An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
Incoming grade six. :)
I am now incoming grade six. Yeah. I'm going to miss my grade six friends who are graduating tomorrow. I would definitely miss them all. [well my friends only :p]

Congratulations, Grade 6 : Batch '07-'08.
Good Luck tomorrow, I know you can do it.

Thanks for helping me in some stuff. I most definitely appreciated those stuff. Good luck in HighSchool Life. I wish all of you the best. Mwaaa. :) Wish me luck too, okay? :D :D Hope you won't forget me. I'll treasure all of our friendship. :] Thanks for all. :) Heehee. :P See 'ya. :) I hope I would be a good grade six pupil. Thanks. :D And Take Care*


Posted on Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 9:23 PM.
I'm angry at myself x[
Yes, I am angry at myself. Grrrrr. Arghhh. I wish I can correct myself as easy as eating cake or ice cream. :| I know I've been a copycat all the time. And I kept on judging all the time. But I apologize. I am so sorry. And I promise I won't do this again. I know we've fought before. And now, it happened again. I hope this won't happen anymore. I know I always say this when we fight but I have nothing to say. I really can't do anything. That's what who I am. That's how I was born. I was born to be a dreamer. I even dreamt of being like YOU and HER. I guess I was to jealous of you two getting all the attention and all. And I also wanted to be noticed. I am completely sorry for what I have done. And I'm saying that i'm not stalking or something. I just got that name in the internet. The Rockstar Name Generator. Yeah, I am totally mad at myself. I wanna kill myself. If you want to. Jealousy is a sin. :| :| :| And I am so sorry for committing a sin. Won't do it again. Please forgive me and Thanks in Advance. Keep Safe. -- Clare.


Posted on at 9:17 PM.
Thinking negatively.
It's weird that for an Eleven-y.o.-Girl to take her simple problems seriously. Well, I am an optimistic person. I even help negative thinkers to think positively. But then, I have this silly question for you, But why can't I help myself? I guess it's so easy to encourage people, that you cannot even encourage your own self. Well, I think I could advice myself right? Well I think what I should do is, always think positively. And always pray to God. If I have done something wrong, then maybe I should correct that mistake. Or if i have nothing to do with it, then just don't do it again. Doing something wrong is something that everybody experience. Well it's just plain normal. It's not our fault. And it's true because nobody's perfect. We should always put that in our head. And let's not always be sensitive. Let us not be mad at people for he/she has done something wrong. But, don't judge them. Because you really don't know if what you are saying is right or wrong. The only person who knows everything is God. I'm not saying this to my enemies or something. I'm telling this to everybody. Just wanted to share. Just to make me feel better. I know I've done many mistakes, But I promise that I won't do that anymore and I am sorry for doing it. It was just a coincidence. I didn't know that. I didn't know this. I apologize, Please forgive me. Well, I truly understand if you don't accept my apology. If I were you, I would do the same thing. But somehow I really know how to forgive and forget. And I'm not saying that you should forgive me or something. I'm just saying what I am feeling right now. So I hope you won't think anything bad about this. Well, I just want you to have a great life and always keep safe. And I will forever treasure our friendship, somehow.. we always fight and all. I just want you to don't feel any anger for me. Because I don't want to hear things from people that are angry because of me. I apologize and Thank You. Take care now and God Bless.

-- Thank You for Listening. And I hope you would understand. Hugs, Clare.
Posted on at 9:02 PM.
Copycat ako.
Sorry dun sa mga kinopya ko. Okay lang po kung i-hahate niyo ako. Naiintindihan ko naman po. Ganun rin naman yung nararamdaman ko pag may nangopya saakin. At sana po mapatawad niyo po ako. Pero, naiintindihan ko naman po kahit hindi niyo ako patawarin. Pero sana po kung kakalimutan niyo ako, may tanong ako.. Pwede po bang hindi ko kayo kalimutan? :| Wala lang po. Para may remembrance. Hehe. Pero ayun. Hindi na po ako mangongopya ulit. And hindi na ako magnenet palagi para makaiwas sa mga away. sige, bbye.


Posted on at 5:08 PM.
my mom just got home.
she told me nag-tricycle daw siya. and it seems na she's mad. totally. i was holding her phone. i was gonna say im texting tita Edith. BUt i was speechless. and she grabbed her phone from my hand. :| :| :| Geez, i hate myself. ;[ ;[ errrrr. :| Booohooooo.


Posted on Friday, March 28, 2008 at 9:07 PM.
totally bored.
I pity myself. haha. Why? Because every time i eat lunch, I'm always alone. So, I always call my yayas to join me eat lunch. Haha. And Now, obviously im totally bored. Im currently chatting with my crush right now and my mother[jean]. Haha. It's weird that i always say that word. haha. Hmm, I wonder. My mom's not yet home. Weird, It's already Nine PM. Maybe she's nagtatampo[sorry forgot the english term.] because of us. Because she's highblood because of us -______- :| :| Hayyyy. And my brother went somewhere[again. as usual] Oh, I am now chatting with my Bes--Ella. I am totally bored. and i guess im too lazy to type here now, nothing much happened this day. just lil pieces of crap. haha. kidd. :P im about to watch pbb. so gtg. :D


Posted on at 8:53 PM.
Today's Thursday. An ordinary day! So yeah, it's just another simple and boring day. 3 hours ago, I felt so sad. It's because I think I miss my school, my friends and mostly all of them. And my mom just called me. And she asked me to look for a folder. Then, I hurried up in our room.. I found a folder, but there's two bond papers in it. I checked it out. And t'was my kinda "diary" haha. But only two days -- July 6 '06 - July 7 '06. Haha. I didn't know I was good in writing paragraphs/stories that time. I think I was grade four that time. I guess I wrote good words that time because we had school. I can tell you all about we did in school. Somethin' like that! :) I bet if we'll have school, I can write good words again. I can tell you all about what happened everyday. Haha! It depends though. If I'm going to be online.

I've decided to concentrate on my studies next school year '08-'09. Yepyep. You got that right! I wanna take the PhilSci Exam. But I'm not going to have a Phil-Sci Review. I'm kinda scared. But my friends say that even though I'm not in the Director's List, doesn't mean I can't pass the exam. Because they say that there are some DListers that didn't pass the exam. And another reason for studying hard next school year is, I wanna be in the Director's List! Haha. Yeah. It's all worth it. Because this school year, I've been so lazy and all. So I guess I should do my best this time. I promise! :D

But I really can't resist on not reviewing. Too lazy! But I think I can do it. Right? What do you think? haha. But, being online is so addictive. You can't resist not to be online. Like now, I should be watching Naruto. But then, I decided to write a blog right now. I miss school so much! I want to go to school tomorrow. But I'm scared that my mom won't allow me. And maybe I won't get up that early. :)) Well I have to say it's not that early. Actually, 10 or 11 AM but, that's early for me. haha. Because I usually wake up in the morning -- 9 or 10 AM. Haha. Yepp. I should do that usually. Because, duh, It's summer dude! We all should do that. haha. But when I wake up, my mom scolds me. Because she said "CLARISSE, WAKE UP!! You slept early last night and you'll wake up late?! You'll have too much sleep!!"

Haha. Then I wake up. Get up and go downstairs to eat breakfast. Well, people usually do that right? Well if you ask me.. I wake up, and lie on the couch. Then, when I feel bored and not sleepy anymore, I use the computer! :)) Yeah. I don't eat breakfast first not like other people. I use the computer first. And then, when I get hungry.. I eat breakfast. lol. Haha. Simple as that. Ok, I really don't wanna bore you in reading this stuff. haha. Even I am to lazy to read what I am writing right now. I just right, and click. Haha. So, Thanks for reading! Even if you don't finish readin' all this up. I appreciate it anyways. ;)


Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 4:40 PM.
Weird eh? hha!
Ang weird. Bakit? Napapansin ko lang, MATAGAL na ako hindi nagsusulat sa diary ko. Well, nag-sulat nga ako nung Saturday. Natapos ako magsulat ng Sunday. haha. [11:30-12AM] Eh, before ako mag-sulat nun. Matagal na ako hindi nagsulat. Hmm? Ba't kaya? Tamad siguro. haha :P well, wala lang. I just wanted to share it to everyone! After ko gumawa ng blog neto, manonood na ako ng Naruto. :D Eh kasi naman, wala naman akong gagawin. Multiply nanaman. F-ster nanaman. Kakasawa na rin ano! haha. Tapos, mga tao dito. tao diyan. Buuusyy! haha. Yung iba naman eh, brb. Odi makijoin na lang! haha. If you can't beat 'em.. Join 'em! haha. :P Nyeks naman. May pa-"quotequote" pa eh. Hahah! One thing: i miss my friends! :D Eh sino naman hindi mamimiss ang kanyang mga kaibigan? Ewan ko lang ano. haha. 'Yung iba siguro. Hha! 'Di ako makapaniwala na magiging Grade VI na ako. Huwaaaa. Not prepared pero, Okay lang. Hha! *Lagi pala nasa isip ko 'yung crush ko. Hha! And you don't need to know who he is. Nyahahah. Well well well, haha. Alam niyo ba? Minsan gusto ko mag-glasses! As in yung mga sa nerrdss. haha. Kiddin'. Hindi naman lahat ng nerds may glasses. 'Yung best friend kong si Betina, Hindi naman nerd yun ah! Haha. Neverrr. Ganda kaya nun. :[ Hayy, I miss her tuloyy. Nag-aaral na kasi sya sa Manila ee. Err, gusto ko na po manood ng Naruto e. haha. Kaya, next time nalang po uleee! Bbyee Blogee. :P


Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 3:02 PM.
sa St. John kanina. :PP
Guess whaaaat?! I hugged herrr!
Pero saglit lang, kasi she has to go. Errrr.
Pero at least, I saw her. I hugged her!
WEEEEEE! I'm happy as can beee. :P Well, yun lang.
hahaha. :P Thats all folks. :D

-- Betina is my best friend. She is now currently studying at Manila. So, I saw her since two years ago. :| SO SAAAAAD. :[ Errrrrrrr. I miss her soo muuuch. And I love her. :]
Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 8:57 PM.
i forgot to tell ya ;p
haha. the blog "darn, i need it." -- haha. I HAVE IT. But it's not 5200. It's Nokia 3110.
Mines' color pink. But I want my brother's. haha. We have the same unit, But his is black. Oh well, Ok. This is nothing. LOL. I just wanted you to know. :P Uhh, comment here if you wanna know my numbah. :D
Posted on at 3:19 PM.
Here Comes the Sun.
I like this song. I heard it from Bee Movie. When I was in front of the computer, I searched it at once. :D I'm listening it to now. So I want to share it to you guys. :P This is actually by The Beatles, But I like the Sheryl Crow version. I can't find the Sheryl Crow version. So just listen to this one:

Thanks. Hope you like it. :]


Posted on at 2:09 PM.
i'm happy. :)
..I can't tell why.

I'm happy. Because of my friends.
Because of my non-biological family and biological family.
-- You all make me happy. So much. Everyday. :)
I know a lot of bad stuff happens. We don't know when, how, or why.
But, We all need to be happy once in a while.
Some people out there, they wanna be happy for a lifetime
..That includes me. :D
Of course, i wanna be happy.
Who doesn't wanna be? I don't wanna cry. I WANNA LAUGH.
I don't wanna frown, I wanna smile.

-- but i still try just for you. :P
-- But i'll do it just for you. :)

And i want YOU to be happy.
If you ask me, i'm happy all because of you. :))

Being happy is not that hard. I know it's hard to move on. Or it's hard not to think of the bad stuffs that will happen or happened. But if you always look at the bright side, You will realize that, you should always think positively. So, you won't be sad or hopeless. Because if you continue thinking negatively, you would look desperate or hopeless. And I don't want that to happen. Would you? :)) Ok, the bottom line is..

i want YOU to be HAPPY for a LIFETIME. DEAL? :)


Posted on at 1:41 PM.
Breaking News: Nikki Chua -- Graduation on Wed.
haha. Para sayo 'tong blog na to, ateee! :P
First of all, uhh. Basahin mo 'to haaa! :D

Dear Nikki Chua,
Hmr. Good Luck sa College ha! Don't ever forget your baby sister -- Clarisse. Hahaha. Well, Alam ko na mahirap ang college. Kahit hindi pa ako college, parang alam ko na. [hahaha] So, alam ko na kaya mo yan! :P Sister kita eh. Diba? :] Sisters foreverrr! Walang iwanan. At pag nakita kita, parang may mag-aattack sayo na Monster. Kasi i-huhug kita agad. Siyempre. :D At tandaan mo, love na love na love kitaaa. Haha. Na-encourage mo kaya ako na mag-think positively. :] Siyempre, para saakin. Big thing na yun. haha. Good Luck sa college. Don't worry. Ipagppray kita, sister. :D Always Take Care sa Manila. tapos, wish me luck sa pagiging Grade Six koo. :) Maraming salamat sa lahat ng good stuffs na ginawa mo kay Clarisse. Super happy siyaaaaaa. Pero yun nga lang, she can't smile without you. haha. [ MADRAMA ] Hahah. :)) Pero, wala naman akong magagawa eh. Kailangan mo dun mag-aral. And I'm proud of you sisss. :D Haha. Alam kong mairap ang College. Pero, alam ko naman na kaya mo 'yan. :P Maghihintay na lang ako ng araw kung kailan tayo magkikita. Haha. Salamat talaga sa lahat. And, ILOVEYOUSOMUCHTODEATHTIMESINFINITY. xoxo. lotsoflove. alwaysbehappy. take care, 'cause i care. :P MWAAAAA*




Posted on at 11:06 AM.
step 1: waiting.
If you have a friend who is leaving. And you have nothing to do? Well, then just leave your friend alone. That's his/her choice. And all you gotta do is. WAIT. I know, its hard being patient. I, myself am impatient. But, I have nothing to do. Thats what i should do. So, Boohoo. CRY. If you want to. LAUGH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. so you could forget the pain. Look for someone else. lol. Well, not that I'm saying to forget your friend. NO. That's a big big NO NO. What I mean is, You should look for another friend. So, if ever your other friend comes back, you can all be friends forever. But I really know it hurts. I can feel it right now. Pero, think positively. Maybe, your friend would not really go. lol. :)) If he/she ever really goes to that Country. Then, just pray for him/her always. And wish him/her a happy life there. And, Think positive. Wish for him/her to come back soon. :D Then, you can hugg him/her soooo tight. :)) Or you can chat / call / text message the dude up. :) *SiGH*. HAHA. It is hard to think positively. Although you're optimistic. Sometimes, you really can't stop thinking negatively. So. That's all I can say. :P HAHA.

Note: Wala Langs 'tong blog na 'to. If you want to comment on this, then I give you the permission. :)) :P
Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 6:10 PM.







Posted on Friday, March 21, 2008 at 6:44 PM.
some of my bestfriends. :p
haha. my bestfriends are, well this are some of my bestfriends..

KENNETH SAMSON - my bestest friend. lol
Hensen - my second best friend
Sherwin - my third best friend.

And all of the members of the band ELPGR. or El Punchanos Guitar Rockers.

they rock my socks dude :P


Posted on Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 9:47 PM.
Pissed off.
im totally pissed off.


It's because of this person. He's sooo feeling close. And he's a poser too. He thinks he's cool. Which is NOT. haha. Why feeling close? Because, he thinks that he and my friend are closer than me. FYI, I'm the first one who knew my friend than him. Numbah two, he's a poser. Cos, when I or my friend likes this band, he would like it too. Three, he thinks he's cool and stuff. He brags and brags and brags. tsk tsk tsk. he's always bragging. he thinks that everyone likes him. and he's sooo trying hard. It's really really hard to explain. but i know you get what im saying right? I'm just really really pissed off by him. That's all.

-- Clarissez.©


Posted on at 9:23 PM.
it's summmer.
it's summer.

But do you feel the summer feeling? Well, I don't. When I still have school.. I said "I wish it's summerrr." But then, I realize. I wish I didnt wish for that. :| I hate itt. It's more fun there at school. It's too boring here at home. You're all alone. But, when you're at school.. a lot of your friends are there. You could always have fun there at school. Even though there are some stuff there that are boring. But then again, after those boring stuff. You could have fun with your friends. :( and.. i damn miss all of my friends. includes; ella, pauline, tiffany, dana, ate JEAN, kuya chris, kuya julien and a lot more. :( Lalo na si ate jean, she's leaving naa. She's going to states. And she's not coming back. Well, she's not yet sure. Pero, still sad. :( And my grade six friends --they're going to be highschool na. We can't talk to each other that much anymore. Errrr. How miserable is my life? SUPAH MISERABLE. I hate it. :( Everyone is leaving me all alone. :| I guess, I really deserve being alone. \sigh\ Errrrr, i can't stand it. I wanna cry my heart out so much. Like, I wanna go to school as in NOW. n-o-w. I can't take it anymore. It's too much. The one that happened yesterday, .. me, pauline, tiffany, ella, ate jean, kuya julien and kuya chris. At Language 1-2-3. We were all together hanging out. I guess, thats the first and last time that we can hang out. :| Shit. It makes me cryy. Errrr. :( Do you think that will happen again? I WISH. Sana kasi, we were all elementary. We have the same grade. And when we graduate, we're still together. [Together forever.] (: But then, we're not the same. I'm a grade five student, kuya chris is grade six. And ate jean's first year highschool. DAMN. I will really really truly definitely absoluuutely miss TAE DUDES. Our group, ate jean, me and chris ft. Ella. \catdoggiraffeworm\ [sigh.] I guess we won't be that CLOSE anymore. I just want them to remember me forever. That's all. And I want them to know, that I'll never ever forget them. And i love them to deaath. Err, special mentions:
JEAN -- don't go to US. :(
CHRIS -- always visit me in elementary, k? :D
BESTIES -- Best Friends Forever. (:


Posted on Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 8:03 AM.
third trimester exams -- day one.
Okay, our exams today.. I could say, it's veryy not so difficult. But, I guess I could call it easy. Hmm. I reviewed for our exams tomorrow. Yeah, it's true. But, I only read it. :)) But, i'll review again.. later on. Uhh, our exams today were.. Science, Music and Language. Describe the exams? Well. here's the info;

• Science -- Uhh, there's some questions that I only guessed the answer. But some questions are just a piece of cake. :D
• Music -- HARDD. hahaha. even though, it's only a ONE SHEET TEST PAPER.. i still think that it's HARD. WHY? Because, I didnt review much in Music. And, I knew that it was easyy. I just read my book and my notes there in Music. So, I guess I won't pass. Kidd. I wish I WOULD pass. :P
• Language -- Ok, DIFFFICULT as EVER. Why? Because. Most of the questions, my answers were just guesses. :D :D I don't even know what the hell is adverb phrase / adjective phase. i asked Joseph a lot of questions in Test II. I think. Basta, I asked questions. Even to Chanelle. :D It's hard. What could I do? Just sit around and think of a stupid answer? :))

Ok, I reviewed for the exams tomorrow. just wish me luck :). But, I'll still review later. Cos i just read my notes a while ago. :))


Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 5:36 PM.
Okay, this is just a "nothing-much-blog". Cause i'm just in the mood to make a blog. So, just read and don't mind about those weirdd stuff that I would write. Okay? Thank you very much.

Okay, Highschool? ..That's what you will be when you graduate from Elementary. Me? Yeah, I would still graduate in the year.. Two Thousand Ten. A long time, huh? But for those who will graduate this month. CONGRATULATIONS. I'm very very very very proud of you. Anyways, i know you will miss a lot of stuufff in Elementary. :D That's what I would feel too. Actually, when i graduate.. I'll cry. Well, of course. But some peeps don't cry. I think. Becuase, they say.. Boys don't cry? Well, anyhoo.. Who cares? I'll miss a lot of peeps. The hell they care about me crying? Well, i hope YOU don't forget all those good days in ELEMENTARY. Bcoz, some other PEEPS don't care anymore. They just, say "past is past. let's think about what is gonna happen today." But, what about all those good memoirs? You're just gonna leave them all behind? What kind of person are you? NO FEELINGS? Huwaaaa. :| So back to topic, HighSchool is the best life ever. Well, I know.. I'm not a highschoolstudent but, That's what they say. And, When I see HS peeps, It seems to be that they're always having fun. And they have big smiles on their faces. So.. YOU enjoy HighSchool Life. Next thing you'll know is.. You're in college. :)) Kidd. But that may really happen, though. DUH. ANYTHING can happen. Haha. :) So, I will miss all the Grade Six peeps in our school -- Mother Goose : Dagupan. :) Take Care. I'll miss all of you. Mwaa.


Posted on at 5:23 PM.
Susundan by Callalily.

Susundan by Callalily. Please listen to it. And enjoy. Promote it as well. If you want to, though. :) Drop some comments. :D Thank you. [I like this song. :)]


Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 8:14 PM.
two days more.
Today, march 10 '08. Two days more.. Wednesday, examinations. DAMN. I hate it. But, only three days of disaster and no more. :D SUMMER TiME after. But, Before, I really really wanted Summer to come. But now, It's like I don't want it at all. Why? ask? Because, I won't see a lot of peeps in school. Including, my besties and my other schoolmates. Esp. those grade six peeps. They're gonna graduate. DAMN. I'll miss them. As I always say. :P But, it's true, though. Especially those of my really REALLY close in grade six. I hope they don't forget me. I'll misssssss themmm. Ok, I promise I won't cry. :D BECAUSE I'm HAHAHHAAPPYYY. :] So ayun. Exams na. Huwaaaa :| Still not reviewing. Sa language -- oo. Other subjects -- a big NO NO. Haha.. uhh, i have 8 subjects on 3 days. So i bettah be reviewin. Buh bye :P


Posted on Monday, March 10, 2008 at 3:45 PM.
Sa mga sistooors ko.
To all of you.

Wala lang. Sana magkita na tayong lahat. As in lahat ng sisters ko, magkita naman tayo some time. Like, Angie Agricola, Dawn Caragan and Leanne Sagun. Kita naman tayo sa KiCaCo sometime oh? Haha. Let's hang out and have fun. Let's all be camwhoarrs. :D So. I love you all. Just always remember, If you have problems, or difficult situations. Just call my name. And i'll be there right away for you. So, ako ang inyong litol sistoii. :D Andito lagi si baby para sakanyang mga ate. Hehehe. Basta, ate. I'm always here for you. Beside you. FOREVER. Mahal na mahal na mahal kita. I love you to DEATH. You're gonna be in my heart forever. Kayo ang first love ko. Mamatay man ako, kayo pa rin nasa puso ko. Ang gusto ko lang iparating sainyo na. Hinding hindi ko kayo kakalimutan. Kahit hindi man tayo mag-kilala in person. Alam ko naman na, andiyan pa rin ako sa puso niyo. At don't worry. Andito rin kayo sa puso ko habang-buhay. Salamat for helping me sa mga problemas ko. Tapos, salamat sa faces nyo kasi yan ang reason kung bakit ako naka-smile ngayon. Thanks sa mga big smiles nyo. Kasi, napapatawa ako. haha. Mahal ko kayoooo. At kung kailangan niyo ng kaibigan or kapatid? Andun si Clarisse oh. Nasa harapan mo. :P Kaya, andito lang si rockstar para sainyo. Naks. haha. Pag sad kayo, papatawanin ko kayo. At salamat rin pala, kapag sad ako. Isosolve nyo prob ko. Or, papatawanin niyo ko. At pag may kaaway naman ko. Salamat sa pag-help na ipag-bati kaming dalawa. Ingats mga ate. Love ya'll. Take care and God Bless you all. And I thank God for giving you as my real sisters. Though, I don't have any sisters and you're not my real sisters. Thankful pa rin ako na natanggap ko kayo from God as my friends. At kung magka-sister man ako, sana katulad niyong lahat. Mwah. HUUUUGS. >:D< :*

-- Clarisse Zaplan. Bebe Clare. Rockstarweirdo. Princess Cartoons. Tae. Haha


Posted on Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 8:21 PM.
Nikki chua.
.. a girl, my sister. haha.

Haha. Well, actually di ko siya tunay na sistorr. Uhh, basta. Tawag ko lang sakanya sis. Haha. Wala lang. Walang magawa. Dedicated 'to sayo. Salamat sa lagi mong pag-"hahaha" pag kachat mo ako. Kasi natutuwa ako eh. Nakaka-aliw. haha. Tapos, salamat sa pag-tulong mo sa mga decision ko. Hahaha. Salamat sayo. Dahil, lagi kang nagpapatawa. Sa ganda mong 'yan, napapa-smile mo ko. Aba aba. hahaha. Well ayun, i'm proud to be a Nikki Chua fan. Haha. Wow, tayo na tayo ng fans club ni atee. Haha. joke lang. Love 'ya sis. Mwah. :P Take care.
Posted on at 8:17 PM.
damn, i need it.
Ok. What I need? A damn phone. Well, sadly, I don't have a phone. But I'm not saying that I haven't experienced to have a phone yet. Eww. Yes of course. Actually, erm.. this is my 5th phone. haha. My 4th phone got lost. Or my brother did something to it. So, my budget is only.. five thousand five hundred. Or let's say, six thousand. I don't know what to buy. But, What I really want to busy is Nokia 6300. But, I also like a LOT of phones. Like 3500 / 5200. Basta, all i need in a phone is. To TEXT my loved ones. :P to TAKE LOTS OF PICS. and listen to music. So, just wanna speak up. Haha. I really can't decide. But, I know.. as they say, it's really like that. You really, truly, definitely can't decide for a decision. Hahaha. :P Take Care, peeps.


Posted on at 8:10 PM.
Sometimes, I can't take it anymore.
* About my title..

Well sometimes, whenever my mom scolds me, I guess it's just normal for a kid to be scolded by his/her parent. But, sometimes..I realize that it's, TOO MUCH. Or sometimes, it's soo annoying. Or sometimes I say. "what i want is what I WANT." And like, my decision. So back off. 'Cause I bite. [[ Somethin' like that. ]] Well, I guess parents do have rights to scold their children. But If I were them, I would let my child/children do whatever they want. But there are a BIT limitations though. Like, If I were a parent, of course I experienced a happy life when I was a kid. It depends though. If you had a miserable life when you were a kid. But, If you DIDN't had a happy life when you were a kid, then let you're child/children experience what you didn't experience. Like, let's all be happy. And do whatever we want. Live life to the fullest. But some kids, don't enjoy their lives because of some kill-joy peeps. If I were not in school, then I would not be happy at all. Well, school makes me happy as in EVERYDAY. Except for the learnin' stuff. My friends, classmates, best friends, schoolmates and some other teachers make me happy. Especially my best friends. I love those laugh trips, sound trips, food trips and vain times. Well, since it's summer. I guess we won't see each other for a long long time. :( Well, not that LONG. But I'll still miss them. Especially my grade six friends. They're gonna graduate. And we'll not see each other anymore. :( Yes, I know they will still study in MG-HS. But, we'll not gonna be that close anymore. Okay, back to topic. I just wish every parent won't scold their children anymore. Except for a really, truly bad thing that her/his child have done. :(


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in love? :x
oh yeah. totally inlove. :P I have lots of crushes, 'ya know. Wait, gimme 1 minute to count 'em. Okay, 8 crushes. haha :P But I thought it was 11. Oops, 9. + 1 = ten. hahaha. Crushes are normal to a lot of peeps. Do you agree? Of Course. You have a crush too, huh? haha. Though, A few months ago.. I didn't have any crush/es because I know that my heart would just be scotch-taped. But then again, WHO CARES? At least you're inlove. :] Well duh.. at least you're the one who was heartbroken. Not the one who broke someone else's heart. Back to topic. So, LOVE. I know, saying "i love you" is so easy. But, it's a lifetime to prove that you love somebody. Yeah. love love love. I realized that love isn't hard after all.

.. Second thought, it's hard. Because some peeps dont trust anyone. They don't actually believe that someone loves them. But, I say.. what are you waiting for? there's that person who truly loves you, and you're doing nothin? Wow. How stupid is that? Right? If I were you, don't let it go away. Duh, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, mahn. So, don't let it fade away just because of your stupidity. Just always remember, that it will take decades to find your true love. So, go and love each other forever. <3


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Yayy. It's summerrr. Well, not yet. We still have our exams though. Hmm. What are my plans for summer? Lemme see. Uhh, here's a list. Well, I ain't sure if it's my permanent list.

-- Internet all day and everyday. All summer.
-- Chit-Chat with my friends/close friends/besties. [[ DAMN. i'll miss my grade 6 close friends as in. ]]
-- Make a zillion icons. \if i can. :P\
-- Make a [not nice] summer layout. haha.
-- Multiply and Fs, and Probably here in Blogger : blogging and stuffs.
-- Download lots of fonts.
-- Outting in the resthouse of my tita. One day. Not overnight. Hmm. Maybe just swim all day. Until I get tan lines. :P Actually, I still have now from our November's outting there. lol
-- Telebabads siguro.
-- Trips to the mall. Eat in fastfood resto's. :P MCDOOO. Movie Mania. and in front of the tv all day.
-- Eat in parties siguro. haha. :P Maraming parties pag summer eh. haha.
[ Well, that's only what I plan for summer. Pero, there are lots. haha. Summary na lang siguro yan. Puro all 'bout comp-ing naman yang mga anjan. haha. ]

What I will miss bcoz of summer:

++ I will miss our laugh trips in school. [me and my besties.]
++ I will miss me and my besties foolin' around all the time..
++ The grade six peeps. They're gonna graduate. :[ damn.
++ The canteen siguro. haha.
++ Soft drinks and all junk foods. Lol.
++ I will miss our school. *Except for the learnin' stuff. haha.
..and a lot more. :|

Well, Happy summer peeps. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY..

::good luck pala for me, it's our exams next week eh:: ;

..So wish me luck :P.


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