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Clarisse Zaplan: Into Photography

Well, since I bought my own digital camera... I wanted to know about photography more. About this & that. And other things which involve photographs. First of all, I admit that I am an amateur photographer. I'm just a novice, so I apologize if ever I post/upload ugly photos.

However, I wish to develop my skills in photography. I want to enhance my abilities in using a camera and I hope that my shots would be better... soon. Hopefully someone would teach me. And when I get better, I'd like to have a professional camera. Oh gaaahd, I need one. But as of now, I'm contented with this camera. At least, I've got one for me to practice with. And when the time comes.. The opportunity--to have/buy a camera then my life would be complete! (not literally)

Crap. I sound so ambitious. But at least I've got a goal, right? Maybe it's a short-term goal but I am willing to do different things just to accomplish this goal. Indeed, I really really need a DLSR. The thing is, that camera is hella expensive. It costs like more or less fifty grand... Which I could impossibly afford. Someday.. I'll be able to gain that amount of moolah. I hope so.

Actually, I'm willing to wait. If it takes time to get a prof cam then I will wait.

Some might think that I can't pursue my goal... Then there is no doubt that I would prove them all wrong. Just wait & see until I show my true talent and my special ability.


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Posted on Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 5:31 PM.