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In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
NBA Playoffs
Hello there, dearly beloved. :DD

I've been lazy recently. And look at the result: no latest blogs at all. Hmm? I guess I had no topics in mind so I wasn't able to post some entries that much. Heh heh, I'm sorry then. *puppy eyes*

Since I already have something to mention in this blog, I'll start blabbing about it. Okay. Well, first and foremost, I'll be frank, the topic that I will be talking about this day is NBA. I'm really not a fan of NBA and I don't know all the players and/or teams, but I did get addicted to watching every game in this year's Playoffs. Haha. Silly, I know. But maybe it's because I missed my brother (who watches NBA all the time when he was still here) and so, I just watched NBA and somewhat liked it. I wonder why. LOL. My brother is in the US of A, no, he's not working there. He's just having a vacation, heehee. This might sound ridiculous but I'm starting my foolish ol' brother. Wee. Hahaha. :">

Back to the topic; I started watching NBA.. Well actually, I watch NBA (before) every now and then since my brother keeps on watching it and I had no option left but to watch it with him. So, when he was still here, we watched a basketball game between Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers in BTV. When my brother left, I watched another game of Rockets and Lakers. But then, after that, I forgot to watch a few games so I wasn't updated with the series lead. Most of my friends (that are boys) watch NBA and they also chat/text me about NBA because they know that I watch it sometimes. So, a few days ago, I started watching Los Angeles Lakers VS Denver Nuggets. I was able to be aware of their names which is really a good thing. Hahaha. It's my first time to know their names. I guess when you watch a game, you'll be able to hear their names from the announcers and such.

But when I was still innocent about NBA, I already liked Los Angeles Lakers since I was aware that they were famous since then. So, when I started watching games, I really liked Los Angeles lakers, not only because they are famous but because they are really awesome basketball players, they play well, they're defensive and all you could describe about best basketball players are all in their team. Who is my favorite player in LAL? I have to admit, they're all great players. But my favorites wouldn't be complete without KOBE BRYANT, he's the MVP of 2008 and while watching all their games against Nuggets, I could not help but to be amazed by his basketball skills. He's really darn good. He's disciplined, defensive and he shoots 3points like it's a piece of cake. He really is a superb player of NBA. Also, I like Pau Gasol. Yes, he's tall but not all tall people could be basketball players. In fact, there are a lot of a basketball players who have average heights and they are pretty good in shooting hoops just like Derek Fisher, for instance.

What I like about Pau Gasol is that he's kind. Why? Because he doesn't care if his other teammate shot the 3 points instead of himself. He passes the ball to everyone. In short, he's not greedy. Also, he can dunk pretty well. :P In other words, all the players of Los Angeles Lakers are really great including Trevor Ariza, Bynum, Odom, Derek Fisher, Vujacic and many more. A while ago was Game 6 of LAL and DEN. Guess what? Los Angeles won! I felt so blissful about them winning and I'm glad that the other team had sportsmanship. I have to admit, Nuggets do have good players as well just like Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony, Jr Smith, Chris Andersen and almost all of them. They know how to handle the ball and they score pretty high. ;)

As of now, there are only 3 teams left in the Playoffs. They are: Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic. Tomorrow is the 6th game of Cavs and Magic. Hopefully, the Cavaliers with Lebron James (2009's MVP) will win the game so that there will be Game 7, to determine the winning team between the two of them. The series lead which is 3-2; the Cavaliers won the 5th games yesterday and now, they have to defend their team tomorrow to make it a tie. Most of them want Cavaliers to play against NBA because they want Kobe Bryant to play against LeBron James which would be a spectacular game. But some also said they wanted Superman vs MVP. In my case, I want the Cavs to win but it's alright if Magic wins tomorrow because they're quite good players as well. One of my friends told me that sometimes LeBron just gets lucky; I somewhat agree about it because his former winning shout couldn't be repeated... Still wondering where he gets his luck. :))

But whoever plays against Los Angeles Lakers, I'm still in favor of LAL. Yes, I'm a Laker fan and I bet all of them will kick all of your butts! Beware... No one beats the Lakers. Woohoo! Go Lakers. Hahaha. By the way, don't forget to watch tomorrow's game at 9AM. I'll still cheer for Cleveland Cavaliers anyhow. Good luck to both! :D

And for your information, just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I shouldn't watch these kinds of things (basketball). Anyone can watch anything as long as he/she wants to watch it. I want to watch NBA so they hell you care, huh?! Mind your own f*ckin business, okay? Don't mess with me. Girls, don't be ashamed of watching NBA because everyone can watch it.

Gotta end all of this NBA shiz, I just hope LAL wins. GO LAKERS! \:D/

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Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 4:29 PM.
One of a kind tooth.
I had a panoramic x-ray last May 19. I looked at it and I saw wisdom teeth. Then, we went to my dentist and she told me I had to get a surgery and they need to pull them out. I was like, "eh?". So we went to another dentist - a dental surgeon. I was a bit optimistic that time and I said, "I can do this!". After that... It happened.

3 hours of mouth widely opened. Dr. Jess put anesthesia (with an injection) on the right side of my mouth. At first, I thought it wasn't too bad after all. I wasn't able to see what they were doing since I was staring at the ceiling. So they cut off some of my gums with a something. And that tool or whatnot has blood on it. Dang.

After about an hour, I started freaking out. I somehow can't breathe and I was exhausted. The dental surgeon's finger was on the right side of my mouth to make it widely open. The secretary was holding my head in case of my extra movements. I was so tired. I'm glad that Dr. Jess let me gargle every now and then, though. But after that, I lie down and there goes the surgery. I started crying when I realized I couldn't take it anymore. But of course, I didn't mention that because I was too shy. I was about to give up.

When they were losing hope, Dr. Jess decided to cut the parts of the teeth. And then, he mentioned that the teeth was in the mouth already. Because before that, he said that he couldn't locate the teeth so he has to expose it. He told me, "I need your cooperation.". It hurt somewhat despite of anesthesia. Dr. Jess asked me, "Masakit?". When I nodded, he injected anesthesia again. He injected anesthesia for 4 times. I could feel the force of pulling the tooth. From quarter to 4, the time was already 6. I was crying even though nothing hurt at all. He kept on saying, "Come on.. Come on.". But the tooth still didn't come out. Then, he told me, "One of a kind.". I was satisfied that he didn't give up, though. He was like, "Oh my God". Everyone was all over me. My mom was outside since she's afraid of blood and her whole body was cold.

I started shaking. My hands were cold and I knew my feet were, too. The other dentist held my hand and told me, "Stop crying. You'll just get tired. Just pray.". I was still crying. They were saying, "Malapit na, malapit na.". They kept on saying that and I thought it would not end. In my head, I said, "Lord.. Ikaw na bahala.". Then, Dr. Jess said, "Thank you Lord!" and others were like, satisfied. I was having no idea of what was happening but I knew that my tooth was off because I saw that he got something from my mouth with blood all over it.

The secretary called my mom and Dr. Jess started stitching my gums. My lips and my tongue were all thick because of the anesthesia. I couldn't speak and I tried swallowing my saliva but I'm always having a hard time in swallowing because of the surgery. This is the worst experience that ever happened to my whole life. They still have to remove my other wisdom tooth on t he left side. I'm having second thoughts. Should I continue this or what? I'm having regrets. I think this is a mistake. But it already happened, what else could I do?

I've been speaking through writing. I can't even swallow my saliva so I just spit them every time. I can't even move my head that much. I eat soup and such; I can't chew.. I'm also having a hard time in drinking water. Last night was a sleepless night. I don't think I fell asleep either. I have to take antibiotics and in case I get a fever, I need to take biogesic. So, do you think I could take the other surgery? :(

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Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 12:41 PM.
Boys over internet? Hell nah. *rolls eyes*
Hi hii. Whaddup, what's happening? LOL that is a song. :P

Anyways, I haven't blogged that much here in this account due to major laziness. I apologize, indolence shall be murdered right away. Yeah right! WAHAHAHA.

Yes, I've changed my previous layout into a new one. Like it? Sure you do! I chose it very well so don't tell me it is to dislike. Pft. Well, my summer is not so bad. I haven't been enjoying my summer. Well, if it weren't for Boys Over Flowers and internet, I would have been eaten alive. Exaggerated much? :))

I want to tell you some stuff that has happened to me recently.

» Heard of that? If you haven't, you're completely insane! Duh, it's the best Korean Comedy & Drama show which everyone has gone gaga over. Everyone includes me, by the way. Haha. If you're wondering why everyone loves it, that's because of the ikemen or HOTTIES to be specific who are a part of the cast or the main characters, I should say. They are so cute, hot and simply addictive. :D

[ Here is an image or poster of the very own Boys Over Flowers ]

From left to right: Woo Bin, Yi Jung, Jun Pyo, Jan Di and Ji Hoo. Jan Di is also one of the main characters, by the way. So, what do you think of them? Are they hot or what? Have you fallen in love or something? HAHAHA! Apparently, I did. :">

First, I'll give you the plot of the whole story. Wait a sec.

Set at a famous high school for the super-wealthy, this is a puppy love story centered on a poor girl and the F4 gang of rich kids headed by the rough and fearless Jun-pyo Koo.

Jan-di Geum (Hye-seon Ku) is a girl from a poor family but has an unrivaled sense of optimism and drive and is by chance admitted to a prestigious private high school.

There she meets the infamous group of four astonishingly good looking and rich boys who are known as F4. The group's leader is Joon-pyo Koo (Min-ho Lee), who is a spoiled heir to world-leading conglomerate Shinhwa. He is joined by mysterious and breathlessly handsome Ji-hu Yun (Hyeon-jung Kim), Lee-jeong So (Beom Kim), and Woo-bin Song (Jun Kim). Their love story moves from Seoul to New Caledonia to Macau.

If you ask me who's the cutest from the 4 of them, I would not answer back. Why? Because I think they're all hot & cute in different ways. For instance, Jun Pyo is hot and sophisticated just like Woo Bin and Ji Hoo & Yi Jung are both cute but their life story differs in a way as well. :)

I'm so addicted to it and I'm currently at Episode 22 4/4. In, each episode is separated into 4 parts so yeah. As what I've seen in MySoju, there are 25 episodes + the "After 5 years" of everyone, I guess. Or "after 5 years" of F4 only; I'm not so sure about that. There hasn't been an after 5 years of Jun Pyo & Ji Hoo yet but Woo Bin and Yi Jung already have it. All in all, I have to watch 12 videos + 2 more so I need to watch 14 videos to complete the whole series. Although, I will wait for the other 2 episodes that will be released soon, probably.

Many of my friends are obsessed with this Korean series and so am I. One thing you have to do is watch it and you'll realize how nice the story is and I bet you'll be addicted too. :P

This post really needs to end now. I'll just continue another post about summer... Soon. :>

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Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 6:01 PM.
Movies way back.
I was supposed to post this kind of blog, well, I didn't save it in my drafts but I did save it up in my head. And I'm feeling remarkable that I did not forget about it. Haha. I usually have short memory loss. But I don't have a disease or something. In other words, I'm oblivious. Forgetful, for short. :P

I've been watching movies recently. I'm lovin' them, of course. Hahaha. Who would watch boring movies, right? Obviously, hahaha! Some of the movies I've watched were old yet forgotten. Some are really nice and unforgettable. So, I'm going to make reviews of the movies I've seen and tell you how I feel about them and how I criticize them. Deal? :)

Cheaper By The Dozen 2

I've watched this movie since.. It was shown in the cinemas. Hahaha! As a matter of fact, I've watched this movie in Gateway's theater in Manila with my brother and our driver. Dang, the ticket there is so expensive! Hahaha. But at least it was worth it... The movie's awesome! It's comedy and for family. I love it because it makes me laugh even though I've watched it for countless times. I never get tired of watching it!


Presenting Jessica Alba. She's a really good dancer. I'm not sure if she's truly good in real life but in that movie, she was pretty good! This movie is all about dancing and hip hop. I like the story and it shows a lesson, too. & guess what! It's a true-to-life story. The real choreographer is Honey Daniels. She choreographs music videos by Missy Elliot and other celebrities. Li'l romeo was also in that movie, he was so young back then. I watched this movie in a burned DVD which my brother downloaded from the internet. Honey is now one of my favorites.

My Sassy Girl

"This movie was so last year!" - you might say. Sorry, but I thought it wasn't a nice movie at all. This DVD has been in our DVD rack for a long time now and I didn't think about watching it until I read its review on the back, I imagined the whole picture. Then, I started watching it. I somehow find it romantic yet spontaneous at the same time. I like it, I have to say. But my brother's girlfriend told me that the Japanese version is much better. Oh well. But they do have the same story so it seems alike. The story is great, they're really destined for each other. Who would thought of that kind of story, right? Amazing director! By the way, I love the song she played on the piano. Do you know its title? :D

- - - ♥ - - -

Those were some of the movies that I've watched this summer. I watched many movies, for your information. Muahaha! In case you're wondering how many movies I have watched. I'll just post the new movies I've watched this 2009 in the cinemas. ^^

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Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 4:57 PM.
Mother's Day
We remained inside her body for 9 months. She fed us, she gave us shelter, she took care of us, she taught us a lot of things, she brightened our days of sadness.. She loved us whether we needed it or not. And still, we remain in her heart.

Happy Mother's Day! Love you, Ma.

Love from your daughter,


Posted on Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 8:45 PM.
Yesterday was filled with rains and a storm known as "Emong". Silly name for a storm, I know. In the morning, the storm wasn't that strong yet. But as the news have said, everyone in North and Central Luzon will encounter the said typhoon. The weather reporters announced that "Emong" made a landfall here in Northern Pangasinan. Storm signal no. 3 remains raised in Pangasinan and other provinces.

Several have sent me a message that the storm would be worse than Cosme, the storm which hit Pangasinan last year. In my circumstances, I didn't think twice about believing those messages. They weren't agreeable, I must say. There was a blackout at around 5:00 - 6:00 PM. I was stunned while realizing that the lights turned off all of a sudden.

My brother was packing his things since his flight would be today. We ate arroz caldo at 6PM. After eating, we just listened to the FM Radio in my brother's samsung phone. Then, I changed my shorts plus underwear and I went downstairs [Oops, I got carried away about spilling information. Hee]. No wonder blackouts bore every single person without electricity/electronics. My golly, I admit, I don't even think I could survive without the internet or to be specific, I can't live without GADGETS. Duh, it's the 21st century! Who do you think would survive without gadgets.. Old people?? Whatever!

We were all whining slash ranting about the rain. I was actually being retarted and add the fact that I was going crazy because of the storm. I was singing all by myself which was definitely odd. My brother even asked me, "Are you okay?", "NO! There's no internet! Huwaa.". Yes, insanity. I actually played the piano last night. I was trying to be widow [if you know what I mean], I tried playing "Rain Rain Go Away". Guess what! I know the sound of the song now. Perhaps it's a product of boredom after all. Psh! Hate boredom.

As a matter of fact, agitation has come upon me because of pessimism. There were many thoughts that were floating in my head. Some questions bother me. What if it Emong's stronger than Cosme? What if..? Many what if's and others, that's why there's a tendency where I whine all the time and I rant - "Pleeease. Sana mawala na.". Anyway, when me and my brother were doing nothing [absolutely nothing], he reminisces about the times when there were blackouts in Manila, and our cousins and him go to Papa Sel's jeepney and they tell scary stories. Then, he says he will tell me a scary story. A BIG NO! I disagreed. When our helper went to the kitchen, she and my brother talked about stuffs like, white lady, a headless person & other stuff like that. Unexpectedly, our neighbor entered the kitchen with a flashlight and we were like, SCREAMING. Hahaha. He was a bit confused himself. LOL! Geez, I was shocked. Eventually, my brother decided to stop talking about those things.

Thankfully, at perhaps 9 o'clock in the evening, the storm finally left. At last! Phew. It wasn't that strong anymore and there were a little drizzles which pass every now and then. My brother got annoyed by the mosquitoes so he went inside his room. I was alone in the kitchen, listening to the iPod. It was time to go upstairs, too. When I was about to go up, I was a bit afraid because I remembered what our helper & my brother were saying. Our helper mentioned that she once went to my room and felt something. What's up with her? *gasps* There were no lights on up the staircase since the electricity's out, the door of my room was half open. I was really scared and I hurried inside my mom's room. I lyed on the bed I tried to sleep. I can't sleep somehow so I played Sudoku in my phone for a while until I felt like sleeping.

So long, Emong. DO NOT come back. *waves*

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Posted on Friday, May 8, 2009 at 10:57 AM.
The Battle of the East & West: Two rounds, 1 knockout
Source: Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Blogspot

Victory was given to our very beloved country, Philippines. All thanks to Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao for winning The Battle of the East and West. Less than 3 minutes, Pacquiao managed to finish the fight between Ricky Hatton and himself. Out of 12 rounds of boxing, only 2 brutal rounds ocurred during the battle and of course, every Filipino felt awesome about how Manny Pacquiao won the boxing fight.

Despite Ricky Hatton's arrogance (no offense!), Manny still gave sportsmanship with Hatton as a sign of respect. It's only Pacman's job, nothing personal. As a Filipino, I'm absolutely happy for Pacquiao, same as with his family and for everybody who supports him. Although, I do feel sorry for Ricky because of that terrible knockout that Manny gave him. Pacquaio punched Hatton's jaw and knowing that hitting your jaw must have really really hurt. Yes, it's that bad. And it's that fast how Manny attacks his opponents.

I'm sure everyone got startled of what happened. It was so fast, it happened very quick. Perhaps Hatton thought he would be crowned as the best boxer on the planet, but his dreamy thoughts turned into a complete and utter disaster. I don't only think that Manny would win, I know that Manny Pacman could win. He's not only into sports, but he's a religous boxer. Before every fight, he does not forget about God and he prays before the said fight and I'm very proud of what he often does. All of Pacquiao's triumphs are not only made by himself, but it was also made by God. Every fight of Pacquiao is in God's hands and I believe that Pacquiao is always blessed because of his kindness. Even the strongest boxer in the universe can't beat that.

Anyway, people might say, "Aww! My ticket is wasted. The event finished early. Earlier than early. My money got wasted! Err.", well, newsflash: it just proves that Manny is the best. He could finish a fight in just 2 rounds! Well, I've seen it with my own two eyes. 3 knockouts, correct me if I'm wrong. And I do think that Hatton made a wise decision because if they continued the fight then Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton would just be punched down into pieces. I just hope that Ricky would be okay and no fights would occur between him and Manny. However, if he wants a rematch then I bet Manny won't think twice about refusing!

Congratulations, Manny! We love you!! Go Philippines!

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Posted on Sunday, May 3, 2009 at 9:08 PM.
AHA! I'll die on your birthday.
Hi again! I'm going to post another blog with lots of results from quizzes that I answered yesterday. Actually, I was supposed to post this blog yesterday. But yeah, there wasn't enough time to publish another post so I left it all behind; to be continued tomorrow (which is now).

(1) Colors.

A sucky result, you might say. But hey! I was clueless that time and I just typed all the colors I knew so far. When time ran out, I realized that I forgot a lot of colors. A thousand! Or more than 1000. I don't know, there were so many colors. Colors that I've never heard before and colors that I've just forgotten. Oh well. The colors that I wouldn't forget are simple anyhow. ROYGBIV! [red. orange. yellow. green. blue. indigo. violet]. :D

(2) Disney.


Impressive, really impressive.. OK! I was being sarcastic. I know I'm a child at heart. By that, I mean Disney kid at heart. Well, the questions were hard. Pretty much everything. I only answered the basics. I don't know much about Lion King since it was a looong time ago since I last watched that movie. And the names of the characters there were really confusing. Oh, Aladdin? I was given difficulties as well because of the names. I don't know where they came from but they are really weird names. I'm guessing they're Indian names. Those kind of names are usually from India, I think.

(3) Internet.

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

ZOMG! I know I'm a computer freak and an internet addict. But guess what! I failed in this internet test filled with questions that were absolutely mind-blowing. Why? I don't even know who invented the first e-mail and other questions that don't ring any bells. Except for those questions which involved acronyms such as FTP and HTTP. Besides, those answers (of acronyms) I put were correct because they were written inside my Tekkids book (our book in computer). Eventually, I knew the answer. I was actually thinking that I won't fail at all because I'm addicted to the internet in the first place. It's like a drug! ♥

(4) My body is worth..

Wow. I'm quite expensive for a stupid lazyass b!tch after all. LMAO! Well, I don't know how they managed to know how your body is worth but I guess you could afford it if you are wealthy. HAHAHA. So go on, just tell me if you want to get me sold! $-)

(5) Countries.

32 countries? ONLY?! I missed a lot. A lot of countries. During that time, I was thinking of nations. LOL. Yeah, nations. Such as Hawaii, California and others. HAHAHA. Stupidity huh? My apologies then! :P

(6) The Death Report.

151,855 People
This was utterly FREAKY. But I still tried it. HAHA! Just to know a few facts now and then. Just try it, you'll never know how many people died the day you were born, right? Creepy. :-S

(7) 8th grade Science.

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

I failed. I know I suck in Science. But I'm still glad that I answered a few questions correctly. YAY! Hahaha. Shallow happiness, whatever! Anyways, the questions were for 8th graders and I only finished 6th grade because the fact is, there is no 8th grade here in the Philippines. Clear? LOL! I'll turn 1st year high school next year and I might take the test again. Let's see what happens, a lot of unpredictable things may occur. :-?

(8) Fight.

I still can't understand why I took this test. Maybe to test my.. Fighting circumstances? HAHA! NON SENSE! Question: Number of five year olds that I could take in a fight (with someone else) or five year olds that I could fight with? Tricky. No idea. Although, 12 is a good number! \:D/


Another post, another entry. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! And by the way, if you take these tests and decide to put them in your blogs, do NOT forget to CREDIT me. Hee. Thanks! Remind me to view your blog, mkay? =)

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Posted on at 3:11 PM.
How bored am I?
Hey there. How's it going, gorgeous? :DD

Well, I've been bored lately and I dropped by some stranger's site (in Blogger, of course) and I had a glimpse in one of her blogs and I have seen some widgets or whatever you call them. As always, I got interested and I clicked the link. Obviously, I did try quizzes and such. And since I got so into it, I tried almost all of them. LOL.

First, I tried quizzes or tests about my BLOG. Which is obviously this blog, not my other blog. :)) Here are the specified results that I've gotten. --

1. How addicted to blogging are you?

72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?Yep, I'm 72% addicted to blogging and I'm not ashamed of it. Actually, I'm proud of it. Well, most people don't have blogs so I consider myself as unique. Sure, laugh all you want! I'm not being cheesy after all. Hahahah. Blogging is just a hobby of mine, nothing personal. But I must confess, I love my blog.

2. What is your blog rated?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Well yeah, I thought I would get a PG-13 rating or prabably R-18! Just kidding. Hahaha. Maybe PG-13 was the only one in my head. But it was wrong, not as correct as what I've thought. LOL. But I guess General Audiences would be fine. Maybe kids would even read my blog. Hi guys!

3. The Blogger Spelling Test

Got 93% in a spelling test and still wondering what went wrong. I mean, I knew all the answers. Ha! Not literally, I mean.. All the answers were easy peasy. I was hoping to get 100%! LOL yes, I'm a feeler. But hey, it was utter easiness! No difficulties were given to me AT ALL. Maybe I got a wrong answer because of the "alot" question. At first, my mind was like, "the answer is (a lot)!". But then, I answered "a lot". Awkward. I guess it's the incorrect answer. Hmm.

4. Cuss

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

Whoa, I got a "Low" cuss level. Hahaha! Perhaps in blogs only. But in school, I wouldn't have second thoughts about getting a High level. :))

5. What is your blog wanted for?


Great. My blog is wanted for.. Say what?
I don't even comprehend what this thingamajig
is telling me. HAHAHA! ROFLMAO. =))

I'm done with all this widgets, tests or quizzes. I've got a lot of codes still waiting for them to be pasted but perhaps I should just make a new post for another entry filled with tests and thingamajigs. :P

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Posted on Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 1:37 PM.