An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
don't be too sad
depression? kk, don't be too emotional just because you have family probs, school probs or love probs, well yeah, i know it's normal to be sad whenever you have these kinds of problems.

but i think the much better way to solve these problems, is too let it out. tell someone about it. discuss it with someone you can trust or someone that can help you. or sometimes, if you can't accept it, just take it, throw it away. sometimes you just have to forget. i know it's hard, but you should try. and if it's not your fault, don't be so guilty or don't be so nice. don't think that it's always your fault, because, dude, it's not. and if you don't have anything left to do, just stay there. be quiet, don't let people notice you.

you can just keep a sinister or fake smile, but sometimes you should let the sadness out. it feels totally better when you do it.

posting this should make emo people realize that they should lessen the emo-ness. :D

smile, okay?
Posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 9:18 PM.
quotable quotes

i wanna be the girl
• he's scared to lose.
• the one he can't walk away from knowing she's mad at him.
• the one who can't fall asleep without.
her voice being the last one he hears.
• the one he wouldn't know what to do without.

Do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes.

You'll be the iceburg. I'll be the titanic. And I'll go down on you.

My love for you grows, and it's starting to show.
Notice me please, I'm starting to get the love disease.

Everytime I see you.. I sneeze. Why? Because I'm allergic to LOVE.

you might think of me as some girl. but i'm the girl who took one look at you.
& fell harder for you than i've ever fallen for anyone in my entire life.

love is my drug; be my dealer.

&& if love is against the law, boy we'd be partners in crime.

it's a crazy thing called.. LOVE.

&& that's all. :)

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Posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 9:18 PM.
no matter what i do, i still love you.
I can't stop loving you.

I guess I've fallen in love. You're my obsession. I love you to death. I can't get you outta my mind. I got lost in your eyes.

Sometimes I get too emotional but I know I shouldn't be. I try not to love you, but it seems that I cannot. A heart wants what a heart wants.

It all started with something bad. And it ends up like this. Baby, I love you.

Our true love is true.

I want to do all the sweet things to you. Like, hold your hand, mess up your hair, kiss on the cheek, hug you to death and tell you how I truly feel.
Do you know your love is the sweetest sin? Loving you is the best feeling ever.


You can't stop me, I can't stop you.

"I can't force myself NOT to love you. And I can't force you to LOVE me."

lalalalalove. you are my HERO. and i am your HEROINE. (:

LOVE. <3


Posted on at 9:00 PM.
I know that all of us have our up's and down's. And I'm absolutely sure that we also have failures. Everyone's imperfect. So it's final, people fail. They fail, and they fail again.

You can be distraught about having failures, but what can you possibly do? It's normal having these things.

I admit, I often get disappointed when I fail in something, perhaps an obstacle, or fail in something. Disappointment is surely common for someone who just failed.

I'm posting this because I know sometimes I can be too vain. Because I always want to be perfect. You can call me someone who's trying hard, okay, whatever. But sometimes I can be so careless. If I get mistakes, I get mad. I hate myself. But sometimes, I'm like.. the hell I care. It's really frustrating, you know.

FAILURES. Everyone gets it, no one doesn't. :P

So if you failed, KEEP MOVING FORWARD. There's always a next time, work harder and I'm sure you'll get it this time. ;]


Posted on at 7:48 PM.
so yesterday i was a bit disappointed about a lot of things. two, actually. if you think i have deep happiness, well sometimes i do and sometimes i don't. got it?

so i got upset because i got one mistake in the spelling exam. [boo! but yeah, i'm still blissful] and i got 37 out of 40 in the long quiz in filipino. was only the extra in the badminton varsity or whatever you call it. and i think that's all. phew!!

first of all, i worked hard {okay, maybe A BIT} for the spelling exam. really hoping to have a perfect score. but then, i had a mistake. wah! so much for perfection. :|

second, 'kay, i didn't know that i will be chosen for the badminton varsity, or something.. but yep, but i didn't know i was going to be the extra. urgh, i forfeit. i relinquish my place. i'm going to think about it..

third, filipino.. 37? not so good, but still.. i did well. i wasn't sad or anything. but i think it's okay. it's a good score, ayt?

i forrrgoott. but yeah, i WILL do my BEST next time. and i HOPE that my scores will INCREASE or EXCEL. thankies! :**


Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 9:00 PM.
spell forgetful. c-l-a-r-i-s-s-e
I so hate myself. :|

I've been so oblivious lately. Uber forgetful. In, maybe I made 5 accounts. I made my first, forgot the pw. And again. and again. And again. And AGAIN. WAAAAH. My wallet? Got lost. Forgot where I put it. Forgetful + Careless = oh damn what a misery. :(

AARGHH, I can't take it anymore. Wish I could recall all the stuffs I have done. Goshy. Being forgetful is the worst ever. Hope you guys are more not forgetful than me. [: x__x


Posted on Monday, August 25, 2008 at 5:01 PM.
Is it normal for students to cram? My teacher in Reading (Ms. Rowena) told me/us that it's not nice for students to cram. It's much better if you did that schoolwork as early as possible so there would be no hassle in the future at all.

I also found out something. Okay, I just stole this but it really told me something ::
it's rare for students not to cram and those who does not are not the usual students or have a better grasp of things!

So I guess cramming is normal. Wooot. :))

I'm an official crammer. It's weird, but yes, cramming IS my middle name. Kapish? :))

I cram. Sometimes, I don't. But usually, I do. Got it? ;;) I know a lot of students, my friends, as a matter of fact, that cram. They cram here. Cram there. Everywhere.

I usually cram when it comes to projects. It totally depends on the deadline. If the deadline's until the next month, then wooo. I'ma do it next month. Ahaha. I'm cramming ayt now, actually. Still not reviewing for three deadly killers. And not done with the project. Say whatt? LOL. The deadline's on Wednesday. (27th) So I want to pass our (it's a group proj.) tomorrow. But I have no idea if we still have a chance to pass it the next day. Harrhhar, we don't have ink. Maybe I'll call Pauline later if she could print my outlines. I'm not the leader. Pauline is. Lol, yep, just pointing it out. It's absolutely confusing. That's why I'm not doing it...yet. Still frustrated. :|

If you'll help me, I'd be happy. A little help, please? =)


Posted on at 1:30 PM.
And whoa, a lot of kiddos are being so mean recently. A lot of the kids I know, that is. They think it's cool swearing. But no, of course not. Though, yes.. I admit. I thought of that too. When I was young. And I did realize that it's totally not cool to do it. The thing is, you can't stop saying those mean words. Woo, did I just spit it out? LOL. Well, I first learned saying these words when I was a 3rd Grader. Too early, you might say. But I know kid/s that learned saying words like these so early. And that I mean, too early. Tch, how old? Idk like Grade 1? ((: :|

It's really disappointing if you hear someone saying these words. AND OMG. I'm truly a hypocrite. I'm saying this while I myself am cursing. LMAO. But yes, I try not to tell bad words. Moderation, I guess? Ha! Hate those B.I.'s. Rofl. (Bad Influence :P) Booooo. I think I should stop. Pretty guilty. Saying this makes me go insane. I'm a hypocrite. 'K? Wooot, yep. I say bad words. Sometimes, I don't. I try not to. But it seems that I can't. Wth? Why? Because duh. Who wouldn't? If everyone around you are saying bad words, can't you help saying the same thing? I'm being so dull right now. How ignominious of me!

Alrightie! Just going to try to be "nicer" than before! LOLs. Well that is, if I could. :> >:))


Posted on Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 9:27 AM.
w-t-f [addict]
ahahaha. can't think of a normal title so i used an abnormal one. thank you very much! :b

i've noticed something. i'm such an addict in naruto. like omfg. we talk 'bout naruto like every single day. during i.w.? during dismissals? like whoaaa. naruto here, naruto there. naruto everywhere
!!! lmao. such an addict. louis, too. ahggai, yep! ella, uh-huh! and a lot of people. lots and lots. a lot of people are addicted to naruto because it's like so friggin' addictive! they have favorite characters. favorite jutsu's. favorite attacks. i have mines, in fact. i love... naruto! duuh. and sasuke. :x i love byakugan. [not really, but isn't it soo cool?!] shadow replication. :DD

wannabes. me, tooo
!! if i were a ninja, i would be a medi-ninja. i wanna be a hokage, as well! xD i want to know ALL of the jutsu's. like orochimaru. and i want tsunadeee. her power, the healing somethin'. lolz. i want to have a pet!! dog; of course, none other than.. akamaru! ahaha!!! gosh, i want to be an anime! XD. like, whatevah! i'm such a wannabe. fan girl? HAHA. xP

well well well, what can I, mind you, WE say? naruto is IN. and you are OUT. whe, corny much
! naruto is lalalalove. it makes you go craaazyy. it will possess your mind. muhahahahaha! kk, kidding. but who knows? i think naruto is LOVE. it makes me go crazy even though i already am. i think it already possessed my mind. ((: eh, naruto is my love. ok? any people jealous? =p ahaha. sorry fo being so mafeeeee. lmaoooo.



Posted on Friday, August 22, 2008 at 9:43 PM.
nowhere to be found.
goshy. ella's gift lost. can't find it. where did i put it? so oblivious && careless of me! urrghh! i hate it. like i saved money to buy that gift! damn. i hate myself. disappointment is killing me. oh please please please! i wish i wish i hope i hope AAHH! i could find it. where is it? help! help me look for it.

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Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 6:06 PM.
wow long quiz
And we're going to have a long quiz tomorrow. Scared? Nope! Not at all. I don't know why. I really should care about this because how many percent are the quizzes? Um, 15? Probably 10. How should I know? I don't even look at the criteria/curriculum! LOL. Well, Filipino's been a challenge for me ayt now. But to tell you the friggin' weird truth, I liked Filipino before. Tch! Maybe 'cause these two teachers aren't "good" at teaching. Golly, I miss Ms. Sandra!!!! Teacher, come back! We, mind you, I.. miss you!!!! We miss laughing with you whenever we're LOL-ing. Sigh sigh sigh. Why did you even go?!?! Like, it's our last year!!! You should have given us a chance or something. But yeah, what can we do?? Maybe it's really your decision. Though, I apologize for being so noisy before. Guess what? I've changed! (A bit :b) I'm not that noisy compared to before. And y'know? I'm not staying with Ella and others now. :]

Many things have changed. A lot of teachers gone. So sad.

Quiz, filipino? In fact, I'm not even learning anything in that freaky subject! Yeepp, I admit.. I don't listen often. But even if I did, I won't even understand what the lesson/topic being discussed! Oh for heaven's sake, how would I even understand such things?! The teacher's not "skilled" (?) =)) Sorry for being so mean but yes, I admit.. The teacher teaches NOT SO good. Guess she's still a "beginner" or a "novice". LMAO. :)))

THATS OL. I just wish Ms. Sandra was still here. ): =)

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Posted on at 5:31 PM.
moody much?
hahahaha. a lot of people are so-called moody. maybe i'm one of them, maybe i'm not. yes, sometimes i can be too serious. but sometimes i can be a super joker. LOL. but mostly I do have my "no-emotion" days. i actually do not know why. but yeah, what a mistery!!! :-S

i know a lot of people who are considered to be called as moody people. most of them are my friends, as a matter of fact. on the other hand, some are plain happy, plain sad, or just plain. haha!!! to tell you the truth, i'm part happy and part sad. and i don't know why i'm part sad because i know that i'm happy. oh yea! figured it out. haha!!! i'm sad because of certain things such as... SECRET! :P

hmm. moody people, moody people. why are they called moody? duuh because they have lots of moods! but sometimes i get pissed of these kind of people. why? 'cause you don't know when to bust a move. for example, you want to make them laugh, or you make fun of them, but then they tend to be serious, but you didn't know that they were actually serious.. and outcome you asked? they get mad at you!! wahaha. but sometimes when you're too serious, they make fun of you! weird. that's why somewhat i wish everyone has the same mood. but it would be kind of eww if that happened! haha.

'kk, just a random blog, peeps! :D sorry for being such a lame-ooo! :b


Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at 1:47 PM.
i've been wondering.
So there are a lot of questions that are floating in my mind. Thoughts to be pondered. Some answers to be reminisced. Well, I think I'm getting lost in reverie. Do you think I'm just squandering my time? But isn't it devastating to daydream once in a while? Hum.. Sometimes wondering a lot of things might give you a brain blast. *laughs*

I've been learning a lot of difficult words recently. That's why I'm spilling it out all of them in this blog. Heee. Well, at least I'm not being strident or something eh? Am I right? Okay, I'm just being inquisitive. As a matter of fact, I was an inquisitive girl ever since. HIHI!

Well, did you know that every single day of our very own lives, we have this thing called obstacles? We fight everyday for our own rights. We struggle for our own sakes. It's like battling in a scrimmage
! But I can't believe that in this inevitable world, we can manage to live and relish every second we have. The gaiety of our lives. The vitality of every person.

But I know there are a lot of loiterers and sardonic people on Earth. They deserve to be punished, I know. But I also know that everyone deserves to be happy every friggin' millisecond there is
! No one deserves to be sad, depressed or lonely! Everyone should enjoy and partay! Haha.

Everybody is loved by everybody. Love thee
! Because all of the people are loved by our very own GOD. Praise the Lord! I love you, Jesus! :)

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Posted on Monday, August 18, 2008 at 6:07 PM.
okay. envy. jealousy. same thing. i get jealous. but sometimes, YOU envy me. i get irritated, either way. why? sometimes it's kind of annoying to be jealous on somebody. and it is very irritating. duuh, if someone will mimic you, do you think it isn't right to get angry? tsss. common sense, dear people. (:

i'm going to be forthright, hahaha. i want somebody to read this blog. so yeah (Keep reading..)

Don't try to impress someone. Because honey, people don't live to impress. (well, some are.. includes me!) Please don't be forged. It doesn't suit you, darling. Not that I hate you or something. Just pointing you out that, Nobody's perfect. And one more thing, secrets would always be revealed by the end. Got it? :)

I know. I've tried to please somebody. Ahaha. But it happens to be that I liked what I pretended to like. If you know what I'm talking about. Okok, I'll stop being frank.


'Kkkk, love. Thanks for reading. =)


Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 7:30 PM.
ok, it's hard to leave "someone" or everyone.. but sometimes it's just the right thing to do. why? aren't you tired of being left out, being left behind often, or being talked about usually? well if you're not, i am. that's why i think if i need advice, this is the one they will tell me, too. it's common sense, my readers. you ask yourself, would i apologize? or would i leave them and be happy for old times' sake? A: leave them and be freeee. but yes, i know it's complicated not being with them, although it's manageable. in my case, though. many people told me to fix this problem. but some say that it's over and just move on, be friends with others.. LEAVE them.

eh i'm doing it. leavin' is the word. never coming back again? i found somebody that does it better than they can. :P thanks to my new friends, well these are my friends way back but we're closer unlike before. we play play and play. hide and seek, perhaps? even 21. :D they are truly fun-to-be-with. yes, my "best" friends are funtobewith, too. but somehow it's boring being with them. it's like you're tired of being with them always. so i guess it is overwhelming to be with new people.

i'm very blissful to have my new friends here with me. *oh drama* but yes, they're here with me. i don't know if they even care for me, but i'm absolutely glad that they make me happy. lol not literally. but i'm really having fun being with them. that's why i totally know that what i'm doing is the best thing for me, and for them. so i wish them happiness in their lives and peace as well. i hope we're not to be considered as "enemies", but let's just say we're just friends? (:

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Posted on at 9:29 AM.
Posted on at 9:29 AM.
a new friend. :)
A new friend. Wahaha. Yey. :)

Name? Kyle Lorenzo Fernandez. 4th Grader of Yellow Section. Uhh, turning 10 on the 30th of September. Yes, I even know her crush. I just met him... And we act like we have met for like 100 years. =))

Basta 'yun na yun. Best friend! :D


Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 8:12 PM.
And again?
Wth??? Again? Okay, this has got to stop. Okay, stop it, biatches and bastards. It's enough. I don't want to argue with you guys no more. It's over. So stfu. >:P

Stop treating me like your pet or your security guard. Blahhh, karmaa.
Posted on at 8:09 PM.

home·work [ hṓm wùrk ]

1. schoolwork done at home: schoolwork that students do outside of class or after school at home

why does every school have this kind of crap? wahaha!!! well i'm just wondering. it's not that i dislike doing my assignments. [well sorta. ahahaha!!!]

hmm. well i guess it's one of those criterias for each subjects. but what the heck!!! homework's just squandering our times. just kidding. Lol!!! i think homework makes learn a lot of stuff. wahaha. well doii. and the homework percent thingy are added to the grade and so. uhh if you don't understand every word i say then omg!! apologies i'm so lame wahaha! wutcha know bout me? :p

homework; done at home. but you can do it at school but just make sure the teachers don't see you. wahahaha. [:

and also be certain that your classmates and friends help you too. ahahaha. :b

[crappy entry]


Posted on Monday, August 11, 2008 at 7:48 PM.
discpline? no, freedom!
Yeah, we have to be disciplined by our parents but sometimes I wonder why? Or what for? What if their children suffer from this feeling that she/he is not free? Will this child be locked or stuck in this "dungeon" forever? What will we become in the future? Disciplined ol' kiddos? Like eww. Not that I don't want to be disciplined or something. But sometimes a kid has to be free just like one time. Or why don't you let us be free? Like a fly about to be eaten by this spider. Have pity on us for heaven's sake. I don't mean that we should be pitied but I think they're feeling sorry for us.

Well, why is life so crappy? Is it just karma? Or maybe it's our fault..? I know all of us are clueless and cannot answer these kinds of questions but who do you think is responsible for this? Who's fault is it? Our fault? Yours? Mines? What? Why do we keep on making mistakes and regret doing such things? Sometimes I wish the world is perfect somehow. I know the world is pretty imperfect but we should have a bit happiness in our life. I know I'm "happy", but sometimes it's just a mask. On the outside, smiling and laughing. On the inside, there is such sadness and depression. It's a weird feeling or emotion. Yes, I know. But what I'm certain about is that I'm not the only one having this expression or whatever you call it.

And I have this weird question to ask to my reader right now. Why do people, or why do we have problems? Sometimes it's just "wtf?". Sometimes I wish that there's a button to delete all those problems and just be carefree once in a while. Being stressed out, problematic.. It stinks you know. Not only me have thoughts like this. But I bet everyone has. Often, you just let it out and cry the hell out of you. But the thing is, your tears have nothing to do, so what you do is, you just laugh it all out. Eh? What can you say? You did it all anyway.

I'm so sick of this! PS I'm not emo. :]

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Posted on Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 8:38 AM.
How to be postive in a negative world?
This is making me confused but I think I have an answer for that.

Friends are my answer. If you have optimistic friends to encourage or convince you to be more positive, then I guess you should do what they want you to. Not that you want to be their pet or something. Of course they want you to stop being pessimistic and stay being positive!

A negative world. The world is full of negative people. But lots of people convince themselves to be optimists no matter what. They should do it whether they like it or not. It's the best thing to do! It's not that easy to turn a negative person into a positive one. But you have to think positively. You should think that you can really turn this pessimist into a great optimistic person.

I myself, a positive-thinker, encourage people to be optimists. If you often think negative, what will happen to your life?! It will be the life that you will regret having. But if you think positively, and you really know that your life would be the remarkable, go for it! Go for the gold! And in the end, you will see the life that you've always wanted. That is the best thing that will happen to you, my friend.

That's why I'm telling you, Think positive! Those two words are they key to your successful future. Optimists are always winners. Ahaha. So do not ever give up and keep fighting! Be optimistic, and you will be the most awesome person! :D

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Posted on Friday, August 8, 2008 at 11:12 PM.
08/08/08 -- Luckiest Day of the Year
It's the luckiest day this day, that's what they say. Like before, It was the 7th of July 2007. But now, today, 8th of August 2008. Triple 8. Lucky or unfortunate? Neither. They say it's either lucky or unlucky. But in my opinion, if there is something that happened to you today, it's KARMA!! Rofl. Well, it depends. If you are born unfortunate then, dude, I pity you. :p There's an event being done right now, Beijing Olympics 2008. Yeahuh, GO PHILIPPINES!

To those who are being baptized, having their weddings, or celebrating their birthdays today..
HAPPY BINYAG! Sorry, I don't know the english of it. XD. Eww. I'm so stupid.

You people are lucky bcos you've been baptized, married or celebrating your birthday on the luckiest day of the year! Well, it's my cousin's birthday today. And the friend of my brother's too. Happy birthday to you two! Have a great time today!

Wait for 8:08 PM. LUCKY baby. Haha, oh right, my favorite number is 8 too. Straight 8's.

If you ask me what lucky things the have happened today, these are: I got a purrfect score on two quizzes; One in Science, the other one in Hekasi. Yey for me!

Have nothing else to say. LUCKY!


Posted on at 5:56 PM.
Why do people have stress? Or to be specific, why are people stressful often? Well, I don't know whose fault it is but he/she should be murdered! LOL. Kidding. I think it's a normal thing to be stressful especially when you have lots of problems. Love? HAHA. Friendship? Wow. Natamaan. NAMAN. Lol. School? Ay parehas tayo girl. Family? Weh. Bakit ey? Haha.

Pasalamat ka lang at buhay ka pa. Wait, nakakamatay ba ang stress? =)) Kasi gawa gawa ko lang un oh. Roflmao. Stress. Lagi kang nappressure. I think what you or we should do is to stop being negative. Para hindi problemahin ang simpleng bagay. Don't get mad easily or else. Ay lola may wrinkles na siya. HAHA. Laftrip. Anyway. Stressful people look old. Really, I'm serious. Kaya stop with the stress. Chill. Sige ka, you'll be a losyang na. Ahaha.

I need more info about stress to finish this blog. Pero. Advice ko. Wag maging masyadong O.A. sa mga bagay-bagay na dapat hindi pag problemahan. Lols. Ganun ako so gaya-gaya ka. Haha. Kidd. I should stop doing this kasi ayaw ko na. Ang panget kaya ng feeling. Tss.

Ang stressful ko this days. urrghh. haha. Wag na stressful pards ah? =)


Posted on Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 6:05 PM.
a school to be proud of.
Mother Goose Special School System Incorporated

That one school she's proud of. Yes, that girl I'm referring to is none other than me. I spent my Pre-School years in Mother Goose Playskool. And now, I'm all grown up. I am now under the age of 11. Turning twelve, that is. I'm a 6th Grader. I'll be graduating in just a few months and everything's floating in my mind. This question which keeps on floating whatever I do, Where would I spend my high school life? Well, to tell you the truth, I want to pass the Philippine Science Exam. Although, I'm not having my review. Which means, I didn't enroll to Newton or Ahead. If you ask me why, my mom won't allow me. Okay, yes, I know if you or I were a parent, I'd allow my child to enroll. But it's different. I guess my mom doesn't want me to study in Pisay because it's too far or whatever. But alright, I approve. I'm willing to study at MG-HS. Actually, there are lot of people who are going to be successful and they studied at Mother Goose. So why decline? To be exact, the school really does not matter. You only have to be smart and industrious enough to study. That's the goal to success. And you should have a sense of humor or common sense, at least.

Hmm. A lot of parents say that a lot of girls in MG are flirty. And so? If they are, what's the connection? My bottom line is, so what? if the girls there are flirtatious, so that means you believe that your child would be flirtatious too? Eh, that's your child's fault. Not theirs. I'm being optimistic right now so please join me. Mkay, high school life is coming and I admit, i'm not yet ready. My best friends are going to study at Pisay or anywhere in Manila. And I'm assure that I'm going to study at MG. But yes, I'm still going to take the exam no matter what. And I have a confession to make, I haven't reviewed, not even a single word. I know I should be positive when it comes to these things but I really know I'll study at MG. Even if I pass at Pisay, it's still worthless because my mother wouldn't allow me to study there anyway.

Yes, MG. I think it'll be nice if I did study in MG 'cause I have a lot of friends that study there. And I guess a lot of friends would be gained during high school. Many people that are my role models are studying / have studied at MG and I know this school is to be proud of. I think I should prepare for high school. I'll concentrate and give my best at everything I'd do. I'll make my momma proud. =)

Mother Goose, the school who taught me my first steps to success and now I'm heading for the next step ; High School Life. ;)


MG -- a truly overwhelming school that you'll ever know. :D


Posted on Saturday, August 2, 2008 at 8:15 PM.