An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
Sports Festival 2009
As of what our PE teacher told us, it is our first and last sports festival in MG. But, I hope not. Let's just see what happens next.. Expect the unexpected, right?? :P

Sports Festival Schedule:
Thursday, 6Feb, '09 -- Motorcade & such. I think the basketball, volleyball, badminton and chess would be on the same day. But I'm not so sure about that. (:
Friday, 7Feb, '09 -- Parlor games. Yay, let's all have fun!
Saturday, 8Feb, '09 -- Friendship Game; Teachers VS. Parents (??).

Well, I guess that's the complete schedule of our sports fest. It's a 3-day affair. Hopefully, it won't be a lame event and I hope it wouldn't turn into a disaster. First of all, our team's called "Blue Eagles". Our opponent would be the other team which is called, "Red Dragons". Before, they were called "Red Bulls", however, they did complain so they changed their name into dragons. (:

Our chairmen are Ms. Melany and Mr. Kenneth. In the whole blue section [grade's 1-6], our president is Arielle Torio. And I'm somewhat the vice president. Yay! :))

I'm not really certain if our cheer would be the one that I've searched for a few days ago. I have to admit, it's nice and all. Although, some other students might dislike it in some way. In my opinion though, it's really nice. :D

The other teams are named as "Yellow Submarines" and "True Orange". They would be competing against each other, too. I think there would also be a LOSER VS. LOSER on the 2nd day but I'm not very sure about that because I forgot what was written on the banner in front of our school campus. LOL. And according to Divino, Mr. Romy [our PE teacher], will pick basketball players that are good in playing, and then, they would play against the IRAA players which include other elementary students from other schools including our own MG players: LC, Prince, Noel and Johnnel. Whoo, that would be so great! ^^

We will have a meeting [blue eagles] on Monday with Ms. Melany. I have to give her the cheer so that all of us could get our own copies. Oh, we will also have a drummer during our cheer. We haven't decided who would it be yet. But I think it's either Mary or KM. Anyway, our cheer's only joined together. It is one cheer with a lot of cheers in it. I hope it wouldn't be embarassing. LOL!! I bet it won't, I doubt it. I forgot to tell you, my sport/s would be Chess and maybe Volleyball/Badminton, I'm still picking. :P


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Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 6:02 PM.
Dance Practicum
First of all, I apologize for not making any blogs these past few days. It's because of my laziness and forgive me for having an empty mind all the time. :))

Well.. Our dance practicum was suppose to happen yesterday but it was postponed. We'll just have a dance practicum next next week since our sports festival is next week, too.

- hard
- hard
- HARD!!

I'm not really getting a hard time in our dance. Actually, dancing's okay. Although, it's really hard to make dance moves/steps especially when your dance song is really hard to dance with. For experts, of course, dancing is a piece of cake for them. But in my case, I find dancing a little.. Awkward? Not exactly. I know that dancing is really an amazing thing to do. However, sometimes I prefer doing something else than to dance. Perhaps it's because I'm not really good in dancing. I have always been an awful dancer in the first place. LOL. :))

Our group really sucks. Maybe it's because every time we practice, we tend to be lazy. And it really makes me wonder why. Are we terrible dancers or are we just that lazy? Hahaha.

Ugh! I have nothing else to say but... WISH US LUCK! :D

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Posted on Friday, January 30, 2009 at 6:07 PM.
When life gets hard. :)
Who were you last in a car with and how do you know them? My brother. He's related to me! :))

Who were you with at 10:17 pm last night? Mom.

Besides this, what are you doing right now? Nothing else.

Will you be up before 7 am tomorrow? No, that's too early. :o

When was the first time you kissed the last person you kissed, and where were you? Ionno.

Who will be the first person you call tomorrow? No idea.

Has your best friend ever seen you naked? Nope.

Did you kiss or make out with anyone today? No.

Do you get mad when your current bf/gf talks about an ex? I don't have a bf.

Are you a bitch? Maybe, maybe not.

What is your best friend's favorite food? Lots!

Who's the funniest person you know? Myself. Or Pauline. :>

Would you like to put last night on repeat, and live it forever? Nope.

What's the greatest thing that happened to you today? All of my grades increased and my rank got higher. YEY! :D

How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids? 30 [?]

Do you think you'll be married in 5 years? No!

Are you waiting for something? No. Yes. No.. I don't know!

What do you wear to bed? T-shirt & shorts.

Who are you closest to in your family? Mom.

Have you ever snuggled with someone you weren't dating? Snuggled?

When was the last time you and an opposite sex hugged? Some time last year.

Can you touch your toes? Yea!

Do you know anybody who was abused? Nope.

Do you take walks often? Naah. Haha.

Are you afraid to grow up? A little. :o

Were you happy when you woke up today? I think so, yeah.

What is your MySpace song? Idk. It's about love. :P

If you could change your eye color, would you? Sure! :D

Who will your next kiss be? I dunno.

Do you have a best friend to lean on? Yes.

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? Using the pc.

Do you like to have long hair or short hair? Long/short. But not that short.

Would you prefer a baby boy or girl? Both. :)

What was the weather like today? A bit windy.

Do you want to cut your hair? Um, kinda.

What was the last thing you hid? Money.. which I lost. :|

Is there someone you'd like to fix things with? Um, yea, maybe.

Last time someone yelled at you? A while ago.

What did you do this afternoon? Used the computer.

Last time you cried? I forgot. Blaah.

What kind of mood are you in? BLANK.

Who did you hug today? Nobody.

Where did your last hug take place? School, I think.

Are you tired right now? Not really.

When was the last time something bothered you? Correction, SOMEONE. A few minutes ago.

Last person you texted? Danielle C.

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in the face? Ionno. Everytime! I always want to punch someone in the face. :))

Is it okay if you kiss people when you're single? Hah, sure!

Do you think you'll be married in ten years? No.

Would you go in public looking like you do right now? Ahh. I don't think so.

Would you kiss someone to make your bf/gf mad? Aw.. I don't have a bf!

Do you believe exes can really ever be "just friends"? Uh, ayt, sure. But I don't have an ex.

Do you use t9, word, or abc? Define t9.

Who was the last person you cried in front of? Forgot.

What were you doing at 1AM this morning? Sleeping. Better yet, dreaming.

Who can you trust? My best friends.

Where were you Friday night? It's Friday night, honey. :)

Do you wear the seat belt in the car? Nope. Hah.

Who did you last talk to on the phone? Idk. Pauline?

Where will you be in a hour? Probably on the bed. :P

How late did you stay up last night and why? Around 10... I was bored.


Posted on Friday, January 23, 2009 at 10:06 PM.
Card Day - 2nd tri
Our 2nd trimester card day's today. My time was 9:25am-9:30am. Although, we arrived late, but you don't have to go there in the exact time anyway. :D

We left home at 9:50am. We arrived in school at around 10. The first thing I did was to walk towards the bulletin board where the director's listers were posted. I looked for the "GRADE VI" 'cause the grades were all mixed up. Finally, I saw the grade VI director's listers. I was trying to find my name. And at first, I really can't find my name in that list. And my mind whispered, "what the heck?! my name got erased.. wtf?!?". But, AT LAST. I saw my name there...

17. Manuel Yao -- ....
18. Clarisse Mae D. Zaplan -- 91.26
20. Erika Floro -- 91

It was not that shocking at first. Why? Because before I went to school, I was showing no emotion at all. Yes, I wasn't nervous at all. I was calm and I wasn't over-reacting. Unlike other students, I was relaxed. Nothing && no one was bothering me at all.

So, when I saw my name, I was happy. That's all I could say. I was blessed by God and I thank Him for granting my prayers. I'm so proud of myself and from this day forward, I'll do my best this 3rd trimester. I'm really blissful 'cause I got a higher rank and all of my grades increased. Plus, I got higher than Erika&Jhuliano. Before, Jhuliano was top 18 and Erika was top 19. Now, I'm top 18, Erika's top 19 and Jhuliano's top 21, I think. Dorothy's top 20. Last but not the least, I would like to congratulate everyone who got in the DL, who got higher grades and so forth. Congratulations, everybody! :)

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Posted on at 9:25 PM.

I had a hectic schedule and it still doesn't end now. All those homework, projects, they never stop! Dang it. After doing all of those projects, another set of projects were given. See, they're endless!

I call myself, the cramming queen. Almost every single day, I cram, cram & cram. I have no idea if it's a habit or whatsoever. Although, I've done this lots of times and I can't stop somehow.

MONDAY: We had a practice in our dance practicum and at the same time, we had homework. I went home late so I had less time in doing my assignments. I wasn't able to review for my post test and I was unable to do my homework in Language. It's because of the powerpoint presentation 'bout Botany, which I had to put music in. All thanks to Clarisse, who is really good in cramming.. She finished all those with time running out. Woosh! The best crammer ever, baby. :DD

TUESDAY: Cramming, again. I slept late because I need to print some pictures for my EPP project and for its front page. I didn't have enough time so I just printed those copies when I woke up in the morning. See, I'm really good. :>

WEDNESDAY: Dang! You know the drill.. CRAM. Another project -- Music. Well, I was half done so I just had to search the autobiography of this other composer. Haha. I was too lazy to print all those copies so I decided to print them in early morning.

THURSDAY: A while ago [early morning; 6:00am], I printed 4 copies of my music project. :P

HECTIC SCHEDULE. I have lots of homework/projects to do and yet, I still don't care. Why? Because I could cram! Yeahuh. LOL. I heart cramming. :)

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Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 9:18 PM.
I never thought that lovers could be the worst enemies.. And I never thought that enemies could be friends again. --

Yesterday, when I was left in school with Samantha while my other best friends were chilling in the mall, Samantha and I went to P.E. Area and I saw my enemies. I was disgusted, not literally. But you know kids.. They tease each other like babies. Rofl. Anyways, we were about to go inside the room, however, when I saw them, we waited for them to leave so we could go inside. When one of them went out, he pushed the door.. And I was standing behind that door. Luckily, I wasn't bumped our something. But I almost did. My face was like, WHAT THE HECK. And of course, I was being rude. After a few seconds, that person apologized and said, "sorry ah". My face was like, "it's okay. no harm done". Well, what else should I do? Lie? It's the truth after all.. I wasn't harmed. After that, Samantha & I were downstairs, just walking. When we saw their group, Sam was pulling me towards them. She told me that maybe Noel (the person I was referring to a while ago), would apologize again. I tried to pull myself away from Sam. 'Cause I don't want to get close to them.

When I was standing, Hensen stood in front of me and said, "oi clarisse! sorry na". I think he said that. Or something like it. I said in reply, "okay lang". Then, Sherwin's turn to apologize.. He repeated it a couple of times and I forgave. Wow. My enemies.. Apologized? OK, that's really freaky. :))

Oh, we also asked Hensen how he was related to "Henry" who was in his featured friends. Because we thought 'twas that kid who looked exactly liked him and thought that it was his cousin or something. But, there were two people in that primary picture. There was this guy and that kid. He told us that it was his dad's friendster. Which means, that picture was referring to that guy instead of that kid. When we knew this, Sam & I just laughed. Lmaoo. :))

Even Arielle received an apology from them. Well, I guess enemies can be your friends after all. Okay, that's weird. Enemies can really be your friends ever since. HAHA. Apologies, apologies. Why were they even invented?! Lol. I said that 'cause I still want to have enemies. Not that I want a lot of them, but it's actually fun arguing with others, just so you know. LOL!!

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Posted on Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 9:51 PM.
Ain't got no time for no haters.
Hello! I've been busy a few days ago because of the powerpoint presentation that Mr. Francis gave us. But luckily, I was able to finish it last night which I really worked hard for. And hopefully, all my hard work would be worth it. Oh! I'm glad I remembered. I'll check my e-mail right away. Anyways, I slept really late and woke up early so my eye bags are like blah. :))

It was our 9th bff anniversary last Jan 13, 9 years, woot! My mom also arrived this Monday from Cebu. And she bought me chocolates, Toblerone! Yummy. LOL. And a while ago, we were grouped in the modern dance. I think we'll start our practice on Monday.

Man, I have a lot of things to do, and yes, I don't want to cram, you know that, right? Whaa. I just hope that I'll be able to finish all of those tasks because some of my homework/projects have said deadlines. Therefore, I must hurry up and do these before time runs out. :P

Y'know what? I'm supposed to be washing up right now but I'm too lazy. One more thing is, I'm sleepy and that's probably a good thing. I can't review because my mind can't focus on the words I'm reading and they can't even stay inside my head for a minute. I think the thing germane to this predicament is, that I should review tomorrow - early morning. Although, I should put on my alarm so that I could wake up early tomorrow. Better yet, I hope I can wake up early. :))

Alright, I need to be going now. I'll be changing my layout on Saturday, perhaps? Ok, buh-bye! :-h

xoxo -c

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Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 9:02 PM.
Random post.
I don't know what to blog about but let's talk about.. MYSELF. HHA. :]

Long weekend's over. School again. I'm done with my homework (luckily!). Thanks to the help of... Lol. The long weekend's really nice. 'Twas like a vacation but whatever. School's back! Pff. :/
Anyways, I don't think that I'm going to be online tomorrow. :P 'Cause we'll have homework tomorrow, tentatively. Every Monday -- vocabulary homework in Reading. :DD

Alright, maybe I'll be online tomorrow after doing homework. Unless we're going to be given more homework. T__T That will definitely suck. :|
I'm not that sleepy yet. Plus, I'm watching "That's So Raven". Yeah, I don't really watch this TV show that much so what the heck, let's enjoy every friggin' millisecond of this show! :))

I haven't prepared my things for tomorrow yet. I'm too sluggish. Hahaha. And, I'm still searching for graduation songs which is really annoying. 'Cause.. We want Breakaway to be our graduation song and that's final! Pff. And, the information for the powerpoint presentation which is supposed to be given to us.. I still haven't received it yet. I hope they postpone the deadline.

Okaay, it's quite obvious that I want to stop typing for I have nothing else to tell you. Thanks for reading! Good night. :P

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Posted on Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 9:03 PM.
Oink, I'm a cow. ;p
Soo, do you like cows? Cows are okay.

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline? Nope.

How many iPods have you had in your lifetime? Zero.

Do you prefer band-aids with designs or not? With designs! :D

Have you ever had a spray tan? Nah.

So tell me, how many Juicy Couture bags have you had? Hm, idk.

Did you have another Multiply account that you deleted? No, they're still alive but inactive. :))

Are you traveling by plane soon? Yep.

Algebra or science? Science! -__-

How many homes have you lived in? 1. :P

Is there anything written on your hands? None.

What is the most random object near you? Remote control.

When was the last time you saw a hot guy? Hm, i don't know. It's really saddening that I don't see hot guys that much anymore. :| :))

Can you type without looking at the keyboard? Yeah, duuh.

Do ghetto kids anger you? What are ghetto kids?

Why don't you tell your crush how you really feel :)? I don't have a crush, eh.

Did you ever break a mirror? I have broken a mirror once.

Do you like going grocery shopping with your mom? That's arayt.

How many dresses do you own? Too lazy to count. ;p

Spandex or leggings? Leggings!

How was your day? Boring.

Do you sleep with the aircon on? Yeah, mostly.

Are you addicted to peace signs? Um, I guess.

Did you watch Teletubbies when you were a kid? Yes. :))

Old Facebook or new Facebook? New Facebook.

Did you ever get jealous with someone else's style? Probably. :>

Do you think you can not log in Multiply for a whole month? Nope.

Do you have a Jonas Brother's song in your iPod? No and I don't even have an iPod. lol

If so, what are they? NONE.

Do you hate Miley Cyrus? She's... alright.

Did you ever call someone a slut? Hmm.. :))

Have you ever thrown up in class? Not in class. But in school? Yea.

Have you ever spent so much money on things that you don't really need? I think so.

Did you ever want to get slimmed with the green slime on Nickelodeon? Sure, why not?

Ever had a fantasy about someone? :> Before. ;p


I love you, do you love me? Yeah right, whatever. xp

Do you hate it when girls post slutty photos on myspace? Eww.

Shrimp or pickles? Shrimp, though I'm allergic to them. Haha!

Was this survey fun? The survey's fine. :P

[ Love from ServinSurveys dot multiply dot com ]


Posted on Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 10:05 PM.
Pangasinan Day; Holiday
Our classes are suspended today because it's a holiday. So happy. =)

It's a holiday because it's Pangasinan Veterans' Day. Haha. Today's fine, it was good. I love it when there are long weekends. It makes me happy. Why? 'Cause I can be back to my lazy old self. :DD

I woke up at 8am. I went online and when I was bored, I decided to watch a movie. I looked for DVD's and I found "27 dresses", I realized I haven't watched that movie yet so I put it on the DVD player. The movie's so nice! About love.. :)

Then, I took a bath at 2pm 'cause we're going to the mall at 2:30pm. We left at 2:30 and we went to Nepo Mall first, and took-out food at KFC. My brother also bought something in Jollibee. After that, we went to CSI and my bro got some mustard from McDo. lol. Then, we went upstairs to the Cinemas. When we were in the escalator, I saw Anton & other classmates w/ Joshua, too. Hihi. We got upstairs, and we bought tickets & went inside. There were so many people and we sat at the 3rd row. Haha. So close!! After the movie, we watched it again 'cause we weren't able to watch the beginning. Then, we left at the middle part.

We went to WoF and they played this slot game (I think). They bought 8 tokens. And Ate Christina won some tokens again, so they gave me 4 tokens. I used the 1st one in this basketball thing-y. Then, I gave the other one to my bro. Next, I used it in this car arcade game but it was sucky. Last, I used it in another car game but 'twas different. Haha. After that, we went to the parking lot, got in the car and we went home via "Bagong Daan". Lol. :P

Well, that's about my day. I got home, chatted & plurk-ed. I changed my layout by the way. Like it? Heehee. Have a great night! :)

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Posted on Friday, January 9, 2009 at 11:32 PM.
People nowadays are being such jerks and they're being mean, as always. I mean, why do they even deserve to live in this crazy ol' world? Not that I'm being selfish or anything. But can you see the vanity in them? Shame.

There are types of jerks, actually. Jerks that are backstabbers. They're to be called as "Judas". Do you get me? 'Cause Judas betrayed Jesus. Hence, if I call you "Judas", then that means you're a traitor. Judas!! And there are also some jerks who are pulling your friends away from you. Then again, there are also jerks that are ruining your life or just practically interrupting your happy life even though you did NOTHING, yes, nothing. The thing is, What the hell is their problem?! They don't need to be aware of everything. Do they have the rights to do so?

Here's a fact; I hate backstabbers. So if you're planning to stab my back, then I suggest you should stop your plan before everything turns into chaos. There's this person, who I thought was nice, NOT a backstabber, a good friend, someone who's LOYAL and trustworthy and I end up getting pissed because he/she told someone a secret which isn't supposed to be revealed to that other person. And for that other person, he/she is truly narcissistic and everyone despises her. The backstabber? He/she is a hypocrite. Yes, she is! Why? Because he/she told it to the narcissist that I told bad stuff about that person, but then, she's also detests that person. WTH right? :))

I just hope that they'll change 'cause you know the drill.. It's already a new year, man! We should all change. I'm trying to change but how can I stop being so mean if they're being mean too? I have a point, right? Who would allow people argue with them? Nobody! And if you do, then, I don't. I don't let people treat me like that. They have no rights. I just want to let them now, that I'm willing to change if they change. It's just give & take. So please, change for the love of friendship, peace and love. Stop fcuking me up. Okay? :|

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Posted on at 7:06 PM.
I.T. Award
If I tell you I were a candidate for the I.T. Award then you might say it's normal. Because obviously, I always get picked when it comes to computer stuff. :))


Yesterday, Mr. Francis announced some names and I was included. At first, we weren't aware of the reason he called our names but we were asked to go back to the area at 3pm. I was so curious about it and I kept on asking sir Francis about it. Hahaa.

At 3pm, I went upstairs and when I opened the door, I saw a group of people in a table with sir Francis talking about things and I think I wasn't that late when he was talking. I didn't expect that he picked a lot of students. Wait, let me count. Perhaps we were 11 in that table. Plus, sir Francis. He announced that, we were the candidates for the I.T. Award. Haha. Not really that shocking. I was really expecting that I'm going to be one of those. ROFL. The surprising thing is.. Justin, a candidate for the I.T. award, what the?! Ok, ok, let's not be too mean. Haha!

Mr. Francis also told us that we'll be having photoshop and we are going to teach chosen 5th graders and teach them things about Computer. It's hard to explain but I think you get the bottom line. Better yet, I think you get his/my point. Lol. Oh right, we were also be given an e-mail with information in it and we'll be making a powerpoint presentation. Argh. Stress! Noo. Psh. But whatever. I'm still happy that I'm a candidate. \:D/ However, I'm not that happy if I don't get an award. I must have at least 1 award from the I.T. awards! :))

Kk, just wish me luck, ayt? TYSM. Loveyah. ;p

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Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 8:34 PM.
Graduation Songs
Do you have any suggestions for graduation songs? Or, what was the graduation song when you graduated from elementary?

Our teacher asked us if we could suggest any songs that we like for our graduation. We suggested a few songs. And I guess we liked "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson. That's a good graduation song, right? :)
I'm still looking for a better one though. But I can't seem to find a nice one. Maybe "Breakaway" is the one! Haha. Hopefully. All of us like that song after all. So maybe it won't be a problem. :D

I still can't believe that in 2 months, we're going to graduate. My oh my. How fast! I still don't want to, though. It's been too fast for us to graduate. After all those years, us, going to graduate? OMFG. It's really astonishing but we should try to understand and we must accept the fact that we are about to step into the next chapters of our lives.

Siigh. Alright, must stop the drama. lol. Just tag me in my tagboard if you have any suggestions. Got it? Thanks a lot! :D

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Posted on Monday, January 5, 2009 at 7:52 PM.
1st Day of School in 2009.
Okay, this is really hilarious. Guess what? It's the 1st day of school for the year "2009" and y'know what? I forgot to bring a pencil. LOL. I remembered that I was supposed to put my one and only pencil in my bag last night but I forgot. :))

Well, everyone gets really oblivious, right? Haha. Let's see. I have to say, I missed waking up early (as if!), arriving in school early and have chit-chats with my friends. Ahh, the school life. :)

But what I hate about school, obviously, those activities, quizzes, and examinations. Psh! But yeah, a school wouldn't be complete without the worst nightmare of every student's life. HOMEWORK. Yes, we have homework and I haven't started answering it yet. I still have enough time. Lol. Even if I told you that I won't cram anymore, it's not too late! Besides, our homework is quite easy. I can even do it at night! :)) But I won't do that anymore. Haha. I guess I'll do it in a few minutes. :P

Hours ago, in school, our teachers showed us our test papers in our examinations. 1st period: Math & Geometry -- Ms. Shirley showed us our test papers. I was relieved when I saw mine. In Math, I got 61 out of 75. That's already fine for me, since I failed in our last exam in Math (1st tri). LMAO. In Geometry, I got 26 out of 35. 11 mistakes, eh? Sure, sure. Pauline got a higher score. Haha, that's okay. In Language, I think they aren't finished in checking yet. In reading though, they showed us our test papers, too. I got a "high" score, I guess. I got 74 over 80. 6 mistakes, woo! Pauline's score is higher than mine, again. She got 76 over 80. :O How lucky. :D

Well, I guess being back to school is not bad after all. And yet, I was still talkative in class. HAHAHA. Once a chatterbox, always a chatterbox. :P

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Posted on at 2:36 PM.
Vacation's over. School again. *sigh*
Alright, vacation's over, guys. School's back again and err, I don't want to go to school yet! Although, I have nothing else to do but to sulk in my own weird ways. I have no choice but to listen and try to understand what the equations mean. But I have to say, I want to change, after all, it's a new year. Perhaps it's time to change my school attitude into a new one. And this time, I don't want myself getting into trouble.

Things that I want to do from now on (in school) :
  • I will not talk anymore. I will talk oustide class. But in class? I'll only talk when necessary; when the teacher asks me a question or when I recite during discussion[s].
  • I'll try to be a good girl. No more trips to the principal's office. And most importantly, no more fights! :-S
  • No more text-messaging in class. Be alert while listening to the teacher!
  • NO MORE CRAMMING. I won't say this anymore, It's better late than never. Puh-lease! That is so last season. :))
  • Be friendly to everyone else. No more Ms. Meanie. Harhar. xP
That's all... For now. I mean, let's see what happens. Maybe I couldn't even complete all those tasks. Haha. But I should probably concentrate now. It's for the best and it's for my own sake in the first place. :)

People who need to be confronted? Maybe it's worth a try. I'll try working on those. Better yet, they need to learn a lesson. Whoops! Not that they need to be punished (or worse). HAHA. Kidding. Good luck! Please don't screw up in class. And by the way, wish me luck in the scores in our examinations. :P

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Posted on Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 9:13 PM.
Philamer Celi
Philamer Celi

Well, kuya Phil told me to put him in my blog. So here it goes.

I don't really know much of Philamer Celi. But here's what I think of/know about him:
  • He's cool. Hahaha. That's for sure! :))
  • A senior from MGSHS. :P
  • He's addicted to DotA, I guess. Haha.
  • I bet he's good in DotA, obviously. xD
  • He's.. actually, NICE. :D
That's all. Haha. We're not really that close but hopefully, we will be close soon enough. Lol. He's currently playing dota (duh) and using Y!M, perhaps? Eh, um. I don't know what to describe about him. What else? *thinks* He looks like a model in his primary in Friendster. LOL. Don't change it! Haha. Alright, enough. Haha. That's all. Kuya Phil! Hii. =))


Posted on Friday, January 2, 2009 at 10:07 PM.
New Year's Eve
I never thought a new year would make us all tense and under pressure. Why, you asked? I think you can't consider having a fire during the new year's eve a normal thing to happen, right? Yes, it happened around 12AM here in Tambac. Luckily, the fire didn't cause any damage at all. And good thing there weren't any houses in the place where the fire was. I can see the teamwork in the people of Tambac because of what happened this midnight. I've seen their cooperation, they worked all together just to put the fire out. It was really heartening that everyone did everything just to make a disaster disappear. And I am also thankful that no one was harmed and no one got disheartened because of this fire.

My mom, also my brother, and most of us, were all agitated of what happened. Although, we were really lucky that the fire stopped. My mom called the fire station, too. In the end, we all laughed about it. Because, our neighbor also called the fire station, not only mom. And by the time the fire stopped, two fire trucks came to the compound. It was really a funny prank! :))

My new year's eve has always been boring, in my opinion. Despite the fact that we have fireworks and we have a lot of food, I still find it boring. I don't talk, I don't laugh, I don't scream or something. Every new year's eve, there are lots of kids outside our house because we have this party thing. And of course, our neighbors are here, kids and others. Since I don't go out of the house, all of us aren't close to each other. But I used to play with them here in our garden. But when I grew up, obviously, I stopped playing and I started staying inside the house all the time. To tell you the truth, if it weren't for food, I'd be having an awful new year's eve. Haha.

Just to make things straightforward, I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who made my 2008 an amazing year and a year full of peace, love and happiness. I'm also showing appreciation to all those who did wrong things to me, or my friends. I'm now forgiving each and everyone of you. And I, myself, am apologizing for all the unpleasant things that I've done to you guys. I hope you will all accept my apology. Lastly, I would like to tell you that even though I had my worst days last year, I still want to tell you all that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Between the sadness and joy, I'll still share some love no matter what happens.

That's all. Thank you for everything. And.. Happy New Year! May all of you have an ecstatic 2009! Let's welcome 2009 with all of the hospitality we've got! (:

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