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In my heart, lies a man who would love me until the end of time.
First Retreat
We had our retreat last February 18-19. And all I can say is -- 'twas fun!!

When we got to LFC [retreat house], we went inside the conference room or some room wherein there are many chairs. We had 4 sessions with Fr. Mario Sanchez. The first one was about "Recollection". The 2nd was either about Life or Gratitude. The 3rd, I think it was Gratitude. The 4th -- Happiness, I think. Well, we had activities, too. The first one was a drawing. We drew "herods" as our sins somewhat, "stars" for the special people in our life, "gifts" - the gifts that we went to give for Jesus and a picture of ourselves and a symbol of God. After drawing, we passed them and Fr. Sanchez will pick a drawing and he/she will recite in front. We were all worried and we were hoping that our names wouldn't be called. Until we [me&arielle] heard our names... We didn't refuse to go in front. Hahaha. Next, we put a list of who we want to thank God for. The last one was -- we wrote a list of all our sins. After that, 'twas our confession. Then, we took a shower. Haha. After that, rosary then dinner. Next, meditation && sharing.

We also had action songs during our session which are "Journey", "Only Selfless Love", "Madali Lang", "Deep Deep" and "I Can". During the meditation, we did action songs first which was "Deep Deep". Each section performed. Hahaha. We were hilarious! Then, we all meditated. The lights were off. Ms. Susan, the woman who was talking in the microphone, told us that it was time to talk to Jesus. And then she started asking us questions. "How are your grades? Are they low? How are your parents? Do they scold you most of the time? How are you friends? Did you betray them? Did they betray you?"... And so forth. It all made us cry. And we started apologizing for what we have done. Good heavens! My tears were like whoa. Everyone was crying. But not everyone. Some weren't crying. But most of us were. We hugged, cried and apologized. Then, we shared our problems to everybody. Arielle & I shared in front and so did other people. After sharing, our teachers gave us letters from our parents. Again, we cried because it was an inspiring letter for all of us. Thanks, Ma! Then, our teachers gave us messages which obviously inspired us all! :)

Then, it was time for us to sleep. We went inside the room and we ate junk food. Hahaha. We all planned not to sleep. Although, some of us slept. I didn't sleep, though. Ms. Julie even went inside our room! And we faked our sleeps. LOL. She asked us if we want to sleep outside, too. Because the boys were kicked out of their rooms and we pitied them. Haha. By the way, we were the only ones who had an air-conditioned room with 10 double decks. It was so fun inside. Sam and I even danced on top of the bed. :)) I was also text messaging that time. But no one was replying, they were probably all asleep 'cause it was 2 in the morning. Hahaha! At 4am, I was text messaging with Denise, and I finally realized that all of my roommates were asleep. I also realized that I was talking to myself because I was talking to Pauline and Sam, but they fell asleep. Hahaha. And because I was sleepy, I fell asleep as well. Our alarms rang at 5am. Which means, I only had 1 hour of sleep. Funny! Gosh, our eyebags were hella big. :))

We took a shower @ 5:30am. And then, we took mass, we had picture taking && we ate breakfast. After that, we got our bags and we went downstairs. We waited for our fetchers and we stayed inside the cottage. We made stories and we laughed. Hahaha. Danielle's driver arrived and we rode in their car, she dropped us @ MG, too. :D

That day was so fun that we miss LFC already!! :(

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Posted on Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 10:43 PM.
2 days of absence in school
You all might as well now that I hate being unseen in school. In short, I don't like being absent. I only have a few reasons why I want to be in school instead of being somewhere else.

1) I'll be left out after being absent.
2) I have to complete the things that I've missed in school.
3) I'll miss all the fun. Boo.

Do you agree with me? But sometimes, I find being absent cool too. Why? It's really hard to explain. But yes, being absent can really be nice. Some students even look for odd ways just to stay away from school. Most students hate school for some particular reason. And perhaps being absent with the permission of your parents would be a student's bliss! However, in my world, it's different. Being absent is like being out of the world. When you're not in school... You can be talked on the back or you can be stabbed on the back. But hey, being absent can be fun too. It just depends on where you will go or what will you do on the day/s you will be gone. :)

Anyhow, I've been absent for 2 days last week because we had to go to Manila. At first, I wasn't really supposed to go. I didn't want to and I just wanted to stay at home. Although, my brother convinced me and he said, "go with us!". And I couldn't help but to say yes. He might even get angry if I said no. :)) We had to go there for 2 reasons -- to renew our passports and to accompany my mom in her check up. So, all I did was to accept. Well, it was fun. Hahaha. I was with my cousins and such. We went to SM North Edsa, DFA && Makati Med. Manila's still the same. TRAFFIC. Man, there were so many cars. Hahaha. Even though I didn't get to buy what I was supposed to buy in Manila, which I really craved for a long time, I still had fun in a strange way. :P

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She does it again.
Blog blog blog! :))

Hello, earthlings. How have you all been?

I would just like to blog 'bout our dance practicum yesterday. It was fun, I must say. But at the same time, 'twas also hilarious. Why, you asked? 'Cause other parts in that song/dance that we did was all made up. You know what I mean? If you don't... Then, I'll explain it.

I've told you that our group was always lazy and such, correct? Well.. Since we tend to be indolent all the time, we had lack of practice. Because of this, we had incomplete steps in our dance. And y'know what we did? We just made up silly dance moves while the music was playing. LOL!! It was really funny. Actually, I was only following Arielle. Hahaha. I wasn't really aware of what I/we was/were doing there. We looked ludicurous! :P

But in spite of the foolishness, we all had fun while dancing. Hahaha. Even though we were sort of humiliated there in front of many people, we still enjoyed dancing together. It made me laugh, to be specific. :))

Our dance was pretty long because of its music. It's a 6-minute song that's why it was a little long. I liked some parts of the dance, and I also hated some parts of it, too. Hah. MM.. In the "booty music" part, we were all clueless of what to do because we don't have any steps in that part. Luckily, Arielle made up some awkward steps that we just followed. Haha. But yea, I prefer dancing hilariously than to stand there doing nothing... Right? :P

One thing I wish for is a high grade in PE! :))

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Posted on Friday, February 13, 2009 at 9:35 PM.
Sports Festival turns into a disaster
Well, hello. My last post was the day before the Sports Festival and now, I have to tell you stories and I have to post a blog about the things that happened during the sports festival itself. Am I correct?

I'll start with the first day... I woke up really and as a result, I arrived early in school. I saw Tiffany there, all alone. I asked where Ella was and she told me that she hasn't arrived yet. Then, our teacher announced that we should go to our classified places. The blue eagles should be on the LMC section. As what they've told us, we went there right away. When Ella arrived, she grabbed Tiffany so they could get the balloons. When they came back, they had the balloons. 100 balloons, I think. We got the balloons and went back to LMC. They spread the balloons and gave it to different people. Some put it on their cars, others held it. We looked for a car, and we found Issa's pick up. We rode there and yay. Hahaha. We started the motorcade from MG to MG itself. We passed through Orient Pacific Center, Star Plaza, blah blah. Then, we also went through the new highway to CSI. Yeah, we passed City Mall but 'twas still closed. Afterwards, we arrived back in MG. All of us were happy. We were all under the sun, cheering, screaming and having fun. I loved it! :D

We started the opening address sometime at 9am? Idk. Then, we all gathered for the introductions of our sections. Haha. Ours was okay. I liked the Yellow's! Do it, do it, do it! Woo. LOL. The sports started after lunch. First, we played Volleyball. Then, they substituted me. So, I stayed at the bench and watched. Unfortunately, we lost. I forgot the score, but we lost. I cried, boo! Hahaha. I'm such a crybaby when it comes to sports. I can't always accept those failures. After crying, I went to PE area for the Chess. I played with Savanah. Hurray, I won!! I played one more time with Clarenz... But, I lost. Waa. I went downstairs and saw Sam crying. She got dissapointed because of Nicole [long story]. I decided to go upstairs to have a rematch with Clarenz but he disagreed. I went downstairs and did nothing. We also had a water war with the afternoon session. Haha. So fun!! (:

SECOND DAY : The disaster. So, it was LOSER VS. LOSER. Our opponent was the Orange section. The game started at around 9am, I guess. I wasn't included in the first set. When we were about to have a substitution, our opponent disagreed, so we accepted that. But when their co-player arrived, they wanted to have a substition, too. I, unexpectedly && accidentally, screamed in front of my teacher/referee. It's really complicated. Luckily, we won. After the game, Ms. Reggie talked to me and Pauline because we shouted. And I apologized to Ms. Irene. I just watched the championship between Blue and Orange after that. During lunch, I went upstairs to play Chess. I played against Johann. I thought I was going to win but I didn't. I tried my best not to resign and yet, I did get a Queen. However, I became careless and my Queen got eatened, that's why I lost. I went downstairs and played parlor games with them. Before that, I dragged Micah to Hensen and they had this sort of "date". Yee! Haha! After that, I played "Finding the Coin" wherein you have to blow the flour so you could find a coin. My face was so hilarious because it was full of flour. Hahaha! Next, the can thing-y. We lost, though. ((: So, after that, we just played "water wars" again with Vic and his friends. Many teachers got mad and Ms. Judith told Ms. Julie about that. Our principal talked to us. But she talked to me for a different reason; I disrespected my teacher. She even talked to my mom! Through the phone. My mom called me and Ms. Julie grabbed my phone. Well, yeah, I got scolded by my mom that day. Psh!

THIRD DAY: Coward. I was being a coward because I was really afraid of teachers because of what happened the day before that. But when time passed by, I forgot all about it. I played Chess with Zacha and other volleyball players went to the mall. I was left there with 5th graders and Sam during the Awarding Ceremony. Golly, we were the overall champion!! Yays. But sadly, the players weren't there, so we were incomplete that's why we didn't join the group picture. Boo! When they arrived, we kept on whining. Haha. Then, we took pictures with the trophy. Woo! Most of them left. Frances, Tiffany, Sam, Ella and I were left in school with other people including Vic, Hensen, Erar, etc. Then, Ms. Julie told us stories. She informed me that I would be given a Violation Action Report. I have to admit, I didn't feel worried or anything because I don't know. Haha. I was relax, in fact. Ms. Julie was about to cry while telling stories. And so did we. Aww. When Ms. Julie went back to her birthday party, Vic, Erar & Luis arrived again in school. We played "truth or dare". But I had to leave 'cause my driver arrived. I left at 3pm. (:

UM, I'm not agitated about the VAR. I'm scared of my teachers and I have this other problem. It's a secret, though. I don't know what to do!! :o
P.S. : I got addicted to Chess. ((:

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Posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 at 2:49 PM.
Silent scream.
--} Wow, that was freaky. :))

Actually, our cheer was done by the advisers of different grade levels in the Blue section. I meant, the cheer, itself, was made by yours truly. But the cheer dance was made by the teachers. To be honest, us (Ella, Pauline, Tiffany & etc) disliked or HATED/LOATHED/DESPISED what they made, to be specific. I was really pissed because they were changing the cheer but hey, the cheer was already nice. :O

Since we had nothing else to do but to accept the fact that the cheer is really awful, we just did what we had to do. We did what the teachers told us to. While practicing, it made me realize that the cheer was alright. I was a bit contented. And I also tried cheering them up when most of them were frowning. Hahaha.

At the end of the day, we all got satisfied of our cheer. We also got happy when Ms. Mel approved our request; we will add the "three fights" cheer. "Yay!", that's what everyone said. LOL. So far, our cheer is really good. But I hope tomorrow, our cheer would be better. :D

The red team's cheer is also nice. However, some primary students in their section our boo-ing while we were cheering. Really irritating. Psh! Meanwhile, the yellow team's cheer was also nice. I like it! Haha. Nonetheless, the orange team's cheer was okay, whateverr. I don't like it at all. It sucks, forgive me for my criticizing. But hey, I'm just telling the truth, you know. In their cheer, they shouted, "Hey red, we're gonna shoo ya! Hey blue, we're gonna kick ya! Hey yellow, we're gonna smash ya!". It made us so annoyed. Blah, whatever. You guys are such arrogants. :|

Now, I have to save my voice for tomorrow. My throat's been closing up recently. Hopefully, though, my voice would come back as soon as I shout out loud during our cheer. I can't even scream that loud anymore. That's why I called it silent scream. Crazy, eh? :))

Oh and one more thing -- GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE + GO BLUE EAGLES! :D

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Posted on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 8:06 PM.