An inseparable tandem.
In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
Kill joy!
My mom's being kill-joy again. As always. She hasn't changed at all. But I guess I just have to accept the fact that she won't allow me in the basketball game. And I think it's my fault too. I'm so stupid!! And I regret everything. Waah, I'm so regretful right at the moment.

Minutes ago, I've tried begging my mom to allow me to go the championship basketball game tomorrow in the DWAD Gym. It's MG vs. DWAD. I really want to watch and I was hoping that my mom will allow me. And then again, she forbade me to go there. It's because I didn't go with her in that Eat Bulaga something in City Mall. I don't really want to go there. But I guess that's that. :|

She told me that it's just "give and take". I didn't go with her, she's not going to allow me. Is that even appropriate?! Well, I guess it is. But I really want to go!! ): And now's the only time I asked her about something. I even cried just to make her convinced. It didn't work, though. She even told me "even if you cry blood!". Whatever. I did everything! I said that I'll go with her in every place that she'll go to! However, she didn't fall for it. Psh!

I guess I learned my lesson. My mom did tell me that if we ask for something, she won't give it to us (when did she even give us a "thing"?! >.<) because we didn't go with her a while ago. It wasn't my fault that I don't want to go there! Around 2, I was thinking twice if I should go or if I shouldn't. But when I saw my mom watering the plants, I realized that I don't want to go anymore because I thought that my mom was too lazy to go, too. I didn't bother to ask that time. When I was telling that to my mom, she wasn't listening at all and I think she's ignoring me that time as well. Errr. Dang it!

I'm having a hunger strike right now. I haven't eaten yet and I'm not planning to eat. My mom doesn't care! Yes, what a mom. But I know, she's still my mom. Honestly, I'm not mad at her, it's just that, sometimes I just can't take it anymore! I want some freedom for heaven's sake. Sometimes I want my mom to be more supportive or something. But she's different somewhat. She's too overprotective. Sometimes she's just too irritating. Nope, I'm not mad. I just got annoyed of what happened. My effort was wasted and I hate it when I exert effort and nothing happens.

Yeah, yeah. I learned this stupid lesson. Karma is really killing me and I hate it. Why does Karma even exist? Huwaa! I guess I'll just be "careful" next time and be cleverer when it comes to asking permissions. Actually, it's one of my fears. Yes, asking permissions is one of my fears because I fear that my mom won't allow me. 'Cause she always doesn't! Aarghh!

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Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 9:10 PM.
Tiffany Abcede

( Tiffany's 11th Birthday @ Jam Sweet Jam - 301107 )

Happy 13th Birthday, Tiffany Abcede! Wow, Tiff! You're now a teenager. How lucky! I mean, don't know if it's lucky to be a teenager but I guess it is. Congratulations! LOL, just kidding. (:

Your birthday is about to end and I wish you all the best things in life. You deserve them, of course you do! I just want to apologize for all the bad things that I've done to you.

I'm sorry if I tease you all the time, if I call you a "pig" or something. Haha. You're always going to be skinny for me. Wow! Now that's an insult. Okay, that was only a joke. :))
[ Tiffany's 12th Birthday - 301107 ]
But don't worry, if there's someone who will tease you, just let me now and I'm going to tease him/her back! You know how good I am when it comes to these things. Especially when it comes to fighting back or teasing people. Hahaha! And I'm always going to protect you from all those harm. Yeeee! Alright, I guess that's enough. Your head might explode and I don't want that to happen, right? :D

I hope we'll be best friends forever and I hope our friendship will be endless. I love you, bestie! And I hope my mom will allow me on your birthday. She better do. :||


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Posted on at 8:56 PM.
Why does boredom even exist?
Opposite Sex Friends
One: Ken
Two: Hensen
Three: LC
Four: Sherwin
Five: Elijah

What would you do if you found out 1 was gay/bi/straight? Freak out. Lol.
Do you think 2 is capable of being a leader of a group/company/anything? Haha, sure, why not?
Do you see 3 happily married? LOL! He's just a 5th grader. :))
Would you let 4 stay the night? Nope. ;p
What would you do if 5 confessed their undying love for you? Hahaha! Nothing. As if that would happen. xP

1 is going out with one of your other friends. What do you do? I'd get upset. Kidding, it would be fine! :)
2 killed someone. Would you hide them? Sure. >:)
3 does drugs. What do you do? It's pretty obvious. HAHA! Just kidding.
4 is spreading rumors about you: I'll get mad at him and I won't forgive him 'til he apologizes. :D
5 ran away and needs a place to stay. What do you do? Then my house is open. :>

Describe 1 in one word: One word? Cute! Or rich. :))
What would you give 2 for their birthday? My heart. WOW. (x
Is 3 taller than you? I don't think so.
Do you give 4 hugs? Yep. 2 hugs, I guess.
Can you stand to be 5 for more than an hour? That's alright, I THINK.

What is one thing you don't like about 1? He's a bit obnoxious. Haha.
What is 2's nationality? Filipino.
Can you see yourself married to 3? Oh, that's okay. But he loves my best friend. :))
What is 4's secret? He likes someone. More like, love. xP
Do you think 5 is cute? Sure! :)

How do you greet 1? "Yo!"
What is 2's favorite band? Guns 'N Roses or Velvet Revolver.
When was the last time you saw 3? Friday.
Can 4 do back flips? I have no idea.
Can you beat up 5? Hell yeah. :)

Has 1 ever hurt you? Yeah.
Do you see 2 being rich? Hm, not yet.
Is 3 going out with anyone? Yes!
Does 4 love you? OHH. If you only knew. :)) YES! LOL.
Will you invite 5 to your wedding? Uhh, if I still know him by that time. Ha!

Who have you known the longest? Uh, 1 or 3.
Who have you know the least? Either four or five.
Who is the best looking? Sorry, Ella.. 3! :))
Who do you find yourself closest to? 1. :)
Who do you find yourself least closest to? 4. :|
Do/Did you have a crush on any of them? Um, yes!
If so, who? 123&4. Except for 5. I only "liked" him. :P

[ Love from ServinSurveys dot multiply dot com ]

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Posted on at 4:32 PM.
And the weekend begins.
I don't hate weekends. Sometimes I do dislike them. I know you don't get to make all those homeworks, you don't need to sleep early and you don't need to wake up early and most of all, you don't need to CRAM. ((: But hey, sometimes it can be too boring during weekends. It's more fun being in school with your friends and having fun! Yeah. :D

I changed my layout here a few hours ago and man, I'm loving it! Wow, I know that I'm such a vain person but hey, I loathe vain people. I only tend to be vain whenever I'm proud of something. LOL.

Let's see. I used the internet all day (almost). I woke up around 7am. I used the computer, ate breakfast. I took a bath at around 9am, I guess. My piano teacher called me and she told me that I'll have my piano lessons at 3pm then I said yes. Me and my mom went to Sta. Barbara and visited tita Rizza and blah. We arrived and they were praying. It ended so soon and we ate lunch.

After eating, my mom talked to some of our relatives and I text-messaged some of my friends. At 12:30pm, we left the house and went back to Dagupan. We went home and I used the computer. My mom left and went to Star Plaza for her meeting. I took a nap for a couple of minutes and woke up around 3pm. I continued using the PC and I chatted with some of my friends. I ate noodles and egg at 4pm. Then, I blog-hopped and surfed the internet.

Ken & LC also called me around 5, I think. LOL. They told me that my style is changing and I'm turning into a nerd. Hahaha! Then while talking, I said.. "Why? You don't like it?". LC replied, "Nope. Ken and I are liking it". Wow! Hahaha. I was like, "Whoa!". ((:

My mom arrived at 6? I forgot. She used the other PC and I took a shower. After showering, I did something with wax. Haha. And then, I used the computer (inside my brother's room). Oh yeah! I won 3rd place in Juicing Thoughts. Visit my other blog for the banner that I've won. Yay! Thanks for all the people who voted for me. I really appreciate them. (:


I'm trying to forget you. Trying to find a way just to erase all those days. I guess I can call this a
"fresh start". And I hope we'll still be friends. Minutes ago, I've asked you if we still are friends. And I'm quite glad that you said yes. No more fights, alright? I hope we can still bring back the past, though. <3

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Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 9:11 PM.
Four-eyed freak
Hi world!

I've been wearing glasses since Monday (112408). I got my glasses in Siapno-Tada Optical. The brand of my glasses are Levi's. LOL.

In my opinion, wearing glasses are not that bad at all. It may get irritating sometimes, but I assure you, you'll get used to it when time passes by. Hahaha.

A few of my teachers asked me because of these glasses. "Clarisse, your eyes hurt?", "What's the grade of your glasses?". And some of my teachers' reactions were: "Oh! You wear glasses now.", "Clarisse is wearing glasses already!". Or somethings like that. (:

Anyway, the grade of my glasses is 75. Both eyes. Just so you know, it really helps.

Advantages of having glasses:
  1. For those nearsighted people, if you wear glasses, you can now read words/things even if you're faraway. Yeah!
  2. It's a bit stylish when you wear them. ((:
  3. A lot of people will tell you that you look pretty with your glasses and with a pony-tail hairstyle. E.g., my teacher, best friends, mother, etc. LOL. ((:
and a lot more. (:

Disadvantages of having glasses:
  1. Others might call you a "nerd", "geek", "four eyes". Or some insults like that. But if I were you, I won't mind them at all. :p
  2. Without glasses, your eye sight might be dirty or something. It's hard to explain. Just try to understand. (:
  3. You need to wipe your glass lenses all the time. That's okay, though. It's a bit fun wiping them. Haha! ((:
and many mooore. :p
In my section, there are 3 students who are wearing glasses. One - Danielle. Two - Adel. Three - Me! Mary also wears glasses but she uses them as reading glasses only. (:

Well, I'm not regretting that I'm wearing glasses right now. It's actually cool. Haha! I look more "elegant" or "decent". LOL. To be more specific, I look "nicer" slash "cleaner". ((:


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Posted on Friday, November 28, 2008 at 6:28 PM.
Pauline Anne O. Soriano

Pauline Anne Olivar Soriano.

Uhuh, you got that right.. She's the one on the left side of the picture. Oh yes! The prettier girl. Haha. :))

My silly old laughing machine. My crazy twin. My life saver. My partner in crime. My gorgeous sistah. And don't forget.. she's my BEST FRIEND.

We've been best friends since Kindergarten and until now, we're still holding our hands and we're never going to be torn apart.

I know it's a bit too late, but happy birthday. Pauline, I wish you all the best. I hope you get everything you want (okay, except for other things. lol) and I hope you get good grades. You deserve all the best things in life.

We've been through the worst days and best days of our lives. We fought a couple of times and we just forgave ourselves and laughed about it. Some people might tease you, or even push you down to the very bottom, but always remember that God is here for you. And don't forget that Clarisse will be there for you. I'll never leave you, Pau. I'm always here to protect you from people who want to crush you to bits.

I love you so much, bes. Belated happy twelfth. (:

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Posted on at 5:07 PM.
i'm still in love with you, boy.


Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 9:13 PM.
Leave him be.

1. Repost the award and the this rules in your post.
2. Select 3 people from your linked friends to whom you think has an awesome layout. If you think I do, you can also include me to your receivers.
3. If you're the recipient, include the link of person who has given you the award.
4. This does not include any official criteria or whatsoever. It depends on your liking.

Yay! I was given an award by Kateey. I'm still wondering, though. I don't deserve this award and my layout absolutely sucks. ((: But thanks a lot! xP


That's all. Once again, thank you!! (:


Posted on at 6:02 PM.
such a silly game we play.
You are my sweetest downfall.

I didn't expect that love will end so soon. I haven't thought of a decision yet. But I think I know what to do now. And yes, I'm letting the whole world know how much I have suffered.

Never give up. I told you I won't, but why did I seem to be desperate? Why did I become truly hopeless at a time like this? Is it just really that disheartening to see you looking at me with those sinister eyes? I can't force myself to just accept all the pain. No! That would be inappropriate. I must fight. I should show all of them that I've not suffered. I'm still alive, and still being faithful. But then.. Why did I become feeble? A strong person turned into a vulnerable one? I know it's a bit hilarious, but it's real. How come?

I can't keep all of these grudges forever, can I? I guess I should just deal with it.The fact that he doesn't love me anymore and he likes this new girl next door. I know that you can compare a lot of things between me and that girl. However, I'm DIFFERENT. That's for sure! No matter what you say about me.. I'll always be the same. Clarisse clarisse clarisse. That's me, and I will never change at all. Although, I can change. And I will change.. Just for you.

Oh my. I remember the time when I kissed you on the cheek. That day was very unforgettable, a day to be treasured! That was also the day when you hugged me all of a sudden and you told me something. Something that I'll never ever forget. I love you. Even if those three words are really short, it still means a lot of things. Things which are indescribable. You can't ever compare "I love you" to some other words you know. Because those three words are the most precious words that I've ever known.

It's hard to say this but, I think I'm still in love with you. But now that I know you stopped loving me, I guess all of my hope ran away. It suddenly went away like a blink of an eye. It's really complicated, I don't know how to explain this. Yes, I still love you. I just don't know how to admit it and I don't know how to shout it to everyone. I don't like you anymore. I guess I don't. I stopped. I took a pause. I think it has been too long for me to be waiting in despair. I'm looking like a stupid retard. I don't care. As long as I love you, I'm happy with that. I always ask myself, why did I like Hensen M. Espinoza? Is he that special for that matter? I guess not. He's just like everyone else, a human being. Actually, he's different. Why? He made me love him. He knows how to make people, in fact, ME/Clarisse, fall in love. Nope, he didn't make me obsessed/addicted. But he did make me realize how unique he is in an odd way. (:

Hensen, I give up. Always remember this though, if you still love me, well, baby I'm just here.. Waiting. And don't ever forget this one.. My love has never changed. AT ALL. Besides, until now, I'm still waiting for that stupid answer! LOL. And I just gave up.. Because, I don't want to be heartbroken.. Again. So, I hope you don't regret meeting me or something. Have a happy life! Oh by the way, let's all be friends! No hard feelings, mkay? (:

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Posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 1:50 PM.
I did try my best
Hey there. Festival of Words are finally over!

Well, the last day of the festival was yesterday (11.22) and 'twas also the awarding ceremony. I wasn't able to blog here for quite a while because I was too busy but now I'm back. YES!
Anyway, here are my awards for this year's festival of words:
• Declamation - 2nd place
• Pagbigkas ng Talumpati - 2nd place
• Hekasi Quiz Bee - 2nd place
• Dance Interpretation - 3rd place
Well, I joined 7 contests. And yet, I still don't know the results of the other contests that I've joined. I left early during the Awarding Ceremony so I have no idea if I won in Poem Writing, Editorial Writing and Sports Writing. I hope I did win, though. And oh, I was abruptly picked for the table skirting, too. However, I don't think that blue section would win. :))

Alright, I almost won 2nd place in all the contests that I've joined. It's sort of funny, actually. Hahaha! Aww, but our dance didn't go well. That's why we won 3rd place. That's still okay! (x

Let me describe the festival. Scary, hectic and still fun! Hooray. Winning doesn't matter. The important thing's that you had fun.. (:

What did I feel in front of the audience? Of course, I was totally nervous. But in the end, I felt comforted. Most especially when I heard my name during the announcement of winners! LOL.
In Declamation, the first placer was my classmate, Danielle Duenas. She deserved it! It was her first time to join and she even won 1st place.. Congratulations once again! And in Talumpati, Joshua Rodriguez was the champion. Even though he was fast in reciting, he still won! Woohoo. At least his effort wasn't wasted. Lol, congrats! ((:

A lot of students were bored while watching the program. So a lot of kids were scattered in the school. As a matter of fact, I'm one of those silly kids. Hahahaha! It was really boring that time, I have to admit. And when we were bored, all of us thought of playing robber and police. We all played robber and it was really enjoyable! However, there was something unpleasant that happened between Hensen and Vincent while playing. Forget it! Past is past and I think they forgave each other already. Haha!

Tomorrow's our Spelling Exam and my brain's still trying to memorize all those things to be remembered. Hopefully, I'll get a perfect score. Because, I got one mistake in the 1st trimester Spelling Exam. Oh darn it! XD. Therefore, I hope I'll be able to get a perfect this time. Weee.
are you that hard to forget? or are you just a person that i've just met?

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Posted on Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 6:40 PM.
panic at the disco :D
As of now, I'm panicking because of the Declamation. To be specific, I'm panicking because of the Festival of Words. I had been picked for 7 contests. I know, so many! But I guess that's fine. :))
Here are the contests that I joined: (Randomly arranged)
- Hekasi Quiz Bee
- Declamation
- Interpretative Dance
- Poem Writing
- Talumpati
- Editorial Writing
- Sports Writing
Alright, I wasn't really expecting to be picked for the Editorial Writing and Sports Writing. I don't even know how to write sports news and editorial news. Wow, is that a good thing or what? Lol! :)) But of course, why should I decline, right? It's a good opportunity, you know! Hahaha.

I'm not so confident about the Declamation, I really think that I don't even have a chance in winning. It's worth a try, though. It totally depends on the other contestants. I hope I'm one of those people who are good. *crosses fingers* Oh, I'm a bit positive in Talumpati because I know that only a few are competing. Yay! However, Julienne is also a contestant. So, I'm a bit worried. I have to admit, she's really good when it comes to these. I'm really hoping to win 1st place in Talumpati. That's why I should keep on practicing! Which I'm not doing yet because here I am, blogging and using the computer. Bwahaha.

We haven't reviewed yet in Hekasi as well. (Me, Anton, Kristine). Kristine's too busy with her competition and I haven't informed Anton to review yet. :||

Oh, I forgot! Our dance. Haha! It really makes me laugh. You know why? 'Cause are dance steps are still incomplete and we cannot seem to practice without Arielle. She's absent for two days now and the dance interpretation's on Saturday. We really have to participate and start practicing. We might not have practices during the festival days 'cause it's kinda hectic. Argh!

I'm also confident with the Poem Writing. Hahs, I'm not really good at making poems. I'm not poetic, by the way. (: But I have to say, I know how to make words rhyme. Oh yeah! LOL. And, I'm going to make a poem since I already know our theme for this year's festival. Uplifting the quality of education through language awareness and effective communication. I see, that may be the theme, but what if the title given in Poem Writing would be different? Psh! Oh well, I'll still make a few poems, just in case. Nyahaha.

I also don't know what to wear in Declamation. But Ms. Vangie told us that there will be no criteria in the costumes. I want to wear a simple t-shirt and jeans. Teacher told us to wear elegant clothes, though. Aw man! Haha. Nope, I haven't practiced yet. Neither in Declamation nor in Talumpati. I know, I'm such a no brainer. Hahaha! Perhaps, I should practice. But I'm vexed that I might waste my effort. Haha. Oh no, here comes pessimism. Waah, please help me be more positive, pretty please? (:

Just wish me luck, sweeties. I don't have any predictions of how many awards I'd get this school year, but I must confess, I want a medal! One medal would do.. Oh yes! I really want one so badly. I'll just do my best and give all what I've got. And, don't forget to cross fingers with me! :D

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Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 8:35 PM.
8 things
Um, howdy. Chelsea && Kyra tagged me. You know the drill...

Here are the rules:

1 - Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2 - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3 - At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
4 - Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

Here are my 8 things about me:

1. THE CLUMSIEST. I may be the clumsiest person you'll ever meet. Yes, I always trip. And I always break things. :))

2. SOOO FORGETFUL. An oblivious person, perhaps? Well, I've been a forgetful person ever since. And I still keep on forgetting a lot of stuff. Darn it! T__T

3. I AM A FIGHTER. I never give up. :)

4. A bit boyish. Hahaha! What can I say? I like wearing simple t-shirts, jeans + converse. And I find those boy thing-y's pretty cool. ;p

5. I don't care what they say. Nope, feel free to judge. Tease me, call me ugly, whatever! I am who I am. And I'm the only one who knows the real me. :D

6. I love heavy metal. I knoww, I'm so weird. Sorry! LOL. But, heavy metal rules. \m/ xP

7. Not afraid of spiders. Haha! Spiders are so cool. :>

8. Chocoholic? Nahh. Yeahuh. I don't like chocolate that much. Iunno why. :(

I'm taggging:
  1. Kateey
  2. Ate Kai
  3. Chelsi
  4. Erika
  5. Bianca
.. && no more. xD

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Posted on Monday, November 17, 2008 at 8:53 PM.
love is important
It has been a week since the last incident happened. I can't forget the time Ken told me about the news. I can still recall all those happenings. I want to confront him. The problem is, I don't know how to do it. Every time I see him, I ignore him immediately. However, I want to tell him all the things I want to let him know. I want him to know that I still love him. That I'll be here, I'll be waiting. I want to give up. But somehow, I can't lose hope. I know that I'm just a girl in despair waiting for that guy to love me back. And I'm certain that it's impossible. I'm going to be strong, though. Even though I look insane in front of all those people. I will be hiding my love. If only he knows how much I love him.
And there was not even a time that I regret loving him.
I know he's not Mr. Right. He's not perfect. But I don't care what you guys say about him. I have my own rights to pick who I should love. I still love him no matter what. Besides, who said I don't love him anymore? Him, her? Them? If you think I stopped loving you, think again. My love will still be here. Uh-oh, you can't force me not to love you, darling. 'Cause I'm out of control. And I'm difficult to handle. Seriously, I'm confused. I can't get out of this problem. My brain's going to explode only because of thinking. Thinking of what decision I should pick. I need to choose the right decision I should make. I'm not really a good decision-maker. But I really should pick the right one. Although, it's not that easy to make the right decision. I need someone. Someone who could pick a decision for me.

I'm scared. Scared that I might pick the wrong decision. Help.

Forever and ever, babe. <3


Posted on Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 12:56 PM.
you weren't there, you never were.
And now I'm about to express my feelings and tell you how I'm doing right now.

Never thought a tedious day would become a day full of disappointment. I was looking for something to do that time because I was really bored. And suddenly, Ken sent me a message in Y!M. He told me he's got bad news about Hensen. I convinced him to tell me what that was. Then, he told me all about that catastrophe. At first, I didn't care at all. I mean, why should I? But when the story got longer, I didn't expect to forget to breathe. I didn't really forget, I just can't breathe that time. It was like having an asthma attack. Only worse.

My heart was going to explode. But I asked myself, Why should I let it tear into pieces.. Again? It has already torn apart, only scotch-taped back into pieces. I am just hiding the pain that I received because of this disastrous thing that happened. I don't need to cry, my mind told me not to. My heart says, don't give up. However, my head keeps on telling me that I should. I'll just be heartbroken all over and over again. Or maybe we're really just not meant to be.

I want to leave him be. Although, it really is difficult to do so. I need to forget about him and forget all those times we spent together. But it's not easy to do such a thing. Only an idiot can do that. Yes, I've tried moving on a couple of times. What happened? Nothing, nothing at all. My love for him will never change and has never changed. It's the same like before. Unlike other people, I'm different. I know I didn't cry, I didn't yell, and I didn't go crazy. But I assure you, my heart is damaged right at the moment. I am calling for help and I do need people to comfort me.

Well, I have to say, I have no idea what I should do. Some say I should talk to him and tell him how I truly feel. Others told me I should let him go and just give up. Honestly, people know Clarisse. She's a courageous girl who never gives up. I think I'm becoming weak, though. Weaker and weaker, no longer strong. Every time I see him, it's like turning into a vulnerable person. From a person who's strong, only one glance can make him/her vulnerable. That's what I call heartbroken. It's hard to forgive. Also hard to forget. I have to admit though, I am a forgiving person. That's why I don't care who he likes. Because I don't have any rights to choose whom he should love and whom he shouldn't. I can't force him to love me and he can't force me to love him.

I don't have any time left to regret. It happened already, so why should I still whine? And who should I blame? Myself. It's my fault and there is no one to blame. I have been a stupid girl since then. I can't even answer the question why I liked him. I guess I was love-spelled or just plain in love. It's really hard to explain how it happened. It's too fast, after all those months of happiness, peace, and love, there came sadness, war, and pain.

I fell in love with a guy who doesn't care how it hurts. And it's really disheartening to accept the fact that he got tired of a person who still loves him after what he did to that person. People are turning into narcissists nowadays. They turned selfish and vain all of a sudden. They don't care about the feelings of others. They think they're always right and they think they're that special. Most of them are boastful and most of them just don't care about anything. They treat people like pets and slaves. But the thing is, THEY'RE NOT SOME KING/QUEEN that should be worshiped/praised. They're just like everyone else. A human being whom God created. That's that and we should all deal with it.

I don't know what else to say. There are too many words to describe my emotions right now and I can't let them out somewhat. I know you're getting my point. The bottom line is, I should fight for love and I shall never give up. Even though it's a risky thing to do, I'll do everything just to take all of those risks that I'm about to face. Go Clarisse!


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Posted on Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 1:28 PM.
You don’t listen to her, you don’t care how it hurts.
Yo. I just checked out my cup and realized that 'twas empty. I forgot that I drank all of the coffee. Woot, it's my addiction. But I really can't remember when the last time I drank coffee was. Hmr.

Hey, you wanna, you wanna.. wanna weekend! LOL. Yes, it's the one in Nickelodeon. I know I'm too old (hello, I'm just 12 for pete's sake!), I still watch cartoons. After all, I still have the rights to choose what channel I should watch, right?

It's Saturday. I woke up minutes ago and took breakfast. Hurriedly went to the PC and blog-hopped. Now, I'm typing this tedious blog. All of my blogs are boring, don't you think?

Well, I don't have plans yet for today. Although, I'll try predicting what I will do for today or for my weekend. Let me see..
  • I have to practice, practice and practice my declamation. I want to win, you know! Practice makes perfect. ;)
  • I probably should memorize Oration, too. And after I memorize it, I should start memorizing the Talumpati in Filipino. I want to join the one in Filipino as well.. :)
  • Maybe (LOL, maybe) I'll review for the Bible Quiz Bee in YMCA. No promises. You know me, I'm lazy and whatnot. I might end up sleeping or just simply using this computer. :p
  • I think we're going to the doctor today. Me & my mummay. I'm going to have a check-up for my eyes. Scaryy. I know I've told you that I want to wear glasses. But only for style and for the sake of fashion. Hahaha! Although, I think I'm regretting that I said that. Bcos my mom told me before, that wearing glasses is not good. Even betina told me that once you wore glasses you'll feel that you'll wear them forever. :o (wish me luck! i hope i wear reading glasses only, though)
  • Help me oh help me. I need to finish the piece of Für Elise. And I really want to. However, I'm completely having a hard time on reading the notes. Yes, my teacher taught me how to read them, but wth? It's really confusing. :))
  • Let's watch HSM3! I'm not certain that we'll watch. Actually, I have a feeling that we're not really going to. My brother doesn't want to watch. And no doubt about my mom will say yes in watching that movie. HAHA.
My list is pretty long. You know what? I have this list that's so long, but maybe half of it will only be done. :)) Or maybe 1/3 or something. Hahahaha! Weird, I know, I've always been weird ever since. Anyhoo, I'm missing a group of people. Or most likely, a person. He [oops] is a special person to yours truly. I don't just miss him, I miss his old-self. Some of the people who know him say that he didn't change. But I know he did. He turned into a boastful and i-don't-care-guy. However, he told me he's going back to the nice guy type. He didn't, though. I think he even became worse or just plain boastful and doesn't care of what is happening to the whole universe. I know he's not able to read this and will never be able to, I just hope that this message will hit him and make him realize how much I miss his old attitude. I know that he's been a boastful boy ever since, but I know that he also has that sweetness in him. I guess he's just too shy to show the love he has for me. Hopefully, his love for me didn't change at all.

You know I love you. :*)
xoxo, clare.

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Posted on Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 9:07 AM.
I think I need to read more often.
Well, I now realized that most of my blogs suck. :))

My mother's a wide-reader and I envy her vocabulary. As you can see, I dislike reading books and I find that hobby pretty boring. But then, I read my previous blogs and they are so lame. Some of my blogs even have incorrect grammar in them. While I was reading them, it all made me laugh 'cause I don't even understand the words that were written. LOL!

I have to say, whenever I read books, sometimes I even fall asleep while reading. Funny, haha. However, I really like learning new difficult words. And I always put them in mind. Although, I usually forget them since I'm a very oblivious person. I keep on recalling them but I can't seem to remember the words I learned from school. I can't understand some words in my vocabulary at times, too. Loser much? :))

I have a confession, though. I always check the dictionary when I read/hear new words. I'm very grateful whenever I learn new words. They make me happy. Lol. Yes, yes, shallow happiness. I want to make my blog nicer. But before I do that, I should learn a lot of new difficult words to please everybody. :)

Just kidding. Ahaha. I don't live to impress.


Posted on Friday, November 7, 2008 at 5:52 PM.
Just my luck
I am happy happy happy. :)

I was picked for the Declamation!!!!
(yes, sorry, i didn't use caps 'cause i know it would look like crap haha)

I got really shocked when I heard my name from Ms. Vangie's mouth. Before we knew it, I crossed my fingers. Then she suddenly said The people I chose to compete for the declamation are.. Clarisse *faints* and blah blah blah. :))
Really happy. Three cheers for Clarisse! But don't forget, I still haven't won yet. Hahaha. Practices are a must! I really want to have a place in the magic 3. Even if I were a 3rd placer, still fine. At least I was included. :)

Oohlala. Arielle gave me her gift for me! Shutter shades, yeahba. The one I was waiting for. I'mma cross Shutter Shades in my wishlist since she bought me one. But Mary's also going to buy me one so yay!! I've got 2. :DD But she didn't buy me yet. Hihi.

Just shared, I know nobody cares. :p
I also thank ate Francesca for telling me Good Luck. Thanks! (:

Ain't I so lucky? ((:


Posted on Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 8:48 PM.
This will surely make your world spin.
That title is so friggin' random. But I thought of that title because of only one reason. I'm going to rock your world by writing this blog. And I'm certain that you'll get dizzy while reading this. This blog I'm about to post is full of random things that I want to express at the moment. I am warning you, this blog might be long. HAHA.

01. Dead people are increasing.
Okay, I think that term is pretty sickening. I apologize. But it is true, I just used it in a wrong term. Haven't you noticed in news, all of them are saying "13 people died because of a car accident". Something like that. And some died because of a landslide, I think. It's really not nice to hear it from the news. But I keep on asking people or even myself, "Why do people have to die?". I know that all of us will die anytime soon. I can't stop wondering, though. Can't we just live happily forever?

02. Pimples.
Pimples are the worst thing/s ever. Not literally. But I can tell, they're annoying. Why? First of all, you can easily get pimples.. But they won't easily fade away. You know what I mean? For instance, you get this pimple, and it will be gone after a week or so. And one more thing, you really can't tell when it will go away. You have to wait for it to go away and waiting stinks. And you really have to do things to prevent having pimples. Like avoiding touching my face with my hands, avoid my hair sticking to my face and more. I just hope my pimples would go away. Dreams do come true, right? Oh yes, sarcasm.

03. Congratulations, Obama!
Danielle, my classmate, told me, "he will get killed.". We were like, "nah-uh!!". But whatever. I'm happy for USA and I congratulate Barrack Obama. I swear, he's smart and intelligent. Also deserved to be a president. All hail, President Barrack Obama. The first African-American President of the United States of America.

04. Jonas Brothers.
I wasn't really supposed to add Jonas Brothers here in my so-called list, but I just thought about it. So here it is. I know they still have good music. But what do you think of their new style and their looks? Arielle was reading Candy Magazine a day before yesterday and unexpectedly, she said, "Ohmygosh. The Jonas Brothers look terrible right now. They turned ugly unlike before." Well, something like that. Although, I agree a bit. 'Cause I admit, I don't like Nick's hairstyle. It looks sort of geeky. I mean, sorry to those who are JoBros fans, but it's only my/our opinion. I still find their music cool even if they look horrible.

05. Transformers 2.

Really can't wait! When will the movie be showed, anyway? Yes, oh yes yes yes! I'm a transformers fan. LOL. All hail optimus prime! Autobots plus decepticons are lalalove.

06. High School Musical 3.
Senior year. Goodbye, East High? I saw this article in K-Zone that said "goodbye east high". I think it sounded like just the same thing. I'm a loser, yes I am. Haven't watched that movie yet. I'm planning to watch it on Saturday. Still going to ask my mom.

I forgot when was the last time I watched naruto. Months ago, I guess. Man, I miss watching Naruto. I think I'm in Disc 4. Grr. Where is that freakin' CD?! I need to watch. I miss Naruto so badly.

This blog may now end.. But the fun hasn't started yet.

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Posted on at 7:40 PM.
Do you have a crush on someone?

Do you talk to him/her everyday?
Not really. ((:

Do you talk about them to your friends?
Yep! Hahaha.

Does your crush like you?
Hell yeah!

Do you think about him/her?

How long have you liked your crush?
Since March, I think. Or April '08. ;p

Is your crush handsome/beautiful?
For me, yes. For them, HAHAHA.

Do you dream about your crush?
Sometimes. LOL.

Do you like hearing their voice?
HAHAHA. A bit. :))

Do you like receiving text messages from them?

Do you like their laugh/giggles?
It's fine. Haha!

When you see them, are you shy?
Hahahahaha! Yepyep.

One day will you be with him/her?
I think I'm already with him. YAX, no relationship.

If you could tell them how you felt about him/her, would you?
He knows already :))

Do you have pictures of your crush?
Lol yeah.

Do you get jealous when he/she talks to the opposite sex?
YES. Especially with *toot*. :)) But I make him envy, too. HAHA!

Are you comfortable around your crush?
There are times that I do. But usually, no. ;))

What do you think about his/her clothing style?
Cool. HAHA. It's alright.

Will you wait for him/her, to be yours?

-- Credits to P Yuhh, I stole it from her. :)

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Posted on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 8:19 PM.
Let's try turning off the lights.
People told me that there will be a black-out tomorrow. I just checked out decorp's website and I can't seem to find the scheduled power interruption for tomorrow. Blah! ((:

This blog entry's not about the black-out only. :p
I guess I'm going to be random. Should I? :)

Thoughts for today
  • I guess Hensen really loves me. I heard it with my own ears and those words came out of his mouth. I love you too!! :)
  • Crimes are cool. :))
  • Always think about the brightside first. Don't think about the negatives at once.
  • Think of a back-up plan in case you worry about something.
  • Lastly, if you're lactose-intolerant, I advice you not to drink Cowhead from other people's houses. :)) It will bring you karma, promise. HAHAHA.
Alrightie! That's a super random thing I just made and I'm proud of it! Loool. I didn't know riding jeepneys are cool. ROFL. Another random sentence, wow. I rock when it comes to random things. Right? Well, I rocked your socks (and still rocking them) ever since. :)) Feeeeeler. L-)

More random things? Sure! Here you gooo:D
Things that I'm worried about at the moment
  • Project in Reading. Hahaha. The one about poems. But it's a relief because I'm not the leader. Patricia is. (EWW!) HAHAHAHA. ((:
  • Project in EPP. (I know! We have a lot of projects and it sucks). The deadline's this week and I still haven't started the other leg. Gaaah. :| It's stitching, yup, the one losers do that suck. Bwahaha.
  • Declamation. I really want to join! And I must say, I did my best and I gave it all. Please make me lucky! I want to be picked, I want to be picked. :-S
  • Other competitions/contests in Festival of Words. Yes, I swear.. I want to join A LOT of contests. ((: I'm begging you, cross fingers for me! So that I would be picked in the contests I want to join. Aah! Wish me luck
..I guess that's enough. I'm not that worried-type of person in the first place. Hahahaha. :p

Oops. Special Mention.
KRiSTiNE. Get well! I hope your ear would stop hurting.
MY GIRLS. Hey, girls. I like your styles! ((:

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Posted on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 8:05 PM.
Funny facts about the one and only Clarisse
There are two types of people in the world... people that suck, and clarisse.
Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every dead man, there is clarisse.
Everything King Midas touches turnes to gold. Everything clarisse touches turns up dead.
When clarisse sneeze, she don't say "Atchoo" she says "DIE EVERYONE!!!". That's what happens next.
Clarisse beat the Sun in a staring contest.
The grass is always greener on the other side, unless clarisse has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears.

The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease 2. Clarisse 3. Cancer
Clarisse invented the question mark.
Clarisse sleeps with a pillow under her gun.
Ninjas want to grow up to be just like clarisse. But usually they grow up just to be killed by Clarisse.
The saddest moment for children is not when they learn Santa Claus isn't real, it's when they learns Clarisse is.
Clarisse is like a dog, not only because she can smell fear, but because she can piss on whatever she wants.
Whoever said "only the good die young" was probably in Clarisse's kindergarten class.
Google won't search for clarisse because it knows you don't find clarisse, she finds you.
When clarisse is ready to wake up, she tells the sun to get above the horizon.
Never look a gift Clarisse in the mouth, because she will bite your damn eyes off.
When clarisse talks, everybody listens. And dies.
Clarisse can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.
Clarisse doesn't chew gum. clarisse chews tin foil.
Clarisse's calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd; no one fools clarisse.

Well, credits to Cutreenuh! (:
She posted the link in her blog. :DD
Soo, thanks. ^^

Also want to try it? Sure, why not? It's so cool!

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Posted on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 1:04 PM.
So-called sembreak.
Do you call it a sembreak or just a plain long weekend?

I mean, if you call this a sembreak then why do we have a "break" for only three days? Gahh. You know what? Some schools have their sembreak for a week or something. I know, other schools don't have any breaks. But, why do we still have this sembreak if you only gave us three days to rest? Maan, this sucks! School again tomorrow, just can't accept the fact that this resting would be over soon. :|

Maybe I'm just bored therefore I'm making this random blog. HEH. :D
Current thoughts on my mind ::
  • I noticed that my hair is kinda not growing. :-S
  • I haven't memorized the declamation in Language yet.
  • I'm too lazy to complete the piece of Für Elise on the piano.
  • I don't have load. Pass me, pass me! :-<
Alrightie! I'm worried. I haven't memorized in Language. And I must confess, I really want to join in the declamation. But somehow, I just can't concentrate and I have no confidence. Wtf right? It's so friggen creepy. I can't explain but AARGHH! The deadline's tomorrow. Which means, tomorrow's the elimination for this Declamation. And then again, pessimism is on my way. I feel that I won't be picked. But at the same time, here's Mr. BrightSide. There's a bit chance that I could join. (okaay, what on earth am i saying?). My mind is telling me to join but not be too excited. Forgive me for being so queer. x__x Just wish me luck, dearies. I need it! I need it more than you do. >:) ROFL. =))

Eh. Yep. When I look in the mirror, it seems that my hair looks the same like before. Lol. It is really mysterious. But yeah, I guess I need to put more shampoo and I need to start combing my hair more often. HAHA. Piano? It's kinda boring. But yes, I need something for me to brag! Hah. I really want to impress them that I know how to play the piano. Whoops! I don't live to impress. x) Yes, I don't have any load. Haha. I deserve it daww. Because when I have load, I can't get my cellphone away from my hands. Loool. Addict, ei? :)) Sorry, sorry. I really don't want to waste my load, am I right? Harrhar. But usually, during sundays, I have load and by this time, I might be texting with several people. Wahoo. Oh! A new message, my phone vibrated. Ah, a message from ate Dawn. Grr. Too bad I don't have any load. It sucks. Pass me if you still care I exist. HAHA, sabayan ng drama. x))

Whe, I should be memorizing right now. And since we're going to mass, there's not even a chance I'll be able to memorize those lines. Haha! I'm uber oblivious pa naman. OHEMGEE. :o

In a hurry. Goodbye.

Clarisse; Been here. Done that.

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Posted on Sunday, November 2, 2008 at 4:04 PM.
Last United Nations & Halloween.
It really makes me sad that there won't be any next year for the halloween and united nations.

I swear, I had fun. :))

U.N. Full of kalokohan and games. :D
Halloween. Everlasting fun and happiness. :)

Well, 'twas my first time to play tag of war with my classmates. And my first time to watch Ken's band perform. And yeah, it's a moment to be kept forever. And 'twas my first time to party with the afternoon session. First time to play those games with other grade levels. And I really really had fun during those days. But I just hope that it will happen again. Because I have this odd feeling that these kind of events won't happen anymore. Iunno why I think of such things but I just do. And that's that. Creepy!

I must say, even if MGSSSI is.. (..Okay, I don't know what to say) not the best school in town, it still gives the children/students the happiness and joy they want and need. That's why I'm proud of my school. No matter how other people judge it, I still love this silly ol' school. :DD

Of coursee, I'm loyal. HAHA! Loyal daww.


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Posted on at 12:46 PM.