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Friends For Sale
There's this application on Facebook where almost everyone (who's registered) in Facebook has gone addicted to. Haha. I don't know what's up with "Friends For Sale" but I'm one of those crazyass people who has an obsession on this application. HAHAHALOL 8D

Well, here's a link for Friends For Sale:

Try it! You might get addicted as well. :>

Hm, you can buy your friends which are called "pets". You gain cash by being bought all the time, buy puting your pets to work and so on. As of now, I've got 14 million [cash]. My owner bought me for 11 million and every time a friend of mine purchases me, my price would change. Sounds cool, eh?

I have 4 pets now. Marvin, Gian, Sean and my brother. Sean's the most expensive among my pets. Hahaha. I have nothing else to mention about Facebook's Friends For Sale. All I could say is that it entertains everyone and it's simply amazing. BUY ME, WOULD YOU? :D

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Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 8:28 PM.
Buwan ng Wika '09
Yesterday was held as our Filipino festival or popularly known as Buwan ng Wika in the Philippines... Why do you think we celebrate this occasion during August?

Before I answer that question. First and foremost, who is the Ama ng Wika in the Philippines? Well, for your information, Manuel L. Quezon was named as Ama ng Wika because he declared Wikang Pilipino from Baler (where he was born) which spread to the whole country. Again, why August? It's because it's the month wherein Manuel Quezon spread Wikang Pilipino and it is his birth month.

Every Filipino must thank Manuel L. Quezon for doing such great thing with pride just to honor our beloved country. Former-president Manuel L. Quezon, we express our greatest gratitude for declaring Wikang Pilipino from your birthplace, Baler to the whole Philippines.

As I've said, yesterday was the event where we celebrated Buwan ng Wika. Our theme was, Mula Baler Hanggang sa Buong Pilipinas. Now you know why our theme's like that. Now, what do we do during Buwan/Linggo/Araw ng Wika?

We do tons of things. We sing, we dance, we compete in quiz-bee's, we perform stories, we orate in front of everyone and a lot more. I have to admit, I usually have fun during Filipino festivals because it brings us all joy. I joined Tagisan ng Talino with Frenzys and Reince representing our section, I-Edison. In spite of me, not reviewing, we were still able to gain the 4th place even though we were against all the years from 1st to 4th. I know it sounds biased but at least we made it to the clincher round. Yayy! It might sound disappointing but I'm still proud of ourselves. Also, we joined Sabayang Pagbigkas entitled "Sa Kabataang Pilipino" by Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal Y Alonso Realonda. Alright, that's the whole name of Jose Rizal which I wrote during the quiz bee and we were right! The seniors, at the same time, were correct too and I'm really happy about that. Our pagbigkas went well, all the practices paid off and all the hard work was worth it! Edison's dance was pretty okay as well. Some of dancers made mistakes but it wasn't that obvious, heehee. Their dance was entitled Pasiguin and it was about fishing.

Modelong Pinoy. There were 2 categories--modernong kasuotan and filipinana costume. Our models were Samantha & Samuelle. Unfortunately, none of them were awarded but it's okay; someone wins, someone loses (it always happens). Everyone's got his/her own talent. Oh, those outfits yesterday were simply gorgeous! :)

I really had fun yesterday and I bet everyone did. I bet next year's Buwan ng Wika would be as fun as this year's. Ipagyabang ang pagiging Pilipino!

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Problems are not that easy to handle. Some problems are formidable, others are just simple misunderstandings. I don't blame those people who misinterpret things because I believe that nobody is perfect. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. Don't you think? Everybody is at fault, as a matter of fact.

In a situation, each side has his/her own story. But of course, the only one who knows the whole truth is no other than God. There are different things that lead to fights, arguments or quarrels. These are: *as I have said*, misunderstanding, envy, cruelty and many others.

- It's normal for people to misunderstand things in various ways. People misunderstand because of their own beliefs, they believe in rumors and such. Or sometimes because of being unaware of some occurrences that are happening.

- Most of us encounter jealousy due to misapprehension, selfishness and so on. We all envy. It's alright if you envy someone. Sometimes you envy because you idolize them. Sometimes you envy because you want to be like them. But one thing's for sure, jealousy is a sin, in my opinion...

- People tend to get problems about friendship due to cruelty. There's a possibility that they will betray their friend in a specific reason. But everyone has his/her own weakness. No one is strong except for God Almighty.

Problems can be solved by apologizing which is one way to show sincerity and to show how sorry you are for what you have done. People should also avoid arguing with others if in the end they realize that it's just a damn misunderstanding.


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Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 9:13 PM.
Loving hs
No long time no see, eh? xp Sorry then. I've been busy. Haha! So how's everyone? Me's fine, very fine. I think.

I'm a freshman! Do you know that? :D

It's very fun to be in high school, I have to say. It makes me happy to wake up every morning, take a bath, eat breakfast and head to my wonderful school, MG. I go inside the gate, put my bag on the table at the White House and waits for the CAT officers to shout out, "LINE NA FLAG NA!" and that's the time for us to line up for the flag ceremony. Oh the happiness. :)

High school is completely different from elementary. Why? Hm. Let me see. The food. In elem, there are tons of junk food. But in HS, there are only few. Soft drinks in elem, not allowed in HS. Haha. It might sound that we're in misery, but I'm used to it. I'm starting to love Minute Maid, as a matter of fact. What else? Uh. In highschool, if the teacher's gone, we're allowed to do anything we want but we must be quiet. Haha! That's what I love the most. And and, Sir Al is the best! He allows us to eat during class. But our section's grounded. LOL! So yeah, we love Sir Al. The teachers are also different. Sir Friday, the funny teacher, is unlike our old Science teacher. He discusses the lesson and makes us laugh at the same time. Great teacher! Sir Karl is a nice English teacher as well. I love all my teachers! Although, when I was in elementary, I hated some of my teachers. No comment lol. The clubs! Oh yeah, there are no clubs in elementary. But here in high school, there are loads of 'em! I'm a member of Media, Interact and Science club. Plus I'm the 1st year representative of the Supreme Student Council. Whoops! You don't know about that yet, huh? Alright then, I'll tell you all about it. ;)

July 10, 2009 -- SSC Grand Rally. I was under the banner of BIDA (Brilliant Individualds for Development and Action which was under the leadership of Philiamer Amity T. Celi. Okay, so our rehearsals were hella fun! It was the latest time I ever went home during school days. Haha! The latest was 10. Yes, I went home at 10PM and I didn't get scolded! I think. LOL. We had our practices at Ate Nikki's and Ate Amity's house. My speech was impromptu. Not entirely, but some parts of it. I loved the debate! Haha. The SSC was tons of fun. After the elections, there it was! Results. I got 52 votes while my opponent, Nicole San Pedro got 11 votes. I'm not bragging, I'm just being proud. :) There are 4 who won from BIDA and the rest was from MISMO. So happy!

July 17, 2009 -- THE FEST. Was a blast! I had fun in my first fest, now I can't wait for the upcoming fests. Haha. So I joined the essay writing, July 15, I think. And I also joined the nutrition quiz. I was with Jhuliano & Frenzys. Guess what! We won 2nd place, yayy. Our nutrijingle was a wreck but believe me, that day was the best! Our section's representatives for the cookfest were Mary, Izumi and Gio. What they cooked tasted delish. Haha. Other years' nutrijingles were very funny and amazing.

July 21, 2009 -- Awarding Ceremony. So they first announced Essay Writing winners.. I was crossing my fingers that time, hahaha. And I was like saying, "I hope I win! Even 3rd place would do". They first announced 3rd and 2nd place. I was kinda losing hope. Then, Ma'am Ana said, "the 1st placer is from I-Edison!". Then I was surprised. I heard, "CLARISSE ZAPLAN". Applause! Wooh. I went up the stage and got my medal. Awesome! Afterwards, we received our medals from the nutriquiz. They announced the winners for the nutrijingle. 1st place goes to Pascal. Congrats! And they announced the overall champion. The trophy goes to I-Dalton. Congratulations, fellow 1st years! :D

July 24-25, Preliminary Exams. It wasn't that hard for me. My scores are okay, I guess. I'm not that contented, though. Haha. I'll just do my best during Finals. :P

Gotta love high school! :)

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Posted on Sunday, August 2, 2009 at 10:59 AM.