. I am worried about the economy.
41. I think we should invest in alternate fuel methods.
42. I annoy my friends and family with my interest in politics.
43. I have fallen for a guy with hair longer than mine.
44. I have also fallen for a guy of a different race.
45. I know someone with the last name "Peace".
46. I am not very outgoing.
47. I am not fond of MTV.
48. I am the only person in my family to have blue eyes.
49. I am really wanting to kayak right now.
50. I am tired, and should go to bed.

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Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 4:51 PM.