An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
Goodbye, elementary. Hello, highschool!
I was once a pre-school student in MGP (Mother Goose Playskool). I learned how to write, read and do Mathematics. I graduated preparatory school 6 years ago. And I've struggled through those many obstacles I've experienced through the years. But then again, I managed to unravel them. Pre-school was our first step to success. However, elementary made us all realize how important every single day is, that we should no longer put aside things we can do right away. Yes, 6 years have flourished in all of our lives. We were taught almost everything. From ABC's to algebraic expressions, from the words "cat" and "dog" to enunciating difficult words.

Questions are perturbing in my mind. All those years that we've been through, every question pops into my head. Was it last year when I was a clueless and innocent child? Was it last year when I celebrated my 8th birthday in our classroom? Was it last year when Corinne and I offered flowers during our First Communion? Was it last year when I lost my friend 'cause she had to go to USA? Was it last year when I celebrated my 11th birthday at the mall? Was it last month when I became a 6th grader? Was it last month when our final exams ended? Was it last week when we started having graduation rehearsals? Was it 3 days ago when I just graduated from elementary? Yes, on the 27th of March, all 85 of us graduated from our Alma mater.

It is really dismaying that we are all down to separation. We've been through a lot, from the worst days to the best days. We were all young when we met each other. Still childish. From those happy smiles to silly laughs. After all those times we've spent together, our elementary life has come to an end. Nonetheless, it is not the end for all of us. Instead, it is a new beginning. A new chapter of our lives. We are now ready to face the next challenge that will soon occur. We must prepare for that day where we encounter new tasks.

In my 9 years stay at Mother Goose Special School System Incorporated, I've learned many things... That's a fact! And also, I learned a lot of life lessons.

A) Never give up. When I was a kid, I always tend to quit. I was certainly a quitter. But then, I realized that if I give my best in everything, I will succeed. And I did realize that giving up is the last thing every person should do. Because of those thoughts, I became persistent.

B) Always be happy. I was a cheerful child ever since. I love smiling! I'm a friendly person as well. But as life goes on, I feel as though, I have no reason to smile anymore. I ask myself sullenly, "Why should I even smile? The world is experiencing a global crisis!". On the other hand, I was able to recall all the memories when I was still little. I remembered how glorious every single day was. Since then, I told myself that I'd smile even if the world is at its end. I'll be happy no matter what! UPBEAT FOREVER. :)

C) Have faith in God. People usually have regrets and mistakes. Nobody could stop them from getting those. The fact is, everyone is imperfect. If you are wrong, try to accept that. Despite the fact that you exert effort in correcting that mistake of yours, you are still wrong. The bottom line is, no matter how awful your day is, or no matter how terrible it gets... Have faith in God. He gives you all the strength you need in every routine you do every single day. That's why we are supposed to worship Him and let us all thank Him for all the blessings He has given us.

There are countless people to thank. Teachers, advisers and simply friends who we met in school. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I also thank my parents, not only for giving me a wonderful life, but also for loving me all the time. I'll miss all of my schoolmates and other friends, too. They made me smile whenever they wave at me. And even a simple "hello" could make me smile. Thanks for everything, schoolmates! My teachers have been all great mentors. They honed all of our talents. And I couldn't show enough appreciation for all the things they have done to us. Once again, I express my gratitude to all teachers! For giving us superb education. Especially to our principal, Ms. Julia M. Palaroan for making us all grow into magnificent learners.

Lastly, to my dear batchmates, you don't know how blissful I am to be your classmate, partner-in-crime, laughing machine and most importantly, your full time friend. Don't worry, friends. All the memories are kept and treasured in my heart. I will never forget anything, not even a single minute we've spent! I would certainly miss all of you. Although, I promise that I would always cherish those precious moments. No matter what happens, we will always remain as friends. As we go on, we remember all the times we had together. And as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever. We were little children before, so naive, so inquisitive and as time goes by, we've undergone adolescence. But now, we have graduated from our beloved school, MGSSSI. And I remind you once again, this is not the end yet... This is just the beginning.

CONGRATULATIONS, BATCH 2008-2009! I love you guys so much! :)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Posted on Monday, March 30, 2009 at 9:40 AM.
-- most important event in every student's lives. today will be the best day of our elementary lives. our journey is composed of a thousand miles and we have just finished our first step at the moment. ELEMENTARY, wherein we were given a chance to hoan our talents and our minds. mgp, where we learned our ABC's to algebraic expressions. it really seems amazing that we, children, are about to leave our alma mater. despite the hardship, all of us have maintained our optimism and we were able to express all our emotions. this school taught us almost everything. and i, as a student of mother goose special school system incorporated, want to express my gratitude to all the teachers who made us great children of this challenging world. :]

there aren't enough words to express all of our feelings. of all 85 students, we know that we CAN make a difference. because of this school, i became persistent. not only me, but everyone in batch 2008-2009. we have been through all the difficulties. from those silly fights to those confrontations. every moment has been treasured memories for us to cherish. and i am definitely certain that we will never ever forget all those times that we spent together.

i know this blog is too short, because i just made this as an epitome of my elementary life. but don't worry, i have them kept in my mind and heart. and i will continue this post after my graduation. batch 2008-2009, happy graduation! i will miss all of you. never give up, never lose hope and always have faith in God! i love you all. >:D<


Posted on Friday, March 27, 2009 at 8:18 AM.
It ended with "I hate this part"..
I don't know what to write, I have no idea what to mention. But what I do know is... I want to blog. The fact is, I'm currently clueless. What should I blog about? School? Personal life? Love? Whatever. I'll just make a plain, random and ordinary blog. (:

I'm listening to "4 minutes" by Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake in Tiffany's iTouch at the moment. Whoops! The song already ended. Now, the song changed from 4 minutes to "Thanks For The Memories" by Fall Out Boy. Love that song! Reminds me of all the memories I've encountered with all of my friends, schoolmates and other people who became a part of my life.

The past few days were really strenuous, wearing and arduous days. Nonetheless, we have fun while having our graduation practices. We laugh at some students [hah, meanie!], fool with our teachers and get along with all of our friends. Now that's what I call - genuine happiness. :)

My mom's being hypertensive this weekend and man, I can't take it anymore! Our helper had her day-off and she isn't back yet. My mom's always being so hot-headed and high-tempered these days. I have no idea why she's being like that, but I guess it's because of my laziness.. But I've been sluggish ever since... So why does she still scold me like that? AARGHH. It's so exasperating. :|

I just hope that this week won't be a mess. I hope nothing inappropriate would happen. I'll save all my energy, strength and voice for our graduation. By the way, our graduation would be held @ Stadia on the 27th of March. I still don't know what time it will be held, maybe I'll just ask my teacher tomorrow. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you some news... I got an award! The "Computer Wizard of the Year" and loyalty award. Yay! :D

I'm not allowed to use the computer, however, I'm still in front of my desk. Yes, I know. What a trouble maker I am. Psh, you can blame it on me anyway. Because I'm a certified computer freak. What's new in that? :)) Since I tend to have headaches because of this reason why my mom forbids me to use the computer; they've painted the ceiling that's why it smells awful here. I just listen to music in either Ella's iPod (which she let me borrow or more likely "gave" it to me) or Tiffany's iTouch which she let me put latest songs in. Hahaha. How lucky, eh? But still, I hate being controlled or somewhat ordered. Oh well. *sighs* -___-

This post is getting longer and longer. I don't want to make y'all bored by reading this hit and miss blog. So long, suckers! :P

[peace, i'm out] -cz(:

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Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 2:07 PM.
Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.
I just want to say a few things.
Stuffs that usually pop into my mind every now and then.
I really wonder why I think of these. It's just so mysterious. (?)

Do dreams mean anything? I've been dreaming about him a couple of times and those dreams really confuse me. Actually, I got lost in reverie just because of these awkward dreams of mine. And I suddenly ask myself this question-- Why do I always dream of that person? Of all other persons who I could dream of, why him?

If anyone is thinking who that person is... Well, let's just say that HE became a part of my life. He made me smile when I became lonely. He always befriended me when I was alone. But I also know, that he made me realize how complicated it is to be heartbroken by someone you truly love.

Back to the story... I always dream of him. I dreamed of him for two nights. I was having second thoughts for my other dream about him. 'Twas really mysterious. I thought it had a meaning. Pshaw, how I wish. You know what they say, "If you could dream, dream BIG". Okay, now we're talking REALITY. Facing reality is really a tough thing. Never thought that dreams are completely different from reality. Nevertheless, reality hurts. The fact is, most people want their dreams to come true. They try almost everything just to have their wish granted. At the same time, everyone knows that dreams do not exist. In Disney, they have this quote saying, "Dreams come true". I believed in that. But I also believe that it is disagreeable.

What I'm trying to say is, we should all dream with freedom. Don't let anybody interrupt your dreams especially when you tend to be blissful that you have visualized that dream. But if you also think that what you have dreamed is impossible and impractical, then, in my opinion, you should just keep that dream to yourself. Don't squander your time in taking chances. I'm not asking you to give up, but I'm asking you to use your common sense. That's the bottom line. However, I still wonder why people have a tendency to dream of different people especially when that person you have dreamed of, gave a somewhat meaning to your life. Sigh. Enough of these ludicrous visions. I should probably stop thinking of my dreams.

Perhaps dreams are only a figment of our imagination or maybe they really are true.

The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.


Posted on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 6:57 PM.
Final exams in 6th grade
Hi you! It's been a long time. :P

Well, our third trimester exams were done. It was finished last week and we had 4 days of examination. Here's the schedule:

TUESDAY: Reading && Science
WEDNESDAY: Language && Math
THURSDAY: Filipino && Hekasi
FRIDAY: Music && Geometry
Ok, I will now describe each subject whether it is difficult or easy. :))

Reading -- It was okay, but I don't think I was given a high score. LOL!
Science -- Yes, I admit.. It was not that hard, but as expected, I'll get mistakes. (:
Language -- Um, it was confusing. I'll probably get a lot of mistakes. >:|
Math -- HARD! The 2nd trimester exam in Mathematics is easier. This one was hard. Especially the test wherein you have to answer Polynomials. Tss.
Filipino -- Alright, there were many essays. Luckily, I didn't have any blanks. Hahaha. I'll just be positive and I'll just think that I'll get a score that would make me satisfied. :DD
Hekasi -- The exam was fine. I was able to answer and I have 0 blanks. I already know my score. Hahaha! I got 78 out of 85. I guess that's fine, I'm already contented (7 mistakes are cool). :))
Music -- Since I didn't concentrate in reviewing before that day, I was obviously clueless while taking the test. But I did answer some questions && it became difficult because I didn't memorize the information about the musicians/composers. I got 17 over 20. 3 mistakes, hah.
Geometry -- Like Math, the examination was intricate. Full of equations and such. 1 test was painless. But then again, the rest were f-ckin knotty. Whaa! Pray for me, I want to get an agreeable score.

Aight, I'm done with my descriptions. I guess this is goodbye for now. Hahaha. I'm really glad that all our hardwork is done. Now that our exams are over, we are all stress-free. Nothing could make us busy anymore, we have freedom. Enough of those silly homework, annoying books and boring discussions; let's all have fun, babyy! :D

What we do are graduation rehearsals only. I'm already finished with my EPP project so it's final, I have nothing more to do! Whoo. Let's partayy. :))

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Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 7:59 PM.
Survey, survey! :P
01. What is one thing you would love to happen tomorrow? If we'd go to the mall. :)

02. What color ink do you write with? Black.

03. Do you prefer History or Geography? History.

04. Who was your first crush? Bernald Aquino. Gahd. :))

05. Analog or Digital clocks? Any. Both. :P

06. What would your dream car look like? SPORTS CAR, babyy! FERRARI.

07. Do you shop at Hot Topic? Nah.

08. Have you ever seen Phantom of the Opera, if so good or not? Not yet. But I want to. :P

09. What color are your bathroom walls? White.

10. What is the largest amount of money, you have ever had? Idk. I save 'em. :))

11. Is your phone a flip, slide or a chocolate bar? Chocolate bar! Yummy. :D

12. Do you say "Film" or "Movie"? Movie. :)

13. Halloween or Easter? Halloween. :>

14. Longer school hours, or more homework? Longer school hours. Nyahaha.

15. Do you like My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade song? Yeah, sure.

16. Does Mikey Way look better with or without glasses? I don't care.

17. Do you fancy someone right now? No.

18. Do you like Special K breakfast cereal? Nope. Haha.

19. Have you read any Darren Shan, and did you like them? I haven't read any.

20. Morning or Night? Night! :P

21. What do you think when you read the word "chain"? Messages that you need to pass. :))

22. Do you know anyone called Julie? HAHAHA! Our principal, duh.

23. How many times have you left your house today? Once.

24. Have you ever been in a "Mosh Pit?" Ionno.

25. How many ties do you own? None, so far.

26. Boomerangs or Frisbees? Boomerangs! :D

27. Have you ever been to Russia? Not yet.

28. Have you lost all your teeth? No! :))

29. How old where you when you lost your first one? I forgot.

30. Do you like the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte? Hmm. I haven't read it but I want to.

31. Do you wish you could breath underwater? Yup! :D

32. Have you ever had a rabbit? I never had a pet in my whole life.

33. Do you bite your fingernails? Before. LOL!

34. Do you like Mexican food? Yeah.

35. Do your family have a really embarrassing nickname for you, if so what? Hm. None.

36. Do you text on a calculator? Uhh, nope.

37. Do you have the Muse Black Holes & Revelations CD? No.

38. Do you like Manga? Yes.

39. What do you think of China's one child policy? It's quite annoying. :|

40. Are you paranoid? Most deff! :D


Posted on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 10:01 PM.