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Recent movies I've watched this Summer '09.
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Summer is about to end and I should probably fill my blog with new blogs with tons of topics that I have been pondering of the whole summer. Well, I have this new topic that I'd like to share with you guys today. And y'know what it is? MOVIES. I know I blog about movies most of the time but now I'll be blogging about the recent movies which I have watched during this year's summer. :D

X-Men Origins Wolverine
Rating: 5 stars

This movie is awesome! I love the way it was made and how the story was told. Well, one thing I have to say is - HUGH JACKMAN is really sexy! LOL. This movie showed how X-Men was formed. I watched this on DVD first but it wasn't that nice because the DVD wasn't edited yet due to piracy. However, when this movie was being showed in the cinemas, me & my mom watched it during Mother's Day and I loved all the effects. It truly is a one of a kind movie! :D

Fast & Furious 4
Rating: 5 stars

Now, Fast and Furious 4 is one movie you cannot miss. I love Cars! And this movie involves a lot of cars. Racing cars, to be specific. It stars Vin Diesel and other great stars. This movie is all about cars, obviously. And a bit of action, drama and love [??]. Well, Vin Diesel who is a protagonist some bad guys or villains, I guess. This movie is AMAZING. I love the beginning, the climax, the ending.. everything! Great director. *claps*

Angels and Demons
Rating: 5 stars

Angels and Demons; staring Tom Hanks. Some say that it is a sequel of The Da Vinci Code (which I haven't watched yet) but others say that it is a different one. Either way, I still like this movie. It has a superb story with great actors. And I love its plots. It is about priests who have been kidnapped and they will be assassinated afterwards; Tom Hanks who's supposed to figure out how to save the priests. Tom Hank's character is awesome! He was able to figure out where the priest's location of assassination. Honestly, it has a fantastic story, the climax is great and the fact that the movie is taped in Europe, oh it is perfect! :)

Night at the Museum 2
Rating: 3 stars

We watched Night at the Museum 2 a few days ago and it was pretty humorous. I watched it with my mom and my brother. However, they both fell asleep during the movie. I was a bit sleepy as well. But I do find some scenes of this movie quite funny and interesting. But I must confess, part 1 was nicer than part 2. I don't know why but I guess the previous one is funnier and much interesting than this new one. Ben Stiller still did a great job, though. Even Amy Adams who starred in this movie. She only appeared in part 2 and she had a tandem together with Larry Daley (Ben Stiller). Yes, this movie is simple yet magnificent! Some parts weren't that funny at all, but some were really hilarious. A movie well done!

These are the movies that I have watched this summer 2009 and if you haven't watched some of these movies yet then you should be full of regrets! Go watch now before you make mistakes. I'm sure that you would love all of these! I bet. :D

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Posted on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 1:12 PM.