An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
rain rain rain

Hm. Okay, haven't made a blog here.. so just leave me alone. Rain, I don't wanna say I hate you.. But I dislike it. Forgive me, but it's because of Cosme. Err. I keep on saying it. WAAAHH. I wanna forget it for old times' sake. Anyhow, yesterday.. there was a storm called "Frank". So much for storms, I'm so sick with them. Well, Frank headed to Manila and left, but passed here in our part. But I guess it's gone now. So, Hurray! I was like worried. Coz.. around 4pm, maybe? There was a black-out. Electricity came back around 7, I guess. But I was very grateful that electricity was here. I was like soooo worried. Because, doii; remembered Cosme. OH GAAAAH. T___T So yeah. Thank you thank you veryyy much. Well, I missed school yesterday but I just sucked it up. And I stopped whining. Whoo. LMAO.

And I played games. Well, I discovered this game. My brother downloaded in our pc. I don't know if my brother did, but whatever. It's called Chuzzle Deluxe. It's really a complicated game. It's fun and cool. Hard to explain but just look it up. Man, just search it.. OK? After playing a few levels, It's like I got tired of it and I was giving up. So I stopped playing, but my brother said the other game in our pc.. which is called "Turbo Pizza" was nice. So I tried it. Well, my brother first. And when he got tired too, he gave me the pc. Yey! ROFL. Then I started playing. Veryyyy fun.
You have to serve the peeps or customers what they want or what their order is. For example, ice cream and cola. But sometimes I get pissed when there are soooo many customers and they have two orders and they are soo hot-tempered. :))

{/Tue June 24 2008*}
But I really like the game. Well, today.. there are classes. Duhh. My subjects were Reading, Lang. and Math. We did our usuals. I.W. And so. We got pissed of this fat-butted dude. It's a secret. But hmm. I might tell you. HAHA. Depends. xP Uhh, yeah.. he's younger. Which is very disrespectful. We ate lunch @ Jano's. I don't know if it's called lunch, but okay. HAHA. We ate umm.. halo halo and two fries. Two plates of fries, I mean. It was very fun. We were very noisy and we laughed like hell. =)) We didn't finish our fries but the halo halo was almost done. We went back to school and did some stupid stuffs. We played hide and seek with Arnold, Alain and Paolo. HAHA. Twas funny coz Alain, who was it.. only counted 1-5 or 1-10. Haha. We ran and then after he counted we didn't have a chance to hide. ROFLMAO.

That's it. Love ya'll. Zee's out. :P =)

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Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 5:04 PM.
promises are meant to be broken, after all. well, yeah. i bet you know. i told you i won't go online. but i can't help it. hm. it's only for 1 hour. orrrr. LOL. haha. yes yes, chatting with ella. can't make kwento. maybe next time. byeee. Hugs from Zee. :p
Posted on Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 7:26 PM.
and oh by the way.
oh hi again. :) umm, i'm gonna tell you something since im still listening to naruto music. haha.

anyway, here's the bottom line :

i'll try not using my phone. or get away from it. maybe i'll go unli maybe thrice or four times a month? grabe naman 'yon. super kj naman if i do that. yun na nga lang ang libangan ko eh. hayy. ill try to think of it. parang ang strict ng nanay ko noh? haha. oo nga naman, strict. pero not really sa school. hehehe. :) pwede din namang gagamitin, pero wag naman sobra. haha.

that is all.

hmwa. :-*



Posted on Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 8:07 PM.
Victory was given to her!
SUCCESS! I didn't sleep the whole night. Proof: I even sent a GM like, quarter to three hours ago in Y!M. To those who received that group message, WHOO! Lmao. YESS! FREEDOM!! I wish I can do it everyday. *sigh* But it's okay. At least I know I did it last night[or a while ago :b] Want to know what happened? Ohsherr. F'course I'll tell you. :]

[ CONGRATS TO ME!!!!!!!!! ;;) ]

( Took a nap{10-11pm}. Woke up, used the computer; Chat, Blogger, Multiply. Offline-d --3.10AM. Scribbled in my diary. Watched MTV for a while. && watched a movie : LikeMike. Finished around 6AM. Stood up, ate breakfast.. watched Naruto and took a bath. ^^ )

VICTORY IS HERS!!!!!!!!! Mission Accomplished!.. Freedom is <3. style="font-weight: bold;">:


EYEBAGS((: .... WOO, Yes. I didn't sleep. Remember that thanks much. :p

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Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 11:48 AM.
... at natatakot akong mahuling nagcocomp nang 2:42am :]



Posted on at 2:41 AM.
I'm still up.
Whoo. LOL. Well fyi, I'm alone so there's no one to scold at me since my mom is in Manila and my brother's somewhere out there. Helpers; asleep, sleep, zzz. FREEDOM!!! haha. I am drinking coffee. Chatting with kuya kyle and ate Kimi. Well, ate Kimi's being kind of emotoional because of yes. and kuya Kyles uhh, chatting with me? Umm yeah. Actually, I wasn't supposed to wake up from my nappie. Hahaha. But then I remembered. Like my mind was shocked by a memory or somethin like that. Doesn't matter. Anyhoo, luckily I did so I'm lucky. OMYgosh. I'm lucky though it's friday the 13th?! THE HECK. haha. Cornyyy, but you laughed right? Kiiddddin. Hahaha. This is my chance to chat the night out of me. {huh?} hhahah. Just pretend you get it before I punch you. Well, there are no chance that I will, really. :P Why? 'Coz I don't punch!! Haha. Golly, I'm so corny. GAAH! :| Rofl; I only like saying this because I have nothing else to say. The end. Grrrr. Y'know what? I didn't watch naruto that much. I think the last part I saw was the Idate thingy race race. :)) Hahahaha. What kind of explanation is that? Oh nvm. XD I'M AWAKE AND HYPER. BOWW. Hahaha.

*Clariiiii :]

Oh darling, It's 12'12 AM. Make a wish. ^___^


Posted on Friday, June 13, 2008 at 11:51 PM.
Summer says goodbye.
Hello, school. Goodbye, summer! :| School's here. And I look like dora. :)) Anyways, I expect to have many improvements this school year 08-09. Summer's over. No more vacation. Weekends are our only fun. Although, everyday seems so fun, too. Well doii, because of my besties, I'd always be happy no matter what. :) School school school; Dora the Explorer<- i look like her, that's what they say. :)) Buhh at least I have my own tv show, riiiighttt? hahaha. Hm. First day. First day. Twas okayyy. Um. It was normal. It was like we were still Grade 5 pa nga eh! Hahaha. Coz our sched is like before. So yeah. *sigh* We don't feel the *sixth grade feeling*. Coughs and laughs. LOL. Anyway. Ummm. Well, everything's like before. Blah blah. Mitchell, Joseph, Mark and Patrick are in Red now, though. We miss Joseph. haha. Paolo, Jhuliano and Anton are in the blue section. Haha, Paolo!!!! XD peace. :p Oh! I forgot to tell you.. I'm class president! Uhuh Uhuh. Hahaha. Lmao. And ella as treasurer, pauline as muse, tiffany as secretary and dana as sub sec. So yeah. I would study hard this school year and that's a promise! :P


Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 6:33 PM.
i got tagged by raizel.
ten things that start with letter l.

1. loves naruto - NARUTO ROCKS, that's all. :]
2. LOVE :: Very very important word. Too many explanations. One meaning. I know you know what it means. [:
3. LEE : I like that name, word. :p
4. lie : i'm the lie you can trust, i like that "quote" haha.
5. learn new stuff : this is awesome. ^__^
6. leader : we should all be good leaders. hha.
7. loser : hahahahahaha.
8. lame : sometimes I feel lame. XD
9. lalalalala : :]
10. ladilalala : random blah. :b

tagged people:
NONE OTHER THAN, ATE DAWN!!!!!!!!!! haha.


Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 4:58 PM.
Last day of summer.
Oh yeah. I forgot. It's the last day of summer. Woo. My mom and I had a sort of fight moments ago. It's about the mall thing. I really want to go to the mall. Crap. To buy socks, NOT ONLY SOCKS.. even plastic cover, folder, etcetc. SHIT. This is so crappy. I hate it. Damn. Errrr. Anyways. Yes, last day of summer. I can't feel the school feeling. Mind you, I don't want to go to school yet!!!!! Urgh. I really really really don't want to. But I have to. 'TSUCKS! Whatever. Hmpf. Last day of vacation... FOR US. Still not moving on from the "whytenth?!!!!" Superdiduper unfair. AARGH! It's making me crazy. Grrr. MAKE ME FEEL BETTER! And I need it.
Posted on Monday, June 9, 2008 at 4:12 PM.
Tomorrow's the big day.
Tomorrow. Yep. The big day. As you've seen in my previous blogs, I always put the phrase "can't wait for school". While now, I'm typing write here, waiting for 18hours until June 10. Oh men! I can't believe the after a few hours, I'd be waking up early, take a bath, and head for school. Gosh. I missed those times. But now, I'm like "dont-want-togo-to-school-yet" girl. Because of my stupid haircut. I REGRET EVERYTHING! I WANT TO SPREAD IT TO THE WHOLE WORLD! I regret everything. Bet it wasn't that obvious, eh? Doii, it is. Hm. I should not be scared. They are all the same like me. Everyone has their weaknesses. Not only I have done plenty of mistakes. Not everyone has their moments of perfection. Actually, Nobody's Perfect. So, let's stuck that into our minds. It's true! Totally! For your damn info, don't laugh at me. 'Cause you don't know who you're messing with. Should be confident. Should be confident. Kaya 'yan! Tiratira! XD :P :P



Posted on at 9:56 AM.
Hello bobcut.
Bobcut once again. Well, before it looks like [ check out previous blogs ]

Yep. New haircut, yes. I actually forced my mom to have a new cut. Good thing is my last haircut lasted for one week! So yeah. David's Salon; Nepo Mall. Supposedly at Headzone but since we were in Nepo, my mom told me in David's nalang daw. Then we went upstairs. I had a haircut and I really wonder what I look like when I wake up tomorrow morning. I'll wake up early since our school starts in three days. Uhuh, three days. Three days of mercy. WHY IS OUR SCHOOL ON THE 10th!!! SHOULD BE on the 6th!!! Unfair. Ohwell. *movinonmovinon*

Sure, I'll show you my new cut; Before and After effect, again. Psh. Doesn't really look like I had a new cut but yeah. I did. So believe it!

Old haircut;

New haircut;

Public, there you go. Glad you know my cut. Please don't laugh at me. Mind your own ef*in business. Thank yousssss. :) :)


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Posted on Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 3:34 PM.
School is what I've been waiting for, months ago. Although, what a weird thing: I don't want to go to school. Why? Simply because I had a new haircut and I don't want to go to school yet. Maybe next month. :)) :| Kidding. If I could, I will. Meanwhile, I can't. It sucks, I know. Pfft. Anyways, I don't care anyway. As of now, though. Pretty much because I'm not in the mood. Yeah, cool reason eh? NOT. Whatever. "I don't care anymore."-- I hope I can say that on the way to school on Tues Jun 10 2008. I WISH:/

The Big Q;
Asaran ba talaga pag Elementary? Oo? Parang. Yun ang para sakin. Ewan ko lang sa mga confident diyan. Swerte nila. And kung mabait din mga classmates niya, how lucky. Tae naman. How unlucky naman oh. Ayos. Hayy. Totally scared. Well, a bit. Bahala na talaga. Wala na akong pake. I'll just not think of school. Yong parang matagal pa. Hehehe:)). So yeah. Thanks for making me feel better my dear bloggie. ^-^

I love yous. Remembuh that :P. I;m glad I have you. Coz I have something to talk with. haha get it? Anyways. Yeah. I'm not ashamed that I'm really talking to you although you're only a blog. And you're not a living thing. I understand. And I hope they understand too. Haha. To those bloggers, I know you understand. Hehehe. Bloggers forever*

* YEP:), FOR LIFE. :] Yayy.


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Posted on Friday, June 6, 2008 at 7:38 PM.
New layout.
New layout. Yep.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PROFILE, and do leave a comment. :)

ILY. ^^ :**

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Posted on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 3:08 PM.
Siya nga pala.
P.S. ::
Posted on at 9:57 AM.
Ako'y magpapagupit ulit.
Bob cut na ang gupit. Para naman ito'y sulit. Weh? Rhyming chuvaness. Pfft. Hahaha!
Kapag hindi ito bagay at ako'y tinawanan, makisabay nalang para walang laban? Ang corny ko, dude! :)) Bahala na kung pangit. Basta bagong gupit. Ayaw ko na itong buhok ko na ito, dahil ito'y tumitikwas. Hayy. Maganda pero nung una pa lang. Sayang. Gusto mo makita? Ito, papakita ko sayo. Teka lang po.


Nakita mo na. Papakita ko din seu pag nagpagupet na ako.. Before and After epek nanaman to. Sige sige, paalam. :P

**Clarisse ^^


Posted on at 9:33 AM.
Memorable Chuvaness.
"Bangsss. Pa-cheese burger ka naman."
-- Raymond. :P

"And another one and another one and another one"
-- ate Denise. haha

"Sino kaaway nio? Rereskbakan ko, haha."
-- kuya JM

"Pagibig nga naman. Hahahah"
-- ate Trisza.

"Ang sakit na ng *tooot* kooo"
-- RJ. hahaha.

"Sana hindi na natin makita sila Pluning. hahaha"
-- Bea.

"Hala kaaaa. Tatawagan ka mamaya ng SM. :P"
-- kuya Fourth. haha

"Ang kuliiiit talaga ni RJ"
-- ate Coleena. haha

"Bagay talaga ni kuya Fourth. Neyo. Neyo."
-- Ren. hahah



Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 7:44 PM.
fun weekend.
Fri May 31 2008 [Aftie ü]
Arrived; My cousins arrived together with their family friends. I only met them now. :D New friends, YEY! hha. At first, we weren't close. However, Renren[my cousin] introduced me to ate Coleena and ate Denise. She didn't introduce me to Bea. But I know her before, we weren't that close though. Anyway, afterwards we went upstairs to watch television. Ren was watching basketball. While ate Coleena's sleeping and ate Denise is lying down. Me and Bea were watching as well. We got very close when ate Denise spoke. Made stories, etc. About school and stuff. Then boom, friends friends. ^^ Then, ate dinner.. so early. Watched Hairspray. After, washed-up. Then played a game called 'Adding'. Haha. After that, slept.. ZzZzZz. :]

Sat Jun 1 2008
Lola's Birthday; Happy Birthday, lola!! Beach, baby! Hahaha. We went to the beach. Since tita Edith's resort is broken due to the evil storm: Cosme. Tch. But twas okay. We reached the beach. Yey! After singing happy birthday song to our grandmother, we headed straight to the beach. And gathered shells. When ate Denise and ate Coleena was there.. Me, ate Coleena and Ren.. walked to the deep part. Well, not too deep. Just right for our heights. Lol. xD Then, Ren went back to shore then me and ate Coleena went to gather shells. We found lots. Big or Small. Yahoo! Haha. Then, we made a so-called 'sandcastle'. Lol. But then we went back to the resthouse. When we went back, around 2, I think.. the castle was gone. Haha! Then we wrote diff kinds of writings on the sand. Then, we swam again. With the Adults, however. So we went to the deep part again. Blah blah blah. Went back and took a bath. We went to Manaoag. We slept in the car while on the way to go there. The mass was half when we got there. After the mass, we went home. Watched PBA. Ate dinner then watched American Idol. Wuhoo. We weren't able to finish it but we almost did.

'Cause we slept. When we woke up sooo early... 4:30, I think. I thought I wasn't going to Baguio. But then my mom told me so. So I hurried up and washed and put on clothes and went to the car. We slept and so and so. Blahblah. We went by to church to pray. The church in Agoo. Then we headed back to the car on the way to Baguio. And finally. We arrived. Haa. The breeze, mm. We ate breakfast ate McDo, Love ko 'to. Haha. At last, breakfast!!! Then we went to umm. The house where my cousins were gonna sleep. They played basketball. And we watched, cheered and laughed out loud. Fun! Afterwards, went to SM Baguio. Wee! Raymond got lost. :)) Ate Coleena and I went to look for him and when we were in the third floor, I think.. we saw them in the second floor. And we saw each other. Went to the Food Court to eat lunch and my mom, brother arrived. We didn't eat lunch that much, me and the 'teens'. lol. Then, me, my bro and ate Denise went to Artwork to buy my bag for school. I bought a bag, pink and blue[dark] stripes. Backpack. I asked ate Denise to go with me since ate Coleena was with her dad. Haha. Then we went to the Drivers' Lounge since everybody was there and went to CJH. Yey. :) Horse-Back riding. We rode the horses. Ours[me and RJ] wasn't that fast because we were two. But the others were fast. Ate Denise fell pa nga eh. Luckily she held very tight. Blahblah. After, we went to golf. There was an injury. My bro. Lol coz rj hit the golf club at his um close to his eyebrow. But it's okay now. Anyway, we went to the Mansion to take a pic. And we went to Mines View. We bought anklets and etc. Then we went home to the house. We played basketball again. I shoot the ball two times. Yay. Ate dinner. Watched tv. And my family went home.
Aww man. :(( I miss them na. All of em. LOL.

Ren, Raymond, RJ, ate Coleena, ate Denise, ate Trisza, Bea, kuya Fourth, kuya JM. Hmm. Yep. LOL. We were sooo plenty. As in. Three families. :)) Ten kids. Um, somethin like that. lol.

Next time again, ok? Alright. :] IMY :)


Posted on at 11:32 AM.